Recent HEAT from CMLL!! Fantastica Mania Mexico + Torneo Cibernetico Internationacional + MORE!!

We're back to bring you some of the latest FIRE from the oldest promotion in the world. Check out everything embedded below people; it's all worth the time!

A sorcerer and a danger cat walk into an arena...

Stephanie Vaquer defending the New Japan STRONG Women's belt against La Catalina. Guess who challenged Steph by the way...

The European union of Sabre and Oku took on Averno and Volador Jr. in a real gem.

Since Dragon Lee is away, Mistico is at play! It's Hiromu's return to Mexico and he's against the legend himself!

Who doesn't love a good cibernetico!? This one includes Sabre, Ishimori, Rocky, Hiromu, Volador, Templario, Mistico, Mascara Dorada, Titan, Star Jr, Flip-for-some-reason-Gordon, Dark Magic, Fugaz, and Okumura!

Oh, and if you care, Jericho showed up last night.

PS The Atlantis kid is the new Ring of Honor Television Champ.

With AAA still underperforming behind the pen and brain of one of the most overrated dudes in wrestling history, CMLL revived itself and has become one of the most must-see feds in the world once again. The roster is stacked, the cards are decent, and the logic is a bit more than it had been. That's all it really ever took. Issues remain, but you're missing out if you don't check in on CMLL from time to time!

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