R.A.W. International | The Socialist Football Ultras Collective

This is collective of 66 clubs across 6 continents in 5 groupings that will be covered here on RWplusB.page. At least, it once was. It's actually grown past that now. We call upon supporters of these clubs to support others from the list and to continue promoting for social change to the benefit of the working class. Remember that the world's game is a tool for unity if you allow it. If you'd like to join R.A.W. International, a global socialist ultras group, send an email to rwplusb@gmail.com with RAW in the subject line and some info about yourself. You'll be connected to a network of likeminded fans and political minds and find new ways to educate, agitate, and organize as a result!

Forza Libertas Sempre Saoirse

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