Learn to Code ASAP for FREE!!

The ability to learn a skill in required if we hope to better ourselves and the world around us. In the modern age, few skills can be as relevant as learning to code. Below are some free resources to get you learning, but the options are endless. May these assist you in your journey:

Online Courses and Tutorials

  1. Codecademy

    • Offers interactive coding lessons on various languages including Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.
    • Codecademy
  2. Coursera

    • Provides free courses from universities and colleges, with options to audit courses for free.
    • Coursera
  3. edX

    • Offers free courses from top universities. You can audit most courses for free.
    • edX
  4. Khan Academy

    • Great for beginners, offering courses in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, and more.
    • Khan Academy
  5. freeCodeCamp

    • Offers a full-stack web development curriculum with hands-on projects and certifications.
    • freeCodeCamp
  6. Udacity

    • Some free courses available, especially in web development and programming.
    • Udacity

Interactive Coding Platforms

  1. LeetCode

    • Great for practicing coding problems and preparing for technical interviews.
    • LeetCode
  2. HackerRank

    • Provides coding challenges and competitions to hone your skills.
    • HackerRank
  3. Codewars

    • Offers coding challenges (kata) that you can solve in various programming languages.
    • Codewars

Documentation and Guides

  1. MDN Web Docs

    • Comprehensive resource for web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • MDN Web Docs
  2. W3Schools

    • Offers tutorials and references on web development languages.
    • W3Schools
  3. Python.org

    • The official Python documentation and tutorials.
    • Python.org

Books and eBooks

  1. Eloquent JavaScript

  2. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

  3. The Odin Project

    • Provides a full-stack curriculum and comprehensive resources for learning web development.
    • The Odin Project

YouTube Channels

  1. Traversy Media

    • Offers tutorials on web development, covering both front-end and back-end technologies.
    • Traversy Media
  2. Programming with Mosh

    • Provides tutorials on various programming languages and software development concepts.
    • Programming with Mosh
  3. The Net Ninja

    • Offers a wide range of coding tutorials and complete courses on YouTube.
    • The Net Ninja

Coding Communities

  1. Stack Overflow

    • A question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.
    • Stack Overflow
  2. Reddit

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