Elder abuse

The recent presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, a rematch that no one desired, was marked by a lack of substance and a full display of the candidates' weaknesses. 

Biden, the incumbent president, appeared tired and disoriented, struggling to articulate his points despite evident preparation. This raised concerns about his age and fitness for office even in the minds of his staunchest supporters. The lie is finally too much to ignore? The cope is real! The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has faced criticism for undemocratic practices, such as altering debate rules and sidelining primary challenges, eroding faith in the party's commitment to democracy, and targeting of political enemies.

Trump, by contrast, was able to finish sentences and went largely unchecked, which led some to declare him the "winner" of the debate. No one won here.The Republican Party, under his influence, has developed an agenda that will increase the authoritarian police state and is a speedway to more fascism.

The debate highlighted the deep flaws in both candidates and their parties. Despite this, many voting Americans are likely to start ramping up their efforts to shame nonvoters and independent voters for their unwillingness to support these candidates; perpetuating a cycle of disillusionment. 

Which war pig do you want more!?

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