"But my Uncle insists the Sweden is doing a communism..."

At its core, socialism is a society where wealth and resources, including the means of production, are collectively owned by the community. Decisions on their use are made democratically with the primary goal of meeting the needs of society as a whole, rather than serving individual, business, or state interests. This envisages a society characterized by genuine equality and democracy, free from poverty and injustice.

A normal question from those learning about socialism is whether there are actual examples of socialism in practice, either today or in modern history, using the real definition of what socialism actually is. Americans in particular will have heard of several examples of evil socialist states with some random bits of propaganda they remember a tiny portion of. 

Was it from the parted lips of a gym coach/history school teacher super combo, an uncle during a ramble of why America rocks, the drunk parents of a friend while they drive you home in their old truck with a tire about to blow? 


Regrettably, there are actually no ready-made examples of socialism. It is evident that no country in the world today nor of the recent past matches the description at the top, is it not?

Some point to the former Soviet Union and regimes modeled on it, such as those resulting from the Chinese and Cuban revolutions. These economies were based on state ownership and planning, which represented a significant step away from the chaotic drive for profit inherent in capitalism, leading to notable improvements in living standards, literacy, and life expectancy through free health, education, and housing.

These societies were also governed by authoritarian regimes increasingly dominated by self-serving bureaucracies, starkly contrasting with genuine socialism which requires both political and economic democracy. Effective economic planning is impossible without the active participation of producers and consumers. The isolation of these regimes in a hostile capitalist world, coupled with bureaucratic mismanagement, led to the restoration of capitalism in the former Soviet Union and China, and its persistent encroachment on Cuba today.

Countries like Sweden offer universal public services, such as free education and heavily-subsidized healthcare and childcare, thanks to hard work from labor groups and more reasonable leaders, but adding some safety nets isn't the same thing despite Americans promoting the idea of Scandinavian Socialism. Understanding the purpose of a government should be the better serve the people's interest on a handful of subjects isn't the sole requirement for unlocking socialism, of course.

It doesn't help either that such public services are under constant threat by greedy industries and privately owned banks in the Nordic realm. 

All credit to the examples listed, even through the bad shit, because there are real efforts in their histories to better the lives of the working class in each of them. We promote a decent chunk of Leninism here, for example. Still, the sad fact is, there are currently no socialist countries

It is not surprising, as a ‘socialist country’ faces the looming threat of the Imperial Core at all times. It's become rather clear that massive shifts across the globe are required to expose and damage the fragile strength of capitalism as part of the transition. 

Remember, capitalism requires class conflict as a base-feature. It promotes culture war solutions to the working class so that they can fight amongst themselves about trivial matters. It utilizes every distraction technique possible to divide and maintain control.

The Russian peasants made efforts 100 years ago, but their vision was ultimately betrayed. The French have made efforts themselves. There are sparks present across the world at all times. It just takes enough people realizing that we're all in this shit together and it's about time we collectively are the ones in charge instead of Old Money dipshits and War Machine tools.

Become a socialist today. Join the Forza Libertas project, educate yourself on everything possible, agitate the system in manners that don't add to the divide, and organize with anyone you can. 

There's a better way!

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