▼Asia Manifesto & Signup Info!!

Our Mission

Triangle Asia is dedicated to creating a space where fans can connect, share, and celebrate the triumphs and challenges of Beijin Guoan, Yokohama FC, & PSS Slemen. We believe in the power of football to bring people together as a tool and we strive to promote the values of unity and progress with a dream of global socialism on the horizon.

Our Vision

Our plan for the support group on page and off:

  • Provide coverage and updates on successes Beijing Guoan, Yokohama FC, and PSS Slemen.
  • Create a platform to unite fierce fans to unite across borders.
  • Advocate for a more equitable and just society through the lens of our shared passion for football. If you join and have a just movement you want promoted here, send the info and this platform will be an ally to your cause.
  • We'll promote causes and stories significant to these specific areas of the globe, alongside football coverage, to remind all readers to recognize power struggles are worldwide.

Join Us

Whether you're a die-hard fan of one club, or even if you cheer for none of the three yet, Triangle Asia welcomes you with open arms. Together, we can make a difference, not just in the world of football, but in our communities and beyond.

How to Sign Up

  • Email: Send an email to rwplusb@gmail.com with "Triangle Asia" in the subject line.
  • Text: Send a text with "Triangle Asia" to 315 330 6840.

    There are NO fees. Joining just gives you access to what I hope will be a growing network.

Together, we are stronger.

*Triangle Asia is a supporters group branch of the FL project. Find coverage of the clubs under the FL FC tab on the top of RWplusB.page.

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