06/03/94 | Our 3,000th Post!!! | The People's MOTY: 1994 | My Match of the Century!!

It all started in a crappy wrestling group on Facebook. Once I, and a few others, realized that it was just a fucking cesspool, we broke off and started up a small, little workhorse group instead. I invited folks from the business that I knew personally, and a few acquaintances for good measure, and we ran with it for a while. It was never a big group, partly because we kept it private more often than not, but it was a decent little hub where people promoted their gigs, fans interacted and learned things, and debates happened that largely remained civil. Civil-adjacent if not.

Then a car crash fucked my life up a bit. I still have pains from that fucking crash. It sucked and sucks. After, I let the group kind of fall apart. It didn't help that one of my favorite members got sick and died on me, either. I'm in my 30's but have lost way too many people so it felt like just another blow. It came right after I had lost another family member and a friend of mine from highschool being burned alive in Louisiana.

Anyway, I also used to write for a few sites like PWPonderings. I admittedly got frustrated when they kept having issues and just stopped writing for them. I then was in talks with Csonka to start with 411. Then he tragically passed away and left the industry with a big hole. I never really got to know him at all but haven't heard a single bad word about the dude. Props and condolences to his family, again.

All of this led to the creation of Red's Wrestling+ Blog. This site. It just made sense at the time. It's changed a lot over the years, now being a big umbrella brand called RW+B instead being of just a blog, for one example. I'm pretty proud of the little platform we've built here. Still, no matter how political we decide to unapologetically be, no matter how many recipes we post, nor however many football propaganda pieces we publish, we will always remain a premier source of top shelf pro-wrestling content!

  • Links to recent event streams with some recommendations attached.
  • A look at TV match pulls from the week past.
  • MOTY entries (like this one) which looks at the cream of the fucking crop from each year in the industry!

We cover a bit of everything from everywhere and those are just a few examples of what we do here for the business. We are a super small scale op just trying to entertain, educate, and organize the masses for a better future while enjoying some good fucking content along the way! Do we succeed? Fuck if I know, but I can say one thing without a second of hesitation...

This match, which happens to be the 1994 People's MOTY and the main attraction for this whole fucking ramble, also just happens to be my personal Match of the Century. This also happens to be the 3,000th post that's been made on this site, since we're adding a bunch of info here all at once.

Yeah...there felt like no better way to celebrate 3,000 than by looking at this one shortly after its 30th anniversary. In every way, this is a true masterpiece between two pillars. Cinematic, epic. Throw any damn adjective you want to built it up as much as you want, and you're still not overdoing it. Everything added up perfectly across the better part of an hour to deliver a performance that is still studied today by just about everyone in the industry. The best part is that it doesn't matter how many times you've watched it, either. Just hit play, and strap in because it's a thrill each time! 

Now, for these posts we always include the runner up for good measure. Additionally, Gem posts in the classics section here also add to the catalog of elite pulls from each of these years if you're wanting more from the periods. You'll find stuff like THIS old, brutal lucha libre apuesta. That all said, it's time we drop our second place match here and thank the wrestling gods for how damn good 1994 was for fans.

AJW was honestly just as good as AJPW during this time window and Aja Kong's defense of the WWWA World Title against Yumiko Hotta was legit amazing! It's truly a joshi deathmatch without it being a deathmatch. It's one of the best women's wrestling matches of all time, too. When you're done watching Kawada and Misawa's epic, make time for this one and then keep an eye out for the next Gem and MOTY entries coming soon!

Here's to 3,000 more!!

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