Red's 2022 Pull List

Here's my pull list for 2022 content. I'm finishing up 2021 and will be adding to this as things catch my eye. Let me know if you think I need to add something that isn't listed.

WWE 11/18*

  • Meiko vs Blaire
  • WALTER vs Frazer
  • A-Kid vs Noam

*this set was taped in 2021, aired in 2022

GCW 01/01 Briscoes vs Zayne, Christian

ZERO1 01/01 Tanaka vs Sugiura

BJW 01/02 Nomura vs Okabayashi

AJPW 01/02 #STRONGHEARTS vs Total Eclipse


TJPW 01/04 Miyu vs Mizuki

JTO 01/10 DOUKI vs Taichi

NJPW 01/20 Nagata, Okada, Tanahashi vs LIJ

Warrior 01/22 Cage vs Ospreay

AJPW 01/23
  • Kento vs Suwama
  • Ashino vs Honda
  • Kento vs Honda
WWE 01/25 MSK vs Jacket Time

WWE 01/27 Devlin vs Ilja

NOAH 01/27 Sugiura vs Go


Melkiok said…
I would not have done better list than this !
Everything pretty worth the watch and some MOTYC are in it for sure
Melkiok said…
Maybe U can add this fun new contender

Kyushu Pro Tokyo Launch Battle