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NJPW March 2021 in Review

Matches: From 49th Anniversary 03/04 1.IWGP Heavyweight/Intercontinental Titles: Kota Ibushi(c) vs El Desperado ****1/4 From NJ Cup Night Two 03/06 2.SHINGO vs Kazuchika Okada ****1/2 From NJ Cup Night Seven 03/13 3.SHINGO vs Hirooki Goto **** From NJ Cup Night Eight 03/14 4.Will Ospreay vs Zack Sabre Jr. ****1/4 From NJ Cup Night Thirteen 03/21 5.NJ Cup Finals: Will Ospreay vs SHINGO ****1/2 Thoughts: Moving along in my coverage of 2021 New Japan, we start with a fantastic outing keeping the tradition of the Junior title holder taking on the Heavyweight at the anniversary gig. It was a great display from Despy and one of dozens of outstanding performances from Kota. Worth a look for sure. Next, SHINGO and Okada work a NJ Cup contest in a MOTYC. Can SHINGO have a bad match? The dude has been a titan since DG and is finally getting rocket boots in New Japan and it's going to be one hell of a ride. Run and watch this one if you fucked up. Next, SHINGO got a fantastic one out of Goto.

Throwback Reviews Collection: Various Matches from February 1995

Match from AAA TV 02/16/95 1. WWA Tag Titles, Mexican National Tag Titles, Best 2/3 Falls: Fuerza, Juventud(MEX) vs Misterio, Misterio Jr(WWA)  ***3/4 Match from AAA TV 02/17/95 2. Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title, Best 2/3 Falls: La Parka(c) vs Estrada  **3/4 Match from NJPW Fighting Spirit 02/19/95 3.IWGP Heavyweight Title: Shinya(c) vs Norton **3/4 Thoughts: Following a previous post and moving on to the second month of 1995, we start with some AAA before moving to New Japan. Up first, Fuerza and Juventud Guerrera against Misterio and Misterio Jr with two championships on the line. It was a great match with loads of fun moments, especially basically anything that featured Juvy and Jr together. High quality building block. The second saw La Parka and Estrada, also for gold. It was a circus act match, built around how charismatic Park is. The finish was the definition of over the top but it was entertaining for what it was. I lastly popped in a New Japan match because, well wh

Select Match Review: Krossing Johnny (WWE NXT)

Match From NXT 07/13 1.NXT Title: Kross(c) vs Gargano *** special guest ref: Samoa Joe Thoughts: A reminder, but I am fine tuning #SLAMMASTERS and dealing with some health issues. The image above makes you feel like you need a cigarette after looking at it, doesn't it... No? Anyway, Kross and Gargano are having a fun little rivalry right now. They're pacing out Kross' reign in an interesting way. I'm pretty sure they are wanting to utilize him well enough while they have him because he seems to be set to start working Raw or SmackDown soon. I hope they don't split up him and Scarlett. This match was good but far below what I expected. I said when KK won that his run wouldn't be the center of many MOTYC's but I will say having a title match that was JUST good against Gargano says something. I have no issue when he moves "up". And that's okay. He will fit well there I think. In NXT he's just Roode and company again. Again, this is good. It

AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest Night One LIVE REVIEW

Matches: 1.IWGP US Title: Mox(c) vs Anderson ***1/2 2.FTW Title: Cage(c) vs Starks *** 3.Christian vs Hardy ***1/2 4.Guevara vs Yuta ***1/4 5.Ford vs Yuka **1/2 6.Coffin Match: Page vs Darby ***3/4 Thoughts: I rarely do these, but considering I did one this morning for STARDOM why not do one for the new installment of AEW's flagship. I haven't watched a full episode of the show in a while, by the way. REFRESH AS NEEDED. I am waiting for a pizza to arrive and an edible to kick in while Ready Player One closes on TNT. I've never seen the film nor read the book. I might eventually do one of the two. Might not just as easily. We're 90 days past the first set of WWE releases today, by the way. Kalisto, please! WE'RE LIVE! Did JR just say it's Tuesday? We are starting with the IWGP United States Championship on the line. I love his entrance and the reference. Note I was at this same arena last year for my birthday for an AEW gig. One of the last before the pandemic fu


Matches: 1.Elimination: Oedo Tai (Konami, Tora, Ruaka, Saki, Fuikgen) vs STARS (Mayu, Rin, Starlight, Koguma, Hanan) ***1/2 Thoughts: I decided, seeing as I am caught up on the show again finally, to review it live this week. The stream begins at 10 Eastern so if you're here before that, go grab your fourth cup of coffee and wait a moment. Or is that just me that drinks far too much coffee? We're LIVE! Intros play and we get a shot of Wave gold and look at the talent backstage about to come through the curtains. Tonight's match is from Tokyo Dream Cinderella for those that care, which took place on the 12th of June. Oedo Tai against STARS, elimination rules. If STARS fail, Starlight Kid joins the heel faction. We start with a mass brawl before cutting ahead and the ruda unit is in full control, beating down Mayu. I really like how they've been building up Oedo Tai, by the way. And the way Mayu keeps being betrayed and taking general shots to the soul has been an interes

US Wrestling TV Ratings Dump, June 27th-July 9th + Some Thoughts

MATCHES: From Raw 06/28 1.Ricochet vs Morrison *** 2.McIntyre vs Styles vs Riddle ***1/2 From NXT 06/29 3.NXT North American Title: Reed(c) vs Scott *** From Dynamite 06/30 4.Tag Title Eliminator: Young Bucks vs Kingston, Penta ***3/4 5.MJF vs Guevara **** From SmackDown 07/02 6.Last Man Standing: Owens vs Zayn ***3/4 From ROH 07/02 7.Fight on the Farm: Jay vs Mark ***1/2 From Raw 07/05 8.Falls Count Anywhere: Ricochet vs Morrison ***1/4 From NXT: Great American Bash 07/06 9.NXT Tag Titles: MSK(c) vs Thatcher, Ciampa ***3/4 10.Cole vs O'Reilly **** From Dynamite: Road Ragger 07/07 11.AEW Tag Titles, Street Fight: Young Bucks(c) vs Kingston, Penta ***3/4 From SmackDown 07/09 12.Cesaro vs Rollins ***1/2 Thoughts: There was some fun to have here, for sure. Here's some extra content I wanted to chat about, too: Woods flash-pinned Lashley, which was interesting. He then told off MVP and made it clear shit was going to get real. It could make for some good shit. I know Cena is due ba

Taking a Trek: A Guide for Newcomers Wanting to Start Watching Star Trek

Star Trek is without a doubt one of the biggest pop culture icons of all time, with a franchise featuring multiple films and television programs. That said, it's become such a huge beast that it can be daunting to some perhaps leaving them feeling as if they're better off ignoring it all as a result. Fuck that. Star Trek is a beautiful thing that at times featured the best escapes from reality that have ever been created. But, where the hell do you start is the question at hand so lets just get to it. I suggest starting off with a handful of episodes from the original show if you can handle the old-school approach. If not, skip ahead to Next Generation. Here is my suggested watch order. START YOUR JOURNEY HERE STAR TREK Where No Man Has Gone Before Corbomite Maneuver Menagerie, Parts 1 & 2 Balance of Terror Space Seed Errand of Mercy City on the Edge of Forever Amok Time Doomsday Machine Journey to Babel Trouble With Tribbles Assignment Earth Enterprise Incident Tholian Web

Red Rose Report #2: Assorted Issues With the World Today

The other day, while doing laundry, I happened upon a pair of gentlemen discussing a variety of topics when one asked me a very loaded question; "do you have hope for the future?" I was hesitant to engage initially, but eventually just said, "no." I wrote last time about a few of the numerous end game scenarios that I feel we're heading toward at a quick pace. This time, lets break down some other issues with the world today. The CPAC was as much a clusterfuck as I expected. Trump admitted, to applause and laughter, what we all know; that anything he doesn't like gets called fake regardless of how accurate it is. The man is a grifter and does well to capitalize off of his base. Hell, he just launched a series of lawsuits against sites like Twitter and is asking his cult for money to help support him. He filed them outside of the correct jurisdiction. He just wants the money he knows he'll get. Jenner was mocked by many there, with the expected bigotry ta