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AEW Double or Nothing 2021 Review

Matches: 0.NWA Women's Title: Serena Deeb(c) vs Riho **** 1.Adam Page vs Brian Cage ***3/4 2.AEW Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs Wild Things **** 3.Casino Battle Royale *** 4.Anthony Ogogo vs Cody Rhodes *3/4 5.TNT Title: Miro(c) vs Lance Archer *** 6.AEW Women's Title: Hikaru Shida(c) vs Britt Baker ***1/4 7.Ethan Page, Scorpio Sky vs Sting, Darby Allin ***1/2 8.AEW World Title: Kenny Omega(c) vs PAC vs Orange Cassidy **** 9.Stadium Stampede: Inner Circle vs The Pinnacle ***3/4 Thoughts: This one is sure to be polarizing. Lets start with the preshow match. Note that I watched the full, main show but, from the Buy In, I just stuck to the NWA title defense and it was fucking great. Smart card positioning, too. Being a free, YouTube stream increases audience and they killed it so it should have, arguably, helped event buys. Add in the fact that the NWA has a major show coming up featuring Deeb, and the fact that this provided for a nice, last minute teaser and it's a no brainer

Dusting Off a Gem #2: Nektar's A Tab in the Ocean, a Review

The second Nektar album is a prog rock masterpiece. Having been released in 1972, it saw a spot on the Billboard at the 141 mark. It deserved far higher. The space these tracks call home boarders some near galaxy, providing a small window into what rests beyond our sights. There is a grove underlining the tunes, pushing everything forward while the rest of the members dance around. A poppiness lives throughout, but never in a manner that fully grasps you too far in one direction. No, A Tab tries to pull you in different directions with an unease attached to every inch of calm. It's beautiful in that way and completely elegant in its imperfections. And yes, it's not perfect, but there's a charm even in that which largely overplays any complaints. If you love prog, you'll love this fantastic gem of a release. Rating: ****

NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day Review

Matches: 1.Dusty Rhodes Women's Tag Tournament Finals: Moon, Shotzi vs Raquel, Kai ***1/2 2.NXT North American Title: Gargano(c) vs KUSHIDA ****1/2 3.Dusty Rhodes Men's Tag Tournament Finals: MSK vs GYV ****1/4 4.NXT Women's Title: Io(c) vs Mercedes vs Storm ***1/4 5.NXT Title: Balor(c) vs Dunne ****1/4 Thoughts: So, I'm plowing through my watch list of stuff I had missed earlier in the year, as I deal with my ongoing health issues, and I'm ready to dig into this little treasure. It was the first TakeOver of the year and has a pretty stacked card, so I'm excited. Note that a companion post, reviewing the month of February for WWE, will be posted shortly after this. The first match saw Raquel and Kai win a big tournament match over Moon and SB in a very good tag team match. Really, everyone came off pretty well here and I give props to the four for kicking things off pretty dang well. I admittedly have no idea how some people are in the 4+ stars realm on it, but

Dusting Off a Gem #1: Camel's Moonmadness, a Review

Welcome to a new, ongoing part of my ever random blog. As I am sure is rather obvious, this series will focus on some lost, hidden, and forgotten gems from the past. I wanted to start with a classic prog album from one of the most underrated bands of all time, Camel. Moonmadness is their fourth album and follows, perhaps, their most popular release, The Snow Goose. Unlike their third, Moonmadness features vocals. The melody and tone boarders on mellow and the passages bleed together very well, making for a complete feel. The bass line of the closing track does well to take you on an upbeat ride, while a majority of the rest journeys on the brink of dreams and space. The musicianship here is top shelf levels and the production quality feels like it was made far later than it actually was. Despite never really breaking out of cult status, Camel are a group that easily hold up catalog-wise with far better known groups, and this release is easily one of the best examples in defense of that

The Crackle Remained (a poem)

As the fire grew, larger and larger, and the puppets rose from their seated positions. As the weather outside turned further and further from calm, painting everything near in a heavy drip. As screams built to a deafening crescendo; a torturous echo of agony. Yes, as the present faded to the past and the ashes scattered wide, there was an increased darkness that only the devils of man could bare. And, as the scene closed and the Master looked on, there was a near silence forming. The crackle remained. 

Flying in an Ace: Takeshita in AEW

The ace of DDT was recently brought in for a series of matches in AEW, and it's WELL PAST time I take a look at the output. Note that longtime readers of the blog, as well as folks that knew me before I even started this site, know I am pretty big on the dude. I legit consider him to be one of the best active workers in the game and one of the hardest working, most well rounded, and most underrated dudes I've ever seen. Lets dig in. Match Reviews: 1. Takeshita vs Limelight (04/07) ***1/4 This was a fairly good, sub-10 minute first match of the trip for Takeshita. Limelight was super in his role, as expected, and Konosuke showed once again that he'll step up no matter what. I mean, this is a throwaway match on the C show for the company. More than just a good match, this was a good introduction to fans unaware of how good KT is at what he does. 2. Omega, Takeshita, Nakazawa vs Limelight, Sydal Brothers (04/08) *** This was pure fun. Honestly, if you've never watched DDT

NWA When Our Shadows Fall Preview

The NWA has been making a lot of weird moves this year, haven't they? I mean, they came back from the pandemic pause by pulling all of their content from YouTube, without comment leaving many to assume the worst, and moved to a subscription system on Fite. That alone was a huge question mark, and I really wish I could see how their numbers look as a result. I know they'd be down, but by how much. The content they do add to YT is clips, randomly added, usually about two weeks after the fact. While partly anecdotal, I see major dips in buzz now versus prior to the shutdown. I've searched around and it seems to be a fair assessment, though. Now, it's time for their big show to close the latest season. It keeps the theme they've set for themselves since Corgan took over but the issue is the layout of the latest season and the lack of proper promotion they've done. Until today, all we knew for sure is that Murdoch was getting a shot at Aldis. Everything else was spec

WCW Nitro #10 Review

Matches: 1.WCW World Title: Giant(c) vs Cobra NR 2.Taskmaster vs Renegade NR 3.Benoit vs Guerrero *** 4.Sting vs Flair *** Thoughts: Hey look, I'm back to reviewing Nitro. It started with a squash, which saw The Giant defeat Cobra in less time than the latter took to enter the ring. The Morse Code entrance is golden shit. An ongoing theme of this one is clips of backstage segments with various roster members waiting to see who the fans would choose to main event the installment. Sting and Flair were eventually set to compete. Dark Side Hogan and Attack From the Light Savage talk on the beach. Next up, the Ultimate Renegade falls to Taskmaster in a "match" that doesn't even deserve this sentence. Benoit and Eddie had a good throwaway match with an interesting finish. Sparks of brilliance behind the surface here and a possible heel tease for Guerrero? The main was good too, of course. Flair was a cheating dick and Sting kept overcoming everything, eventually taking the

No RW+B Channel Content This Week, NEW Episodes SOON!

I'll be changing the format of Slam Masters and the other shows for The RW+B Channel. Due to health issues, I am actually taking time off and will return with brand new content ASAP.