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NWA Powerrr #29 Review

Matches: 1.NWA Tag Titles: Stevens, Kratos(c) vs War Kings ** 2.Aldis vs Mims NR 3.Thunder Rosa vs Kamille *** 4.NWA Title Contender Battle Royal *1/4 Thoughts: So, admittedly, this season was the weakest so far. It is what it is, but there were some things I enjoyed and most of the time there was a charm here. NWA is an almost comforting show to watch and something I have found to be entertaining even when nearly all the matches fall well below must-see levels. This time, it's just harder to enjoy, though. I'd also say that their build to When Our Shadows Fall has been weak. This one started with The Pope joining the commentary team. Kyle Davis welcomed the WTT Champs, which saw Aron reassure us that all was fine. We knew better, of course. They were kept largely to a minimum, at least. We had a run in blind attack lead to the finish, with the champs retaining, and it was all a rather basic match in general. Nick's promo was okay I suppose, but I must say his work on the p

NWA Powerrr #28 Review

Matches: 1.NWA TV Title: Pope(c) vs Cross ***1/2 2.Kratos, Stevens vs Rosser, Rockett *1/2 3.Thunder Rosa vs Jennacide **1/4 4.War Kings vs The End *** Thoughts: They started this one with a reminder of the Strictly Business drama from the previous episode. Clips first, and then a reading of a note from the NWA on the subject. Aldis was striped of a month's salary, Latimer and Adonis lost their shots at the tag straps, and they are required to appear on the next episode or they're fired. I didn't like the way they capped the last episode, but I like the follow up. Real quick, but I purchased the M-Pro collection set from IVP today and am very excited to watch and review it. We then move along to see Cross challenge for the Television Championship. Pope stepped up, Cross worked down if we're being honest, and the entire thing mashed up nicely either way. There was an amazingly timed spot down the stretch that had me rewinding it back a few times (shooting star press rela

NWA Powerrr #27 Review

Matches: 1.Cross vs Mims NR 2.Kratos vs Sal NR 3.Falls Count Anywhere: Slice vs Dane **3/4 Thoughts: For the May episodes, I decided to go ahead and watch them in full as the cards looked good enough to do so. Lets see if the season can end on a high note. We start with Strictly Business in the studio. Aldis is pissed about the news on how they're crowning a new number one contender. He takes issue with a battle royale being the chosen gimmick. He puts over Adonis' rise, Latimer, and Kamille. The entire thing felt like filler more than anything. Cross and Mims worked a TV Title qualifier. It was too short to rate, but a spirited sprint that started the in-ring section nicely enough. I wonder how many of the NWA diehards actually approved of that match, though.  Forget about the next segment. Stevens spoke backstage on Kratos and more. He hopes his hitman will behave better. Sal spoke a bit before getting in the ring and getting destroyed by Kratos in a match with folks at rings

NWA April 2021 in Review

Matches from Powerrr #24: 1.Strictly Business vs The End ***1/4 2.NWA TV Title: Pope(c) vs Rosser *** Matches from Powerrr #25: 3.Kratos, Stevens vs Storm, Sal ** 4.Aldis vs Clearwater NR Matches from Powerrr #26: 5.Kratos vs Sal NR 6.Strictly Business, Kratos vs Stevens, Storm, Murdoch ***1/4 Thoughts: March saw the return of the NWA and, all things considered, it was a decent relaunch. I took issue with their move to FITE more than anything, which I strongly disagree with, but the diehards seem to be happy and I found two worth seeing matches during the span. So, how did April go for the old schoolers? Up first, we look at episode 24 of Powerrr. Aron and Kratos kicked things off, saying they're scouting talent. Sal interrupts, asking what's going on with his shot at the belt. It got convoluted. The first pull saw Strictly Business' Adonis and Latimer best The End, with a little help, and the entire thing, while super simply, was far better than I had expected. I really li