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NWA March 2021 in Review

Matches from Back for the Attack: 1.NWA TV Title: Pope(c) vs Latimer *** 2.Kamille vs Thunder Rosa ***1/4 3.NWA National Title: Murdoch(c) vs Adonis **1/4 4.NWA World Title: Aldis(c) vs Stevens ***3/4 Match from NWA Powerrr #22: 5.Cross vs Rockett vs Rosser **3/4 6.Strictly Business vs Stevens, Kratos, Pope ***1/2 Match from NWA Powerrr #23: 7.NWA National Title, No DQ: Murdoch(c) vs Adonis *1/2 Thoughts: I watched select matches and promos from their return special, and then some matches from Powerrr for this set. Lets see how they handled their return. Aron Stevens opened Back for the Attack, teary-eyed, talking about his fallen friend. They also built up the main event, which I wasn't super stoked for at the time but am now interested in seeing. Aldis had a studio promo next, and was once again gold. Dude works the mic better than almost everyone in the game. The, "don't @ me" line was a bit off but that's just me, probably. Yeah, great shit that promoted the e

MLW Open Draft Round 1 Thoughts: DAVEY RICHARDS TO MLW

A few things here, but first note that I don't see anyone online that knew what to expect. Twitter, the comments, etc all had a lot of folks thinking it was more a brand split thing, instead of announcements of new additions to the show. They announced Mil Muertes is now King Muertes, which is interesting. MLW has skirted the drama revolving around the lawsuit AAA is dealing with and it seems they are making minor adjustments to get by the heat. Feels a lot like when you see off brand cereal at the store. The big story here was Davey Richards being announced. They actually said he signed months ago, which kind of felt like they nerfed the purpose they seemed to be using this video for but it's a minor nitpick. I'm likely over thinking it. He said MLW was the best fit for him because he liked their style and presentation and suggested it'd either be great or a disaster, because honestly those are the two options when you bring in DR. MLW really likes bringing in dudes wi

NJPW Wrestling January 2021 in Review

Matches from Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night One 1.Hiromu vs El Phantasmo ***1/2 2.Okada vs Ospreay ****3/4 3.IWGP HW/IC Titles: Naito(c) vs Kota ****1/4 Matches from Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night Two 4.NEVER Openweight Title: SHINGO(c) vs Cobb ****3/4 5.EVIL vs SANADA *** 6.IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title: Hiromu(c) vs Ishimori **** 7.IWGP HW/IC Titles: Kota(c) vs White ***** Matches from New Beginning in Nagoya 8.No DQ: Ospreay vs Kojima ***3/4 9.NEVER Openweight Title: SHINGO(c) vs Tanahashi ***** Thoughts: New Japan has been making some fucking weird ass moves of late. Last year, once they returned from hiatus, they launched EVIL into the main event scene, putting him with Bullet Club and having him win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship from Naito. They thought they were using rocket boots but it was just a dumpster they were lighting on fire. It wasn't handled very well, the matches were far below the quality fans expect from NJPW main events, and their rivalry was overall poorly received,

The Golden Eagle, Coming Soon to The RW+B Channel

The Golden Eagle will showcase CMLL, AAA, IWRG and various other lucha libre happenings. Also covered, Club America and Diablos Rojos del Mexico. The new series will be a monthly YT ongoing show that runs down the latest happenings alongside clips and highlights.

MiLB Syracuse Mets and RailRiders Baseball Coverage Coming to The RW+B Channel

Monthly coverage of Minor League Mets and Yankees affiliates, Syracuse Mets and Scranton Wilkes-Barre will join the lineup of content appearing on The RW+B Channel. Keep an eye out!

Diablos Rojos del Mexico Coverage on The RW+B Channel Announcement

As I continue to make adjustments, figuring the best content lineup for my YouTube Channel , I have decided to spice things up further with coverage of the Diablos Rojos del Mexico LMB baseball club. With their season set to start later this week, I am hopeful that fans enjoy the content I have planned to debut soon for the channel. Here's a look at their official calendar for the 2021 season, which was taken from their official site.

Monday Night Slam Masters Episode 4+ Review

Matches: 1.O'Reilly vs Oney NR 2.Six-Way Scramble: Ace vs Romero vs Phantasmo vs Williams vs TJP vs Raju ***1/2 3.IWGP US Title: Mox(c) vs Nagata ***1/2 4.NXT Cruiserweight Title: KUSHIDA(c) vs Escobar ***3/4 5.Bey, Moose, Callihan vs Cardona, Sabin, Trey ***1/2 6.Shinsuke, Big E, KO, Street Profits vs Crews, Gable, Corbin, Zayn, Otis ***1/2 7.TNT Title: Darby(c) vs Miro ***1/2 8.EC3, Flip vs Briscoes NR 9.AEW Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs SCU **** 10.Thunder Rosa vs Allure NR 11.NXT Women's Title: Raquel(c) vs Mercedes *** 12.Cesaro vs Rollins *** 13.Lashley vs McIntyre NR 14.Anderson vs Finlay NR 15.Kross vs Theory NR Thoughts: Watch this week's edition of #MNSM HERE ! Kyle had a moment with Oney to start this week's episode. After The Midcard setup, he backed up his words. The clips came off well and the right dude won. Post, Dunne and Lorcan beat down Kyle until Fish made the save. My six year old asked me why he returned but then they both said they weren't pla

Quick Thoughts on the Subject of Increasing Minimum Wage

A lot of the discussions involving a minimum wage increase are steeped heavily in political propaganda and The Other mentalities. Lets keep it simple, though. No one working a full time job is lesser than you. You might have a higher paying gig, a big salary because of a degree, etc. Some jobs should indeed be worth more an hour than others. You are still not better than the other person and they don't deserve ridicule or to live in poverty regardless of their situation. Minimum wage jobs are not for kids. Sure, many kids work those jobs, but places don't shut down during school hours. Loads of folk work those jobs and they are, in almost every case, jobs that benefit others. Need a burger at lunch? Need daycare? How about the many very important jobs at a hospital that are paid minimum wage? MW was literally intended to be the wage that someone can receive and, as long as they are working full time, that they'd be able to live off of it. Not by needing to work 80 hours a w