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MLW Fusion #131 Review

Matches:  1.Gringo Loco vs Laredo Kid **1/2 2.Richard Holliday vs Ariel Dominguez NR 3.MLW Middleweight Title: Lio Rush(c) vs Myron Reed ***1/2 Thoughts: A Lio Rush/Myron Reed promo/package kicks this one off with the Middleweight Champ talking shit on the division and boasting his own ego while Reed promises to step up. This first match at the start of the year was enjoyable enough so I was hopeful they'd do it again but even better this time around. Laredo Kid versus Gringo Loco is up first and they actually addressed the messy AAA Cruiserweight situation. It made no sense, but that's because they had this match on a backlog. The commentary was newer and they decided to try to explain the situation, but in doing so just made Laredo look stupid af. They have been very bad about how they use the dude so it is what it is. Anyway, this was okay but the pacing was a bit off and the general match didn't come close to kick out of 2nd gear, like a lot of MLW matches. The commenta

Select Match Review: A Family Thing (MLW)

Match From Episode 130 1.Marshall Von Erich vs Tom Lawlor *** Thoughts: Note I was going to watch and review Hammerstone versus Mil too, but for some reason the episode isn't on YouTube. Lawsuit related? Who fucking knows at this point. I asked around and got this reply. There's something there, even if it's something boring. No one cares enough about MLW to actually dig. This saw Daisy Duke loving, Lawlor, against one of the old Von Erich boys. The Filthy one worked from top for most of the runtime, with Marshall playing underdog through the attacks and even a cheap weapon shot, and was a matwork heavy encounter. While Marshall will never be a dude that wows you, he did a solid job here and I'd argue he's improving, albeit slowly. Good stuff, even if not recommendation levels. A brawl followed to end the stream.

MLW Fusion 1st Quarter 2021 in Review

Matches from MLW Fusion From Kings of Colosseum Special Edition 1.MLW Middleweight Title: Myron Reed(c) vs Lio Rush ***1/4 From Episode 118 2.MLW World Heavyweight Title: Jacob Fatu(c) vs ACH *** From Episode 119 3.AAA Cruiserweight Title: Laredo Kid(c) vs Zenshi ***1/2 From Episode 121 4.AAA Cruiserweight/MLW Middleweight Titles: Lio Rush(MLW) vs Laredo Kid(AAA) ***1/4 From Episode 123 5.MLW World Heavyweight Title: Jacob Fatu(c) vs Jordan Oliver ***1/2 From Episode 124 6.MLW National Openweight Title: Alex Hammerstone(c) vs LA Park *** Thoughts: For MLW, these are the five that caught my eye for the first three months worth of tapings. While I tend to be disappointed in MLW more often than not, finding the product to underdeliver far too often, I still think there's enough here to occasionally step up. If Court could grow thicker skin and drop the ego, the company would be far better. Up first, a Middleweight gold bout between Myron and Lio. Fairly good match but one that didn

Monday Night Slam Masters Episode 3+ Review

Matches: 1.Falls Count Anywhere: Ruff vs Scott ***1/2 2.ROH TV Title: Hotsauce(c) vs Deppen ***1/2 3.Blood & Guts: Pinnacle vs Inner Circle **** 4.Bandido vs Flamita ***1/4 5.Dirty Dawgs, Bayley vs Street Profits, Belair NR 6.NXT Women's Tag Titles, Street Fight: Moon, Blackheart(c) vs The Way ***1/2 7.WWE Universal Title: Roman(c) vs Bryan ****1/4 Thoughts: Watch the latest episode of Monday Night Slam Masters HERE . Note that I'll be reviewing AAA content and the last episode of MLW Fusion's current season separately. Darby attacks Ethan and Sky, just to be thrown down some stairs like the crash test dummy he is. After the latest Midcard rundown, our first match was a falls count anywhere battle that was great but hurt a tad by the interference based finish. Isiah continues to be a dude that kills it constantly despite rarely getting proper praise for that fact. Miro's promo and arc of late finally suggests he's about to be getting the push most presumed he