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WCW Nitro #7 Review

Matches: 1.WCW TV Title: DDP(c) vs Badd NR 2.Guerrero vs Benoit ***1/2 3.Duggan vs Meng NR 4.Flair, Sting vs Arn, Pillman ** Thoughts: Like last week, which hurt the entire episode, this week also has four matches. The good news is that it was paced a bit better. We start with DDP and Badd...kind of. DDP hit Badd in the back of the head with the Television Championship, knocking his opponent out. He then mock pinned him before setting off the confetti cannon that Badd typically brought out each time. I'm okay with it because it likely sets up a much better match later and it kicks off things with DDP looking like a big heel. The next match saw Benoit debut and beat Eddie in a pretty good match. It was given nearly nine minutes and they both made the best of it, looking like stars in the process. It's one of my favorite matches from the WCW watch through I've been on thus far and worth seeing. Post, EB mentions that they are starting to form a cruiserweight division! Mean Ge