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Red's 1995 Wrestling Match Recommendations

Below are my picks for the best matches of the year of 1995. I wanted to go back and slowly start doing this for older content. Anything listed here I consider worth checking out. The cutoff rating is ***1/2, which is the lowest rating I personally consider recommendable. Also, note that I color coded these. For singles and non-tag men's matches, look for this color. For men's tag matches, trios, atomicos, ciberneticos, etc. look for this color. For women's matches of all forms, look for this color. For mixed matches, look for this color. If you spot any bloopers, even in regards to color coding issues, let me know. ***** ****3/4 ****1/2 -Kawada/Kenta 01/19 (AJPW) -Kenta, Misawa/Kawada, Taue 01/24 (AJPW) -Malenko/Guerrero 04/15 (ECW) -Malenko/Guerrero 08/26 (ECW) ****1/4 **** -Double Inoue/Toyota, Sakie 01/03 (AJW) -Guerrero/Malenko 07/21 (ECW) -Cactus Jack, Malenko, Scorpio/Guerrero, Steiner Brothers 08/05 (ECW) -Flair/Arn 09/17 (WCW) ***3/4 -Malenko/Guerrero 05/13 (E

Pro Wrestling January 1995 in Review

Match from AJW Zenjo Victory 01/03/95 1. WWWA Tag Titles, 2/3 Falls: Double Inoue(c) vs Sakie, Toyota  **** Match from AJPW New Year Giant Series 01/19/95 2. Triple Crown Title: Kawada(c) vs Kobashi  ****1/2 Match from WWF Royal Rumble 3. WWF World Title: Hart(c) vs Diesel  **1/2 Match from AJPW New Year Giant Series 01/24/95 4. AJPW World Tag Titles: Misawa, Kobashi(c) vs Holy Demon Army  ****1/2 Thoughts: Seeing as I am working my way through Nitro and Hardcore TV episodes, I figured I'd go ahead and look at the best the rest of the world had to offer in 1995. These are the ones that caught my eye for the first month of the year. I've provided legal links to all that are available to be watched in freely. The first match is from the legendary AJW, which I'll be watching more of soon including matches from this year, before, and after. This one was fantastic and truly showcased how athletic and innovative the roster was. This shit was years ahead of its time. Make sure to

YouTube Update

I was wanting to take a moment to give some updated information on the revival of my YouTube Channel ! First, I have some new content in the form of WWF Prime Time Live and WCW Ignite special events, which are fantasy specials utilizing WWE 2k19 and are set around 1995-1996 right now. I currently have the debuts for both of those on the channel right now but am honestly not sure how far I'll run with them. The main attraction of 2k19 based content is going to be a series titled International Dream Pro Wrestling Super Card TV. This series, set around the same time period, is basically a massive league of the best in the world around that period, regardless of promotion. The current idea is for new episodes to air each Friday. The first round to crown the inaugural top dog champ is up now and pinned on the top of this post. I am bringing the TRUE Championship back finally which will air as Golden specials and that will utilize both 2k19 as well as Fire Pro World as I see fit. The fir

We are STARDOM!! #64 Review

Matches: 1.Future of STARDOM Title: Saya Iida(c) vs Honori Hana ***1/4 2.Giulia vs Unagi Sayaka **1/2 Thoughts: Saya and Honori kicked us off with a good Future of STARDOM Championship match this week, which was played short but strong. Saya has been improving nicely and has been impressing me increasingly. She reminds me a bit of Chihiro.  The SEAdLINNNG vs STARDOM angle didn't stop there, as we next got a clip of Arisa and Nanae beating Momo and Saya at a SEAdLINNNG show. Arisa is one of the best workers of all time in my opinion and Momo is pretty high up there. It looked good and I'm excited to see what they do with this. We also got a clip of Mayu being betrayed, a running joke at this point, as Ruaka joined Oedo Tai with a huge chair shot. For the main event this week we had the first in the Unagi trial series contest. She was humiliated and destroyed. The storytelling was decent as was the match. While nothing major, there was a hint of something here that will have me k

WCW Nitro #5 Review

Matches: 1.Lex Luger vs Randy Savage **1/4 2.Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko *** 3.Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson ***1/4 Thoughts: This was a highly entertaining episode and arguably the best since the debut. We start with Flair yanking the headset off of Bischoff to call out Arn and then move to our opener, which saw Lex and Savage finally face off after weeks of build. While the match was far from great, it was completely serviceable and both dudes looked motivated here. The finish saw a ref bump, The Giant taking out Savage, and then Lex getting the win with a Torture Rack. I have no major issues with this, to be honest. It was an opener with two big stars, having a clean loss on Nitro with these two would have been a bad call, and it keeps the story moving. Disco Inferno tries to come out but Eddie thankfully shames him back to gorilla and we get to our midcard. Now, I am trying to catch up on ECW Hardcore TV so I can watch, review, and post about WCW and ECW once a week and in doing so

Red's Wrestling+ Blog Presents: SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTERS Announcement

This April, every Saturday you can catch up on the biggest moments and best matches from select wrestling promotions all in one place! Each episode will bploaded in the form of YouTube playlists, to ensure the channel isn't at risk of being shut down. This, along with the Hudson River Power Hour series, ensures fans have something new to check out every single week! Subscribe to my YouTube channel today HERE !

Red's Wrestling+ Blog Presents: HUDSON RIVER POWER HOUR

Starting this April, Hudson River Power Hour will be a weekly series airing on YouTube that showcases the best in the week that was in Metro area sports! The series will be playlist style, with myself presenting lead-in spots alongside official channel clips and highlights. This ensures that my channel doesn't face deletion while still providing quality content. Subscribe to my channel HERE in preparation. Teams covered include: Jets Giants Mets Yankees Red Bulls NYFC Knicks Nets Devils Rangers Islanders Liberty Sky Blue FC Riveters MORE!

ECW Hardcore TV #130 Review

Matches: 1.Best 2/3 Falls: Psicosis vs Rey Mistero Jr ****3/4 2.ECW Tag Titles: Pitbulls(c) vs Raven, Richards NR Thoughts: Beulah opened the episode with an over sexualized request for fan questions. Sadly, this is one of the things that was stolen by WWF later and it set back women in wrestling for years. Joey hypes up the first match of the episode, we get some clips from their first ECW match, and then an encyclopedia spotlight airs. Bubba is introduced to the Dudley family. Psicosis, out first, holding the WWA Welterweight and Trios belts and Rey followed shortly after. The crowd was buzzing right off the bat and for good reason. The first fall was quick as a damn bullet and saw Rey speed through for a pinfall over his rival. The second saw Psicosis even it up in a slower, but still very briskly paced and generally awesome fall. Things really went off in the third, building nicely off of the promises made in the first two. It was fucking insane. As fantastic as their first match i

Austin's Promo on ECW Hardcore TV 129

The 129th episode of Hardcore TV started with Steve Austin explaining why he joined ECW. He called out Dusty for never wanting to put him over and Eric for firing him over the phone while injured. There's a good chance you've seen this before. It's an epic promo where he vented his frustrations and is one of the earliest big money shoots. ECW is really where Steve found his true self and shaped a character of passion that would soon become Stone Cold. He'd keep the fire, add Sandman's beer, and take Whipwreck's finisher. This is a piece of wrestling history. Watch it if you never have before. Watch it again even if you did.

Throwback Reviews: Average in New York (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #128: 1.ECW World Title: Sandman(c) vs Whipwreck ** Thoughts: This one started with Austin coming out, wearing an ECW shirt, and being advertised as a WCW superstar. He gave compliments and criticisms of both opponents before leaving. The match was clipped a bit, but was better than expected. It's not saying much, of course, and I was mainly watching so I wouldn't miss big matches during this run through of the product. The New York crowd was pretty damn good. The moveset of display was of course limited and there was a shit finish. Average match overall but, again, better than expected. Jack cut a promo after that I watched. I feel like I've said it a lot of late, but the dude was solid gold on the mic and if nothing else you HAVE to watch that.

Throwback Reviews: Out The Sky (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #127: 1.Rey Misterio Jr vs Psicosis **** Thoughts: Malenko, Benoit, and Guerrero having just left a hole in ECW, saw some plaster put over the spot with the debut of AAA standouts, Rey Misterio Jr and Psicosis! Remember, it was shortly after this that WCW decided to start officially setting the ground work for a cruiserweight division, too. The entire thing was a fantastic, balls to the wall, high octane spotfest and another example of an iconic match that would serve as a trendsetter for what US wrestling would move to. Misterio and Psicosis started their path to excellence, sadly mainly just in the case of the former, and it holds up amazingly even today. It's must-see for sure! As an added bonus, the episode this is from ended with Austin mocking Hogan in a very funny promo. Check that out, too!

ECW Hardcore TV #126 Review

Matches: 1.ECW Tag Titles, Best 2/3 Falls Dog Collar: Raven, Richards(c) vs Pitbulls ***3/4 Thoughts: This one started with another amazing promo from Foley. The dude was pure magic on the mic and this is one of his all time best pieces. Artful shit and goosebump inducing.  The Pitbulls next suggest that if they fail tonight that they'll leave the business. Oh, and Big Dick Dudley was hit by a truck but the truck was hurt more. In the fourth promo of the night, Dreamer responded to Foley, selling the idea that ECW is a movement and that he is one of its' beacons forward; that the roster and fans deserve respect and he's going to beat it into him and Raven, too. A VERY 90's music video package of the Cactus/Raven/Dreamer angle plays before we're introduced to Dances With Dudley. This show can be a trip. The sole match of the evening saw Raven and Richards defending the hot potatoes against The Pitbulls. At the start, Raven came out alone with Beulah because "Ste