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ECW Hardcore TV #123 Review

Matches: 1.Best 2/3 Falls: Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero ****1/2 Thoughts: ECW Hardcore TV can be an amazing thing at times and I'm really enjoying this journey, most of the time. This one was one of the best. We start with clips of the Eddie/Dean feud, which I've stated before has been but it's been an amazing thing to witness. So, it's a bit bittersweet that this episode sees another match between the two but also their final one in ECW, a place where they were allowed to truly go balls to the wall. Lets just dig in and stop whining, though. We start with Joey Styles and 2 Cold Scorpio. This was recorded a day after 2 Cold won the Television Championship from Eddie, for the record. It was basically just Scorpio being cocky as the new champ. It was fine for what it was. Joey then told the crowd that, thanks to a partnership between New Japan and WCW, Dean and Eddie would be moving their talents to TNT. The reaction was as expected and I sadly agree, as much as I enjoy

Throwback Reviews: Taste of F (WWF)

Matches from WWF Raw #105: 1.Bob Holly vs Hakushi *1/2 2.WWF Women's Title: Bull Nakano(c) vs Alundra Blayze ***1/2 Thoughts: So, as the kids and I work our way through WCW Nitro, I knew I was nearing the debut of Blayze so I wanted to give them a look at her in advance to make it more understandable when she appears as Madusa. I also wanted them to see Diesel as WWF Champion so when he comes in it makes sense, too. I'll show them Razor soon. I watched the first match of this post-Mania edition because I thought my son would get a kick out of Bob, the race car driver. He enjoyed him but was rooting for Hakushi instead. This also worked so they could see Waltman, though I doubt he left a big enough impression for them to really remember him. The match itself was a below average slog and not worth further words. The Diesel promo with VKM was okay for what it was. Nothing more nor less. Just him offering another shot to HBK and questioning Sid. Luckily, the big match of the episod

Throwback Reviews: Delivered By Raven (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #122 1.Cactus Jack, Malenko, Scorpio vs Steiner Brothers, Guerrero **** Thoughts: Six-man action this time around, with Raven bringing out Jack. Cactus' promo was awesome as always and the match itself was fucking awesome. Technical shit, power moves, some brawling and dives. It was an all-star grab bag and simply pure entertainment top to bottom. Consider it a side chapter to the amazing Eddie/Dean feud.  Truly, a must-see match!

Throwback Reviews: Fight Forever '95 (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #120: 1.ECW TV Title: Malenko(c) vs Guerrero ***1/2 Thoughts: Once again, The Shooter and Eddie killed it! Back and forth, crisp and fluid technical wrestling with a strong pace, with both men working their asses off. Malenko and Guerrero could do no wrong and I find myself on the edge of my seat each time. This was a very good match and well worth checking out.

ECW Hardcore TV #119 Review

Matches: 1.Tampa Bay Brawl  *1/2 2.ECW World Title: Sandman(c) vs Whipwreck NR 3.ECW TV Title: Guerrero(c) vs Malenko **** 4.ECW World Title, Loser Gets Lashes: Sandman(c) vs Whipwreck * Thoughts: This one starts with Dreamer and Raven brawling before panning a bit to show Luna, Richards, and many more fighting around the arena. Good shit and a fire way to kick off the episode. Sandman and Woman come out before we jump to the big Tampa Bay Brawl in action. It's just a cluster battle royal for those that might be wondering. Jannetty and Whipwreck were the final two and the former managed to walk away with the W. While the match wasn't anything special, it was still a cool moment seeing the underdog win as was the handshake after. Sandman attacked Marty after and then wacked the shit out of Mikey, too. Their "match" was just Sandman beating the shit out of a warn down underdog and getting an easy W. Not my thing and if WWE did that today they'd rightfully be called

Throwback Review: Lets Try Again (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #118 1.Malenko, Scorpio vs Taz, Guerrero ***1/2 Thoughts: Like the previous episode's match, this was clipped a bit. The good news is that this was better than the last one, more on par with my expectations. It even go an "OH MY GAWD!" from Joey. Everyone worked hard, Eddie shined brightest of course, and it was played straight.  Very good match and worth seeing for sure!

Throwback Reviews: Local Call (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #117 1.Malenko, Scorpio vs Taz, Guerrero *** Thoughts: This was clipped down a bit. While I admittedly expected a touch more, despite the heat, I still enjoyed this well enough and found it to be a good match. Eddie and Taz were the stars but everyone did well. Paul hit 2CS with his phone to set up the finish which caused some Alfonso drama after and an even shittier finish. More drama after with Feinstein which was funny, at least. Skip it unless you are a diehard fan of one of the dudes and have never seen it before.

ECW Hardcore TV #115 Review

Matches: 1.Taz vs 2 Cold Scorpio ** Thoughts: We start with news that the ECW Tag belts changed hands at a house show, with Raven and Richards taking the gold. Then we saw Jack calling Shane an ignorant slut before shaking his hand and moved on to a clips of other happenings in the promotion.  Alfonso had real fucking heat. While the opening stretch this week was a cluster of various clips, it was all pretty well edited for the time period and honestly not a terrible use of time even if a bit offputting by today's standards of wrestling television. Post intro package, Shane Douglas is out with Joey Ryan to put himself over, shit on ECW, and explain his status and move to WWF. It was good shit. The dude simply rocked on the mic. The crowd at one point chanted that they wanted Flair which triggered The Franchise perfectly. Gold, but of course even in the 90's VKM was prone to fucking things up and shortly after, Shane was working as a college dean and being misused. The segment e

Throwback Reviews: What a Fucking Mess (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #111: 1.ECW World Title: Sandman(c) vs Douglas **1/4 Thoughts: The match was better than expected but still rather average. The finish was a mess, for sure. Sandman pinned Shane, who put his leg on the ropes, Cactus Jack took the leg off, three count. Bill said the match needed to be restarted, Sandman cracked Jack with the cane, and Shane won with a roll up. Chaos. Sandman walked off with the belt. After, Jack was attacked by Malenko. Dreamer with a save. Then Raven and Richards took him out. What a fucking mess.

We are STARDOM!! #63 Review

Matches: 1.Giulia vs Tam vs Kamitani vs Utami ***1/2 2.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Oedo Tai(c) vs Donna del Mondo ***1/2 Thoughts: The opener was interesting for sure, seeing the Wonder of STARDOM Champion, Giulia, and the World of STARDOM Champion, Utami, against Tam and Saya in four way action. Tam was in the middle of a heated rivalry with Giulia, which was sold awesomely here. It was also about the Kamitani/Utami match build, which was done decently, too. Admittedly I think a tag match would have been better, but this was still very good and the outcome was interesting. Tam and Giulia continued to fight after the bell. Clipped down highlights of AZM & Mei beating Starlight & Saya followed, with Saya taking the pin.  The Goddesses set was on the line next and saw DdM dethrone Bea and Konami. The interference wasn't overdone and actually added to the drama instead of taking too much away, and the downstretch was well done. They worked hard and put in for the second recom

We are STARDOM!! #62 Review

  Matches: 1.SWA Undisputed Women's Title: Syuri(c) vs AZM ***3/4 2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Giulia(c) vs Starlight Kid ****1/4 Thoughts: We start hot with a great SWA Undisputed Women's Championship match, with nice pacing, tight action, and a sick buzzsaw kick finish as Syuri puts down another challenger, this time in AZM. It worked not only because it was a kick ass match, it also kicked off the episode nicely and flowed well from the last one which ended with Syuri beating Momo and then being challenged by AZM. My only big issue is how they booked it leaning so heavily in favor of the champ. Well done, nonetheless! Konami looks to be the next challenger. This is from the 02/13 show by the way. We got to see a short, clipped down Cosmic Angels' Tam and Unagi falling to the duo of Iwatani and Rin next. Always nice to see Mayu get a pinfall victory. After, Rin was approved for more matches moving forward. More importantly, in comparison to the rest of the episode, we close

We are STARDOM!! #61 Review

Matches: 1.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Oedo Tai(c) vs Donna del Mondo *** 2.SWA Undisputed Women's Title: Syuri(c) vs Momo ***3/4 Thoughts: I miss Arisa Hoshiki.  Anyway, this episode uses Nippon Budokan Great Eve Festival content, for those keeping track. The opener was a good match with a shit finish. It is what it is and the entire thing was still enjoyable even if it never full broke into that next level for me.  Clips of DDM beating Cosmic Angels followed and then we saw Starlight challenge Giulia, which should rock. The main this week saw Syuri defending the SWA Undisputed Women's strap against Momo in a great one. Momo is ace level and Syuri is great so it was not surprising, but I will make sure to point out that they largely matched my expectations which were set at a decent bar. My sole nitpick is that I'd have liked about two more minutes or so and a bit of nearfall drama down the stretch but it really is a nitpick. Great stuff, even if it wasn't epic, and w

We are STARDOM!! #60 Review

Matches: 1.Tam Nakano vs Starlight Kid ***1/2 2.Starlight Kid vs Unagi Sayaka **1/2 3.Mayu Iwatani vs Tam Nakano **** Thoughts: The opener this week was a damn high octane energy shot, condensing a match double the length into a snack sized burst of quality entertainment. Not only was TamVStarlight a very good match, but it also worked as a killer contest to kick us off. Next, from the New Year Stars gig on the 24th of January, Starlight once again, this time getting a bounce back win over Unagi. They played it more evenly than I'd expect considering Unagi's current placement, but at least the right person won. It was okay for what it was but clearly SK far outclassed her opponent here. The main event saw Mayu and Tam work a fantastic time limit draw battle. Fighting spirit on display in a largely throwaway match, though one with a lot of tension and drama heading in (and out), Iwatani and Nakano stepped up once again to show the world why they are so well respected in the game

We are STARDOM!! #59 Review

Matches: 1.High Speed Title: AZM(c) vs Yoneyama *** 2.Wonder of STARDOM Title, No Rules: Giulia(c) vs Tora ***1/4 Thoughts: This edition continues coverage from the 10th Anniversary gig, starting with a quick clip of Natsupoi getting a win via DQ against Konami thanks to the latter using a chair while embracing her rudo side. The first aired match saw AZM defending against Yoneyama, aka Death Yama-san. The latter honestly has seemed far more motivated lately and this match was actually good, over delivering on expectations. The White Belt is on the line next, and we're joined in action. It was good, but honestly the interference and pacing issues added up to heavily for me to truly say it hit recommendation levels. Still, they worked well enough and utilized chairs, roofing tiles(?), and chains. The good news is the right person won and it will still be a decent win in this reign for Giulia. This was far from one of the stronger episodes in the series, but still a completely servic

Select Match Reviews: Lights Out IV: Beauty & The Beast (AEW)

Matches from AEW Dynamite St. Patrick's Day Slam: 1.Cody Rhodes vs Penta el Zero Miedo *** 2.Good Brothers vs Mox, Kingston **3/4 3.Rey Fenix vs Angelico ***1/4 4.Lights Out: Brit Baker vs Thunder Rosa ****3/4 Thoughts: I watched a few matches and some segments from the latest edition. Lets dig in. The first match saw Penta and Cody working a feud starter. I am hoping this starts Penta on the path of a fun run because the dude is so much more than just a face, which is what he's largely been so far in AEW. This rivalry has the makings of a beautifully violent payoff match down the line, too. Sadly Lucha Underground has been dead for a while, many don't watch AAA, and I am pretty sure more folks watch AEW Dark than they do IMPACT so they really need to highlight Penta here in my opinion and I repeat that this is a good rivalry to do exactly that. Hell, his new translator thing is a smart add on. Their first match was good but still wasn't much, largely serving as a build

RW+B Retro Wrestling Awards: 1950's

Match of the Decade: Thesz vs Rogers, NWA Chicago 06/21/50 Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers put on an epic match in front of a legit crowd in Chicago, and for 30 minutes they traded blows and holds through a best two out of three falls battle that ended in epic fashion as Buddy got trapped in the ropes as the ref counted him out. The work here was high shelf caliber stuff and I strongly recommend fans to check it out. Find the match HERE . Wrestler of the Decade: Lou Thesz Thesz was a god of the sport at the time and contributed to a list of matches that have won the test of time. His aura was undeniable, his work superb, and you knew when he stepped into the ring something special was going to happen. A small library's worth of books have been produced on the art and many highlight this man as a titan of it all. His accomplishments for the ten year span include winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship twice, the World Heavyweight Championship twice, the NWA International Heavyweig

Throwback Reviews: Drawing in the 50's (NWA)

Match from NWA Chicago 01/25/52 1.NWA World Title, Best 2/3 Falls: Thesz(c) vs Gagne **** Thoughts: This one saw Thesz and Gagne work a dramatic time limit draw in front of ten thousand fans in Chicago's International Amphitheatre. While I much prefer the match Lou had against the Nature Boy, in no way does that discredit this match which was truly fantastic, too. You really have to appreciate the ebb and flow of these classics. The style at the time made even simple holds like a headlock, these days usually used as simple rest stops, seem as important as the next big blow. Everything landed with purpose and significance and it really made the matches seem like a true sport as much as they were theatrical.  Check it out.

Throwback Reviews: Pauly Shore (NWA)

Match from NWA Chicago 06/21/50 1.NWA World Title: Thesz(c) vs Rogers **** Thoughts: This was, simply put, a fantastic match. Thesz and Buddy worked their asses off and it is likely the oldest true classic we have on tape. Every hold and blow was executed and sold perfectly up to the thrilling conclusion. While the style is of course old school, I easily recommend anyone seeking something from the era to start here and see why these two were considered the aces of the 50's.

Throwback Reviews: Way Fucking Back (NWA)

Match from NWA Chicago 03/31/50 1.NWA Heavyweight Title, Best 2/3 Falls: Thesz(c) vs Cyclone ***1/2 Thoughts: I decided to go way fucking back to 1950 for this one, which saw Thesz defending the NWA Heavyweight Championship against Cyclone Anaya in a very enjoyable match. The two worked a crafty and efficient battle of technicality and exchanged holds back and forth across three falls. I'd honestly suggest anyone seeking something that belongs in a museum to check this one out.

We are STARDOM!! #58 Review

Matches: 1.Future of STARDOM Title: Saya(c) vs Unagi *** 2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Utami(c) vs Maika ***1/2 Thoughts: Time to catch up on STARDOM, with the 2021 episodes which start with number 58. This set is from the 10th Anniversary gig which took place on the 17th of January, for those keeping track. The opener this week saw Saya defending her spot as Future of STARDOM Champion against Unagi. It was a little rough around the edges but the champ showed enough to potential that I think the gimmick of the belt she holds still resonates and the challenger looked good enough in defeat. Unagi will climb up the card a bit but I admittedly doubt she ever hits above midcard area. Saya likely won't hold a top belt either but will likely peak above her. We'll see how wrong or right I am in a few years. An elimination tag match with members from Queen's Quest, Donna del Mondo, Oedo Tai. and STARS was shown in clipped down form to show us Kamitani pinning Himeka. For the main event


Hey, are you looking for the best of the best? Well, I used to list everything here that I watched and rated 3.5 and higher, which was rather fair. That said, I know time is a valuable thing and wrestling is arguably better in the modern era than ever before. So, starting with the 2021 recommendations and moving forward, I will only be adding matches rated 4 and higher here. It should make for a cleaner list, which is a bonus. Of course, you can find my reviews in the blog by looking around or using the search bar if you need more than what's listed here, as always. Also, note that I color coded these. For singles and non-tag men's matches, look for  this  color. For men's tag matches, trios, atomicos, ciberneticos, etc. look for  this  color. For women's matches of all forms, look for  this  color. For mixed matches, look for  this  color. If you spot any bloopers, even in regards to color coding issues, let me know.   ***** -Kota/White 01/05 (NJPW) -SHINGO/Tanahashi 0

PWD 2020 Pro Wrestling Awards

Every year since 2014, the little workhorse PWD group on Facebook has held awards to pick winners for a set of categories. This year is no different. Below are the results and note that while I don't personally agree with all winners, you can find own awards HERE ! Match of the Year: Shiozaki vs Sugiura  Best Weekly Series of the Year: AEW Dynamite Promotion of the Year: AEW Female Wrestler of the Year: Shida Male Wrestler of the Year: Shiozaki Tag Team of the Year: Omega & Page Worst Promotion of the Year: WWE Worst COVID Response by Major Company: WWE Best COVID Response by Major Company: AEW Best Commentary Team: ROH If you'd like to participate in future award polling, join the group HERE .

ROH TV Championship Edition Review

Matches: 1.ROH Tag Titles, Pure Rules: Foundation(c) vs La Faccion Ingobernable ***1/4 2.ROH World Title: Rush(c) vs Shane Taylor ***1/4 Thoughts: With this, I am up to March with ROH coverage and I am already caught up on AEW. I must say, Ring of Honor hasn't seemingly been getting a lot of attention of late but I've enjoyed everything I've seen from them since their relaunch late last year. The show opened with a decent set of packages, even though the two LFI ones contradicted themselves a bit. Despite the results of the openers, I feel King might be splitting sometime this year. Up first in-ring on this special edition, The Foundation defended the World Tag Team Championships against LFI in a pure rules match. Dragon Lee and King were cocky and inexperienced with the rule set and burned through their rope breaks but they dug into their bag of tricks to eventually took down Gresham and Lethal to win the belts. While I am unsure on the change, the match was fairly good an

WCW Nitro #4 Review

Matches: 1.Alex Wright vs Disco Inferno ** 2.Kurasawa vs Pittman **1/2 3.Savage vs Taskmaster NR 4.Luger vs Meng * Thoughts: Make sure grandma is off the toilet because I'm back with another Nitro review! The opener was average but the good news is that Wright won against the debuting Disco Inferno and honestly it was decent for an opener especially considering the names. Next, Hogan, in a neck brace, cut a promo backstage. Clearly he was actually offended by the "licking his wounds" stuff from last week as he referenced it here. He put over The Giant a tad while also mocking him and then challenged him to truck match. Listen, the 90's were fucking weird. He also said he's putting the belt on the line after on the same show (Halloween Havoc). Next, Mean Gene and Savage are in the ring to continue the drama between Macho Man and Luger. Lex ran in early in, they both rambled, and then the match that was seemingly teased for this episode was anno

Ring of Honor TV #492 Review

Matches: 1.The Briscoes vs La Faccion Ingobernable ***1/2 2.Relaxed Rules: Mike Bennett vs Bateman ***1/4 3.ROH Six-Man Titles: MexiSquad(c) vs Shane Taylor Promotions **** Thoughts: This week and next are big nights for Shane Taylor, as he main events both and gets shots at the Six-man and World Championships respectfully. Bubbly Quinn walks us through the card and we launch into the action. The first match was a #1 contenders battle between The Briscoes and LFI and a borderline great match in general. I didn't love the finish, as crisp as it was, because I tend to dislike dirty finishes. Flip helping LFI after their actions are also puzzling. Oh well, all four worked hard and made this a really enjoyable opener and the right team won, the losers lost nothing, and it freed up Jay for... EC3 came out after and cut a quality promo and I am far more intrigued in his future in ROH than I ever figured I would be. The dude was very enjoyable in TNA/IMPACT so I honestly bet he can be enj

Review Roundup of Missed Content #32: Select ROH January + February 2021

Match from ROH TV #487 1.ROH TV Title: Dragon Lee(c) vs Rey Horus **** Match from ROH TV #488 2.Shane Taylor Promotions vs The Foundation **** Match from ROH TV #489 3.ROH Pure Title: Gresham(c) vs Keys ***3/4 Match from ROH TV #490 4.La Facion Ingobernable, Flip vs Briscoes, PCO, Brody *** Match from ROH TV #491 5.The Foundation, Yuta vs The Foundation, Yehi **** Thoughts: I'll be watching episode 492 as well as the Championship Edition special separately. I am caught up with AEW now so lets dig into Ring of Honor next. The first match was a lucha libre showcase with Rey Horus taking on the almighty Dragon Lee for the ROH Television Championship. I watched the lead in packages prior to this which ROH perfected last year during their return and I must say the brand seems to have more purpose and direction now than I've seen in years. I love rudo Dragon Lee by the way. Horus started the match hot and a dramatic spot heavy battle followed, with both trading big moves back and for

Select Match Reviews: Pinnacle Cometh (AEW)

Matches from AEW Dynamite #76: 1.Rey Fenix vs Matt Jackson **** 2.TNT Title: Darby Allin(c) vs Scorpio Sky ***1/4 Thoughts: I wanted to go ahead and catch up on AEW before moving on to catching up on the other stuff I wanted to see. With this, I am officially caught up where I wanted to be. I also watched some of the segments from the evening which I'll chat about briefly. The first pull followed Death Triangle's victory at Revolution, and saw Fenix take on one half of the World Tag Team Champions in Matt Jackson. We don't often get a lot of singles matches from The Bucks, but they tend to be very well done when we do and there's no exception here. Matt, the better brother in my opinion, and Rey Fenix killed it here in a builder match that truly showcased that our expectations for the eventual title match should be sky high. Fantastic, high quality match! My issues with Money Mark Khan aside, I also always try to give props where they're earned and you can tell he a

Select Match Reviews: Helter Skelter (AEW)

Matches from Revolution 2021: 1.AEW Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs Inner Circle **** 2.Casino Tag Team Battle Royale ***1/2 3.AEW Women's Title: Shida(c) vs Ryo ***3/4 4.Face of the Revolution Ladder Match *** 5.Street Fight: Sting, Darby vs Cage, Starks ****3/4 6.AEW World Title, Exploding Barbed Wire Death: Omega(c) vs Mox ****1/4 Thoughts: These are the pulls I grabbed from this year's Revolution PPV, which happens to be the best selling non-WWE special event since the 90's! Up first, Jericho and MJF took on The Young Bucks with the AEW Tag Team Championships on the line! Get JR some fucking water. The Inner Circle boys worked well here, firmly establishing themselves as the dicks of the match and The Bucks, who have been indecisive tweeners, worked hard as always, too. It was an 18 minute slow burn that built up nicely and the drama was quality. Fantastic stuff. In the two spot, the gigantic clusterfuck tag team match. It's alarming how fucking huge this division is.