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ECW Hardcore TV #103 Review

Matches: 1.ECW TV Title: 2 Cold(c) vs Guerrero ***1/2 2.ECW World Title: Douglas(c) vs Sandman * Thoughts: We start with notice of Sabu being suspended for going AWOL. This is during the span that Sabu would go to NJPW and WCW. This led to a promo from Benoit referencing the issue while calling out Taz. This led to a bit of brawling that included Benoit, Taz, Malenko, and...Rick Steiner! Good shit and the "fuck Sabu" chants were perfect. The first match of the night saw Too Cold defending the TV Championship against Eddie Fucking Guerrero! It's Eddie's debut match for the company and while normally I'd be wondering why a newcomer is getting a shot, here I get it. Even without the gift of hindsight, Eddie was already a major rising star in  1995 and this was a fun choice. Scorp was banged up in this one but it wasn't overplayed. Instead, we got a very good match that saw Eddie come out on top by the end and it very much felt like one of the matches that shaped

Throwback Reviews Collection: Various Hardcore TV Matches From Episodes 100-102 (ECW)

Match from Episode 100: 1.ECW TV Title: Malenko(c) vs 2 Cold Scorpio **1/2 Match from Episode 101: 2.Sabu vs Whipwreck **1/2 Match from Episode 102: 3.Douglas, Cactus vs Sandman, Funk ***1/2 Thoughts: Pull one was sadly disappointing. 2CS was selling an injury which created pacing issues and never let it fully get out of first gear, it was over booked, and the finish was weak. Forgettable stuff even with the title change.  911 tossed Mikey in for the next one. It was chaotic and short but fun for what it was. Sabu won via submission shortly after putting Mikey through a table. A fun match for what it was but it wasn't much of anything. The last pull was clipped down but had just enough that I found it worth rating. It was an insane car crash style brawl that ended with Funk branding Foley and then piledriving him on the lit branding iron. I would have loved to have been there for this. Great stuff though I might be on the high end on this one versus most and I did drop it a tad due

WCW Fall Brawl 1995 Review

Matches: 1.Pillman vs Badd ***3/4 2.Pittman vs Cobra NR 3.WCW TV Title: Renegade(c) vs DDP *1/2 4.WCW Tag Titles: Stud Stable(c) vs Harlem Heat **1/4 5.Flair vs Arn **** 6.WarGames: Hulkamaniacs vs Dungeon of Doom *1/4 Thoughts: The kids wanted to watch the full event instead of just it in parts. I have a feeling I'm going to regret this because I know this show is infamous for being a chore but maybe it'll be a fun train wreck. I am also posting 2 days earlier than intended just because I wanted to. The first match was actually great, even with a the amount of cliches and rest holds. The finish was also not that well done. That said, Badd and Brian worked hard and more than made this worth watching in 2021. Even though I am watching Nitro and the PPV's, I'd note that this is still early on in that run and as a result they are mentioning stories that are rolling over from before their Monday debut as well as the other ongoing shows. Up next, Pittman came down from the s

Review Roundup of Missed Content #31: AEW February 2021

Matches: From Dynamite: Beach Break 02/03 1.Dr. Baker vs Thunder Rosa *** 2.Death Triangle, Moxley vs Good Brothers, Omega ***1/2 From Dynamite #72 02/04 3.Falls Count Anywhere: Omega, KENTA vs Moxley, Archer **** From Dynamite #73 02/17 4.AEW Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs Inner Circle ***1/4 5.Moxley, Fenix, Archer vs Kingston, Butcher & Blade ***1/2 From Dynamite #74 02/18 6.Archer vs Fenix ***3/4 Thoughts: Moving along, we're almost UTD with AEW after this post. Just in time for Revolution. Up first, Baker versus Rosa. I have to give Baker credit because she is one of the most improved workers  of the past year. This one was a good contest between the two though the finish and pacing were a tad off in my opinion. Really, it felt like a first match in a longer program where they set up bigger, better matches. From the same gig, we have BizCliz versus Mox, Fenix, and PAC. It was a very fun crowd pleaser, popcorn style trios match. Everyone did their part nicely. Of course the

Review Roundup of Missed Content #30: AEW January 2021

Matches: From Dynamite: New Year's Smash #1 01/06 1. AEW World Title: Omega(c) vs Fenix ****1/2 From Dynamite: New Year's Smash #2 01/07 2. AEW TNT Title: Darby(c) vs Cage **** From Dynamite #70 01/21 3. Jungle Boy vs Dax Harwood ***3/4 4. Good Brothers, Young Bucks vs Dark Order ***1/2 Thoughts: I am catching up on 2021 content now, and wanted to start here so I am ready for Revolution. Note that I have a "last call" roundup of 2020 stuff that I will be putting out soon, too. Also, the Women's Eliminator Tournament AEW roundup should be up, obviously, this week. Up first, Kenny defended the AEW World Championship against Fenix in a match that was a perfect start to my 2021 wrestling watch. Literally the only weak part of this was JR. Otherwise, this was fucking fantastic. The drama, the athleticism, the action. I loved the hell out of this match! After, The Good Brothers came out to aid Omega and stop a Mox attack. Major props were they're deserved for this m

Throwback Reviews: Extreme vs Technical (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #99 1.ECW Tag Titles: Sabu, Taz(c) vs Triple Threat ***1/2 Thoughts: This started with The Crippler & The Shooter beating down Public Enemy before the ECW Tag Team Champions ran out and the match began. Most of it saw the champs fighting from behind, eventually seeing Taz taken out and Sabu trying to fight both challengers off on his own. Sabu threw himself around and seemed to be about to overcome the odds but the numbers game was just too much. New Tag Team Champions! The reign of Sabu and Taz was surprisingly short but it was right before Sabu went on a tour of New Japan and then a jump to WCW so maybe that's why. Regardless, this was a pretty fun match and I am excited to see what they did with Benoit and Malenko as champs. Chaos took place after setting up more content down the road!

Throwback Reviews: Gold vs Black (ECW) +

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #98: 1.ECW Heavyweight Title: Douglas(c) vs Tully **1/4 Thoughts: Note that I skipped 97 other than watching Raven's promo, which was enjoyable for what it was. It saw Raven critique Richards to Joey in front of the ECW crowd in his poetic stylings to be interrupted by Dreamer. It also saw Richards announce that he brought in Hotbody and Stetson to help. Dreamer returned, the goons attacked, Dreamer kept getting past them and into the face of Raven, though. Raven didn't react several times but eventually snapped and the four men were involved in a big brawl that went to the back to end the segment.  It was good shit. Anyway, that was on 97. This was from 98, though, and saw Shane Douglas defend the ECW Heavyweight Championship against Tully. It started hot, stayed decent throughout, and had Shane win out of nowhere. They kept it sub-10 which was a good move and it honestly worked for what it was and considering who was involved.  Not much to complain

Evolution of a Franchise

Hardcore TV episode 96, first airing late February of 1995, was a testament to how revolutionary ECW truly was. As I continue watching through old episodes, I noticed that this one had no content mentioned on Cagematch but a review below had mentioned that it featured a killer promo from Shane Douglas. I'm happy to say that the reviewer in question arguably understated how fucking awesome the promo was. I have been arguably trained by WWE over the years to say I don't care much about promos, but there are exceptions galore and this is not just an exception. No, this is one of the all time greats. This is top five shit. ECW Hardcore TV #96 featured a 28 minute promo package with Shane speaking in retrospect on the transition to Extreme for ECW, his major feuds afterwards, and his future. He called out everyone from Hogan to Flair to Tully and Jannetty. He called out NWA, the WWF, and WCW. As amazing as the moment Shane tossed down the NWA belt is, which was highlighted in part h

Throwback Reviews: I Always Knew Death Involved Cacti (ECW)

Match from ECW Hardcore TV #95: 1.Death Match: Cactus Jack vs Sandman **1/2 Thoughts: Those ECW shirts that Sandman wore with the politically incorrect shit on the back were cringeworthy. I bet folks that wore that crap own shit like this now. At one point, Foley hit Sandman with a table like it was a chair so there's that. A moment later, Sandman nearly struck a kid with a cane. Crazy shit as you'd expect given the participants. This one was from Florida despite what cagematch suggested, by the way. They battled around the arena, throwing shots, weapons, and dropping blood. It ended with a damn sunset flip ringside with Foley jumping off the apron of all fucking things.  Post, Joey told us that they'd air the next chapter on the next episode and that Sandman had suffered a concussion and that he would be out injured for a while. In all, it was a fun but average level match. Jack was of course the star.

Throwback Reviews: Snow Pegasus (ECW)

Match from ECW Harcore TV #94: 1.Benoit vs Snow ***1/2 Thoughts: Working along, this match certainly caught my eye as Benoit was admittedly a technical ace and Snow an underrated performer in his own right. Funny enough, a lot of things I see old guard asshats bitching about these days I am seeing on display in these old 90's matches, too. I've seen no selling on Nitro, super kicks just being random attacks, etc. People really just love to complain. There was a decent ebb and flow here with Al showing some heart throughout before Pegasus Kid put him away. For a throwaway it was pretty dang fun match and I love the technical matches that ECW has on these episodes. Benoit was being booked pretty well too and post he continued to attack, requiring Snow to be taken out on a stretcher. I also watched the photo clips after of Public Enemy dropping the belts in a Double Table match to Sabu and Taz. It sounded like a train wreck but an entertaining one and the right team won. After, Be

ECW Hardcore TV #93 Review

Matches: 1.ECW Tag Titles: Public Enemy(c) vs Sabu, Tazmaniac ***1/2 2.Falls Count Anywhere: Sandman vs Cactus Jack *** Thoughts: We start with a look at the ending of episode 92 and then see the Florida fans throwing chairs in. Good shit. Joey then tells us they've been banned from Disney because they don't run goofy shit. Nice. I'm trying to catch up on ECW to the point where I can watch one episode of Nitro and one of Hardcore TV a week by the way so expect a lot of ECW all at once.  Next, Douglas with a nice promo on Tully. Dude was always a great talker. He announces Malenko and Benoit joining him as Triple Threat during this which of course is entertaining, too. Jumping into the first match of the evening, we have Public Enemy taking on Sabu and Taz in a wild brawl for the ECW Tag belts. While the finish was stupid as fuck, the match itself was pretty good and a very nice way to start the in-ring portion of the episode. 911 got some choke slams in to please the crowd.

ECW Hardcore TV #92 Review

Matches: 1.Benoit vs Scorpio ***1/2 2.ECW World Title: Douglas(c) vs Simmons *1/4 Thoughts: Public Enemy kicked this one off with a cringeworthy package and then Joey tells us about the card for the episode. We move ahead to a clip from last week that saw Bad Breed break up and Ian attacking his brother after. The first match of the night was Benoit versus 2 Cold Scorpio. It was as good as I had hoped for a throwaway. These two have been just as good as I remembered during this watch through of old ECW. Hopefully there's a rematch soon in these episodes! They taped out of what I swear is a rodeo or some shit by the way. Next, Joey announces Tully has left ECW and then Paul cuts a promo building Sabu and Taz vs Public Enemy. It was honestly really well done for what it was but the amount of chest hair on display should not be understated. An Extreme Encyclopedia package promotes Cactus Jack versus Sandman for the next episode. Wow worthy stuff right there for sure. Raven gets a spot

Throwback Reviews Collection: Various Hardcore TV Matches From Episodes 82-89 (ECW)

Matches: From Episode 82 1.ECW Tag Titles, Brawl Game: Cactus, Whipwreck(c) vs Public Enemy **3/4 From Episode 83 2.ECW TV Title: Jason(c) vs 2 Cold * 3.Sabu, Tazmaniac vs The Malenkos *** From Episode 84: 4.ECW TV Title: 2 Cold(c) vs Malenko ***3/4 From Episode 89: 5.ECW World Title: Douglas(c) vs Simmons ** Thoughts: I'll be checking out episode 92 in full next. Lets start with these five though as I catch up on some classic ECW action. If things go smoothly, I'll be watching ECW Hardcore TV and Nitro episodes in order soon each week with a bit of WWF when it's worthwhile. Up first, Public Enemy sadly won the tag straps back from Foley and Mikey. Foley was throwing around his partner at the start to the point where they almost lost due to Whipwreck being knocked out. Good shit. This is basically a last man standing variant match, for the record and is from the November to Remember gig in 1994. Car crash chaos but entertaining for what it was. Up next, we have Jason defend

WCW Monday Nitro #2 Review

Matches: 1.Sabu vs Wright **1/2 2.WCW US Title: Sting(c) vs Wallstreet *3/4 3.Norton vs Savage **1/4 4.WCW World Title: Hogan(c) vs Luger ** Thoughts: This edition kicked off with a recap of last week's terrible Hogan/Luger cut and then they announced that Vader was no longer involved in the upcoming Fall Brawl. Up first for the in-ring content, Sabu debuted against Alex Wright. They had a decent match where they tried to squeeze as much as possible into under five minutes. Despite the fact that this was meant to be a big debut for Sabu, he was easily outclassed by Wright here, though. The match ended with Alex kicking out after three which was interesting. Post, Sabu put AW through a table which saw the ref overturn the decision and take the W from Sabu.  Mean Gene is out next in the ring with Flair. Ric cut a promo on his feud with Arn before Lex walks out for a cup of coffee that saw Flair brag about how awesome he was. Luger simply told him he was "too much" and laugh

ECW Hardcore TV #72-79 Reviews

This is a repost, largely being just a copy/paste job from three years ago when I started watching ECW Hardcore TV episodes. Then, I had posted the reviews in a Facebook group that I run, but I am wanting to make a trip through ECW and some WWF this year as I am watching WCW because honestly it's just something I think will be enjoyable while also hopefully being something fun for y'all to read. Let's start with this look at my thoughts on episodes 72-79! I honestly want to eventually get all of my ratings from the group and post them here but it's a pain in the ass seeing as FB makes such a thing a fucking chore. Anyway, these old episodes of Hardcore TV are for sure a product of their time and don't hold up super well but there's a weird charm at the same time. So, here's my thoughts at the time. I'm jumping ahead a bit after this and a review for another episode might be up today if time allows. PWD REVIEWS THROWBACK ECW Hardcore TV Episode 72 1.911 v

Red's 2020 Pro Wrestling Awards

It's that time once again! Using a system I have in combination with my MOTYC tracker, which can be found HERE, I have finally determined my picks for the 2020 RW+B Wrestling Awards! MAIN AWARDS 1. MATCH OF THE YEAR: Go Shiozaki vs Takashi Sugiura  Not only was this match a five star classic, but it was just what I needed after the disaster that was 2020. The brutality and drama on display and the general beauty of this match was made it an easy pick for this award! Runner Up: WALTER vs Ilja 2. MALE WRESTLER OF THE YEAR: Go Shiozaki While Go didn't score enough points to technically win this award outright, there was no doubt in my mind who had earned this one. Every title match was noteworthy and he had one of the best championship reigns of all time along the way. Go was the best wrestler of 2020 plain and simple! Runner Up: SHINGO 3. FEMALE WRESTLER OF THE YEAR: Mayu Iwatani Mayu was once again awe inspiring, showing up time and time again as a true workhorse for STARDOM. Tw

EXPLODING DEATH! A Grab Bag Review of Exploding Death Matches

Match from FMW Origin: 4th Anniversary 05/05/93: 1.No Rope Exploding Barbed Wire Time Bomb Death Match: Onita vs Funk ****1/2 Match from FMW 09/25/94: 2.No Rope Exploding Barbed Wire Dynamite Pool Elimination Death Match: Onita, Niiyama, Gannosuke vs Hosaka, Pogo, Gladiator **** Match from IWA Japan KAWASAKI DREAM Indie Dream Day 7 08/20/95: 3.King of Death 95 Finals: No Ropes Barbed Wire Exploding Boards and Ring Time Bomb Death Match: Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk *** Matches from FMW 7th Anniversary 05/05/96 4.FMW Independent Women's/WWA Women's Title, No Rope Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match: Toyoda(c) vs Kudo ***** 5.No Ropes Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Exploding Ring Death Match: Pogo, Funk vs Hayabusa, Tanaka ****1/2 Thoughts: In light of AEW's big match next week with Omega and Moxley, I wanted to showcase a bunch of matches that I've either never seen before or, in most cases, haven't seen in years. Lets dig in! Up first, a masterpiece of destruction! Of

A Taste of Chocolate: An Introduction of ChocoProLIVE!

Gatoh Move is one of the most unique promotions in the world, thanks to their minimalist approach to the art and their talented roster. That they manage to somehow make the dynamic of a small mat placed in a random building actually work says a lot about them. Imagine what you and your friends did as kids but pros doing it instead. You'll watch and think, "what the fuck am I watching" while being impressed at the same time. This year, they launched a series titled, ChocoProLIVE!, which has helped sell them to a lot of new fans during the pandemic. Below are a selection of matches I picked to check out from the company as a sort of primer not only for readers seeking something different, but for myself as well. I have watched Gatoh in the past but not as often as I'd like. I wanted to dig into this series and this post is the end result. I recommend anything rated at or above ***1/2 and hopefully AEW will bring most of these folk in ASAP! Hopefully you find something w