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AEW Weekly Schedule Idea

Hello, ladies, gents, and non-binaries.  Welcome to my insane corner of the internet! With AEW set to debut their third hour of televised content sometime soon, and inspired a bit by a recent conversation, I decided to do this little write up that I'm sure everyone will completely agree with and have no argument against. Lets first look at what they already have. On Monday, BTE episodes are added to YouTube. It's the long running vlog series that has tie ins to AEW and has The Elite and crew goofing off in skits and shit. It's fun. Tuesdays they air Dark on YouTube which is just a random show with no set runtime that sees established stars get reps against up and comers, testing them a bit, as well as reps for younger dudes and stuff like that. They also test some stories on here occasionally. On Wednesday, they obviously air Dynamite on TNT. The show is their flagship two hour series where the main shit happens. Got it? Good. So, they trademarked the name Elevate around th

WCW Monday Nitro #1 Review

Matches: 1.Pillman vs Liger ***1/2 2.WCW US Title: Sting(c) vs Flair *** 3.WCW World Title: Hogan(c) vs Big Bubba *3/4 Thoughts: My kids enjoy watching wrestling with me and one of them was curious about a hat I wear often ( it's this one ) so I decided to show them the first episode of Nitro before bed time. I was watching old episodes of NWA WCW last year before dropping the idea but after seeing how much they enjoyed this, I'll likely keep this going for now. For now, I am thinking about adding a review for Nitro episodes on Mondays. Could be fun. For special events I'll likely keep it largely to select match style reviews. It looks like the infamous Fall Brawl is coming up quickly. So, this was broadcasted from the Mall of America with Bischoff, Mongo, and Heenan working commentary. Brian and Mongo beefed a bit as it went along. Overdone as fuck these days but at the time it wasn't completely done to death. The opener was a match I reviewed HERE  and I stand by thos

AEW Dynamite #66: A Celebration of Mr. Brodie Lee's Life Review

Matches: 1.Matt Hardy, Private Party vs Colt, Young Bucks ***1/2 2.Kingston, Butcher & Blade vs Archer, Dark Order ***3/4 3.Page, Dark Order(Beaver Boys) vs Inner Circle(MJF, PnP) **** 4.Baker, Ford vs Jay, Conti **1/2 5.Team Taz(Cage, Hobbs, Starks) vs Rhodes, Orange, #10 *** Thoughts: Brodie Lee's passing hit us fans hard. We mourned his death and many of us are still in disbelief. Life can be short and fragile but even so it's always a hit to see your idols and heroes fade away. I've finally gotten to the point where I am ready to watch the tribute show from AEW now, though. I held off not just because I was catching up but also because I have personally had a lot of lose in my life and admittedly wasn't ready to watch this from that stance, either. Lets just dig in and let the tears fall. The ten bell salute kicks it off followed by a beautiful speech from Moxley. The first match of the evening saw Matt and Private Party take on Colt Cabana and The Young Bucks.

Select Match Reviews: Saishū Gēto (DRAGONGATE)

Matches from DG Final Gate 12/20: 1. Team Toryumon (Ultimo, Shuji, Kanda) vs DG Generation (YAMATO, Kzy, U-T) vs R.E.D. (Dia Inferno, Diamante, KAZMA) vs MASQUERADE (Dragon Dia, Minoura, La Estrella) ***3/4 2. Open the Brave Gate Title: Okuda(c) vs Kagetora ***1/2 3. Losing Unit Disbands, Eliminations No DQ: R.E.D. (Eita, SBKENTo, Kikuta, Ishida, HYO) vs Team Toryumon (Dragon Kid, Horiguchi, Yoshino, Doi, Susumu) ****1/2 4. Open the Dream Gate Title: Shun Skywalker(c) vs Ben-K *** Thoughts: DG ended the year with one of their most talked about shows in a long time. I sincerely can't remember seeing that many people talking about the product before and after a show for years so I was excited to see this. I was also excited for the roster and hope that they earned a few more eyes with this. The first pull saw a cluster four team, 12-man match. No company does multiman clusters as good as DG. The roster is simply bred for this shit. I call matches like these Sampler Matches. If I was