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We are STARDOM!! #56 Review

Matches: 1.Wonder of STARDOM/SWA Undisputed Titles: Giulia(wonder) vs Syuri(swa) **** 2.World of STARDOM Title: Utami(c) vs Momo ***3/4 Thoughts: This is the last episode of We are STARDOM!! featuring 2020 based content that I am watching. After this, I have very little remaining from the year as I finish catching up. The first match saw Giulia and Syuri go to war in a 30-minute draw. They kept a strong pace and the intensity level was nicely done, too. The growth of Giulia in 2020 was amazing as she went from being a strong worker to one of the best in STARDOM. This emotional battle in no way felt cheap despite the finish style and was worth watching for sure. Mileage may vary. The main event was a big test for new champ Utami but she stepped up nicely and did well to prove that she's more than worthy of the reign. It was a great, well worked match between her and the goddess that is Momo. The story attached was enjoyable and I appreciated the burn they've been adding fire to

We are STARDOM!! #55 Review

Matches; 1.Future of STARDOM Title: Maika(c) vs Iida vs Kamitani **3/4 2.High Speed Title: AZM(c) vs Hoshizuki *** 3.Artist of STARDOM Titles, Elimination: Cosmic Angels(Tam,Mina,Unagi) vs STARS(Mayu,Starlight,Gokigen) ***1/2 Thoughts: An all gold episode this time around. Whomever works the graphics department though needs to make a change. Hopefully it's not a new ongoing theme. If you know, you know. Up first, Iida finally took home the Future of STARDOM Championship after pinning Kamitani. Iida gets the gold, Maika is protected. A bit cheap in a way but it worked nonetheless and there was some decent emotion. Pretty decent match. Next, AZM put away another challenger with her fourth successful defense in a good sprint. I'd be okay with her keeping the strap for a very long time. Closing this one, the Artist of STARDOM Championships were on the line in elimination style action with the Cosmic Angels and STARS. MOTN for sure and a very fun contest. The heat between Mayu and T

We are STARDOM!! #52 Review

Matches: 1.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Giulia(c) vs Konami ***1/2 2.World of STARDOM Title: Mayu(c) vs Utami **** Thoughts: This installment was all action!  The opener was a very good defense from Giulia with a sick glorious driver capping it off as the champ continues to roll forward. Konami looks like she's about to get pushed more moving forward. Good spirit here overall. The main was even better even if I hated seeing Mayu drop the belt. They worked hard and told a good story and honestly Utami's rise to this had been well done. Fantastic stuff for sure. This is a must-see episode of We are STARDOM!! so make sure to take time to catch it. Overall Rating: 85/100%

We are STARDOM!! #51 Review

Matches: 1.Future of STARDOM Title: Maika(c) vs Iida *** 2.High Speed Title: AZM(c) vs Gokigen Death *** 3.Momo vs Himeka *** 4.SWA Undisputed Title: Bea(c) vs Syuri ***1/4 Thoughts: Has Iida's left pointer finger always been so fucked up? Either way the opener this week was pretty fitting of the word, "future". Why was Riho booked so strangely in STARDOM? Gokigen is the one clown I actually like. Momo is always amazing. Bea's booking has also been strange of late.  That's the random thoughts I had during this one. Nothing must-see here but a very breezy episode nonetheless. Overall Ratings: 70/100%

We are STARDOM!! #49 Review

Matches: 1.Queen's Quest (Momo, AZM) vs STARS (Mayu, Starlight) *** 2.Donna del Mondo (Giulia, Maika) vs Donna del Monda (Maika, Syuri) **1/2 3.Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Finals: Queen's Quest (Momo, AZM) vs Donna del Mondo (Giulia, Maika) *** Thoughts: In interest of time, I sadly will have to be a bit more selective in my intake of We are STARDOM!! episodes. I handpicked a few installments to close out my coverage of 2020 content which includes episodes 49, 51, 52, 55, and 56. This one features the end of the annual Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League. While nothing was outright recommendation levels, it was still a solid episode and I was okay with the outcomes. Still you can safely skip unless you care about seeing the tournament outcome. Overall Rating: 70/100%

Review Roundup of Missed Content #29: Puroresu December 2020

Matches: 1. Hiromu vs SHO (12/02) **** 2. GHC Heavyweight Title: Go(c) vs Sugiura (12/06) ***** 3. Best of Super Junior Finals: Hiromu vs El Desperado (12/11) ***3/4 4. King of FREEDOM Title, Madness Hell Dungeoin Glass Board Alpha Death: Toru(c) vs Takeda (12/25) ****1/2 5. ICExINFINITY Title: Suzu(c) vs Anou (12/31) ***3/4 Thoughts: Five major puro pulls to close 2020! The first match was another fantastic display from two of the best in the game. Hiromu is the ace of juniors and there's no way around that in my mind. You cannot change my mind. SHO is destined to be a big star in the heavyweight division sooner than later. In all, this was a very entertaining battle that built nicely. Next, Go and Sugiura. Go's run with the belt was truly a thing of beauty and cemented him as an all time great. This reign is one of my favorites ever and, not to get ahead of myself, but I am honestly disappointed that it ended the way it did. More on that when I get caught up. I'll also be


During my years on this spinning rock, I've seen some shit. Most recently, I was part of the bullshit you likely heard about on the news. See, I'm back in Texas. Yea, you know the situation I'm about to talk about now I'll presume.  I need to vent. In the 90's, seeking further deregulation thanks to lobbyist bullshit and sold with buzz words to trick dipshits, Texas went largely independent and set up their own power system. Now, thanks to a desire to put money before common sense, which is what happens when you deregulate, Texans had to suffer largely because a group of dipshits didn't listen to years of warnings. If you were to turn on the news, those corporate owned crap bags tried to point fingers at their usual marks despite their claims being baseless and lacking any weight. Their cult flocked to the internet to regurgitate it blindly all over the fucking place like good little piggies. And, note this isn't a one sided issue. California is a liberal ha

Select Match Reviews: 2020 D王 Grand Prix Roundup (DDT)

Matches: Night One 11/22 1. Brookes vs HARASHIMA ***1/2 2. Takeshita vs Daisuke ***3/4 3. Higuchi vs Ueno ***1/2 4. Akiyama vs Endo ***3/4 Night Two 11/28 5. Higuchi vs Endo ***1/2 Night Five 12/12 6. HARASHIMA vs Takeshita **** Finals, Night Six 12/27 7. Finals: Akiyama vs Takeshita **** Thoughts: This sampler from the 2020 D-Ou was just as fun as expected. DDT is thought of solely as a comedy company by many in the same way that folks think of CZW as only hardcore and death content, but in both cases they are way off base. The roster that calls DDT home are some of the most well rounded workers in the game and are capable of super high quality matches just as much as they are insane gimmick bouts. I'd argue they work harder than most as a result.  Note for those that follow the news, but if you saw what was happening in Texas this week...yea, I was in that. Spent most of the week without power. That's why things went a bit inactive here and on WN!W again for those that might

Select Match Reviews: The End Is Begun (AAA)

Matches: 1. Poder del Norte vs Dinastia, Maximo, Mr. Iguana ***1/2 2. AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs Mercenarios vs Jinetes del Aire ***3/4 3. Terror Purpura, Venenoide vs Arcano, Leyenda Americana **3/4 4. AAA Mega Title: Omega(c) vs Laredo Kid ****1/4 5. Apuesta, Hardcore: Pagano vs Chessman ***3/4 Thoughts: Maximo was CMLL Heavyweight Champion, fucked up a car on video, and now is opening AAA TripleMania in a random six-man match. The good news is it was against PdN so it was of course fun shit. In many ways it felt like a throwaway TV match with just a touch more fuel. Honestly, this was borderline great and a fun way to start the set. Next, Penta and Fenix defended the Campeonato de Parejas against Mercanarios' Texano and Escorpion and Jinetes members Myzteziz Jr and Octagon Jr. It started hot with both challenging teams acting like the Lucha Bros owed AAA money. The finish was cheese, but the match itself was honestly great balls to the wall action. It'd be nice if we c

Review Roundup of Missed Content #28: WWE December 2020

Matches: 1. Big E, Bryan, Rey vs Dolph, Sami, Shinsuke (12/04) ***1/2 2. WarGames: Team LaRae vs Team Black Heart (12/06) ***1/2 3. WarGames: Undisputed Era vs Kings of NXT (12/06) **** 4. O'Reilly vs Dunne (12/16) ***1/2 5. WWE Title, TLC: McIntyre(c) vs Styles vs Miz (12/20) ***1/2 6. WWE Universal Title, TLC: Reigns(c) vs KO (12/20) ****1/4 7. Firefly Inferno: Fiend vs Orton ** 8. WWE Universal Title, Cage: Reigns(c) vs KO (12/22) ***3/4 Thoughts: We start with a six-man from SmackDown celebrating Pat Patterson. I'd add that we should always give some level of trust and respect to those alleging to be victims and that Patterson has such allegations. I also know people in the game whom have spoken of some shady behavior involving him, too. Sadly, many refuse to even consider such things to be possible because they speculate that such claims come from a place of homophobia and/or are focused too much on nostalgic loyalty. The match itself was pretty fun stuff. They played it a

The Forbidden Door is #ALLELITE

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binaries, the forbidden door has been unlocked and is slowly being opened. Things we once thought impossible and/or unlikely are shifting. I have no idea how long things will continue to grow but I do know that we should enjoy it as long as we can before politics eventually fuck it all up. Lets break this down, though. For AEW, this is a big buzz moment that the company is hoping to use to push their ratings forward. They are also trying to set a precedent that they are truly wanting to work with everyone and, so far, they've basically proven that is their goal instead of just cheap talk. Thanks to Moxley, this has happened seeing as NJPW wanted to get the KENTA match done and, with COVID, this is the easiest way. With recent trademarks, I am expecting a super show sometime this year. With their third hour of television on the horizon it should open up more time for such angles, too. Now, the big question is if we can get DLC packs with these extra dudes