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Review Roundup of Missed Content #26: BJW November 2020

Matches: From BJW 11/17 1.Light Tubes Death: Crazy Lovers vs Ishikawa, Shunma ***1/2 2. BJW Death Heavyweight, Crawling on the Ground and Piercing the Heavens Glass Boards and Giga Ladder Death Match: Fujita(c) vs Kodaka **** BJW Osaka 25th Anniversary-All Best Main Event 11/23 3. BJW Tag Titles: Astronauts(c) vs #STRONGHEARTS ***3/4 4. BJW Strong Heavyweight Title: Okabayashi(c) vs Sekimoto 11/23 **** Match from BJW 11/26 5. Scaffold Death: Ishikawa vs Kodaka **** Thoughts: Time for some Big Japan? Yup! I'm fucking tired as hell, but fueled by coffee, Dobbs getting his show canceled, and Dogecoin rising the fuck up! The first match saw the Crazy Lovers take on DDT's Shunma and Yuki Ishikawa and it was pretty damn fun. I'd love to see Takeda and Shunma one on one. The second match from the show had a finish that sucked and there were a few spots I didn't love but it was still fantastic shit. The avalanche tombstone into the glass in particular was amazing. From the All

Review Roundup of Missed Content #25: Wrestle Universe November 2020

Matches: From DDT Ultimate Party 11/03 1. Akiyama vs Takeshita **** 2. KO-D Openweight Title: Endo(c) vs Daisuke ***1/2 From TJP Wrestle Princess 11/07 3. Princess of Princess Title: Yuka(c) vs Mizuki ****1/4 From NOAH 20th Anniversary Vol. 4 11/22 4. GHC National Title: Kenou(c) vs Kaito **** 5. GHC Heavyweight Title: Go(c) vs Nakajima ****3/4 Thoughts: This set features Wrestle Universe brands DDT, NOAH, and TJP. We start with content from DDT Ultimate Party before moving to TJP Wrestle Princess and end on Pro Wrestling NOAH's 20th Anniversary celebration. The first match saw Jun Akiyama and promotion ace, Takeshita, go one on one. Jun Akiyama doesn't get enough credit from wrestling enthusiasts in my opinion. He's still very consistent all these years later and has a long catalog of bangers. He's been one of my favorites to watch for years but is always forgotten by a majority of fans or plays a bridesmaid role. Due to the workers involved, the match itself played ou

Review Roundup of Missed Content #24: DRAGONGATE November 2020

Matches: From Gate of Destiny (11/03) 1. Open the Brave Gate Title: Ishida(c) vs Okuda ***3/4 2. Open the Twin Gate Titles: DG Generation(Lee, Minoura) (c) vs Team Toryumon(Horighuchi, Susumu) **** 3. Open the Dream Gate Title: Eita(c) vs Kzy ***3/4 From Gate of Generation (11/05) 4. DG Generation(Ben-K, Santa Maria, U-T) vs Team Toryumon(Kondo, Dragon Kid, Kagetora) ***3/4 5. R.E.D.(Dia Inferno, Eita, KAI, SB KENTo) vs DG Generation(YAMATO, Dragon Dia, Minoura, Kzy) ***3/4 From Kobe World Festival (11/15) 6. Open the Brave Gate Title: Okuda(c) vs Ishida **** 7. Open the Dream Gate Title: Eita(c) vs Shun Skywalker ***1/2 Thoughts: I landed on these 7 for my pulls from DG for the month of November. I've fallen a bit out of touch with the product or, more accurately, I've stopped watching as much as I used to. For context, I used to consider them the best promotion in the world. Hell, I literally own every single DGUSA dvd ever released. Anyway, let's dig in. The roster has c

Review Roundup of Missed Content #23: AEW November 2020

Matches: 1.Bunkhouse: Natural Nightmares vs Butcher & Blade (11/10) ***1/2 2.Penta el Zero Miedo vs Rey Fenix (11/10) ***3/4 3.The Young Bucks vs Top Flight (11/18) ***1/2 4.NWA Women's Title: Deeb(c) vs Thunder Rosa (11/18) ***1/4 5.Page vs Silver (11/19) ***1/2 Thoughts: I enjoyed Full Gear a lot, considering it one of the better ppv events I have seen in a while. Now, lets take a look at pulls from the rest of the month. The first pull was the bunkhouse match I saw promoted on the before mentioned special. While a bit rough around the edges, it was still a wildly entertaining brawl and a very fun spectacle. Who doesn't love a spectacle? Up next, the Lucha Bros went one on one once again. I've said it before, but I love brother versus brother matches and these two reinforce that position each time they're booked into such a situation. The pacing seemed a tad off early, but the big spots and drama down the stretch made up for it. I'll admit that I love Eddie bu

Review Roundup of Missed Content #22: NJPW November 2020

Matches: From Power Struggle (11/07) 1.NEVER Openweight Title: Suzuki(c) vs SHINGO **** 2.#1 Contender Briefcase: Kota vs White ***3/4 3.IWGP HW/IC Titles: Naito(c) vs EVIL *** From BOSJ XXVII/WTL 2020 (11/15) 4.Hiromu vs Ishimori 11/15 **** From BOSJ XXVII/WTL 2020 (11/29) 5.Hiromu vs Eagles **** Thoughts: Time to take a quick look at what was going on in New Japan down the stretch, starting with Power Struggle content. Up first, SHINGO and Suzuki for the NEVER strap. Note that I am very hopeful that in 2021 NJPW takes note and puts the rocket boots on SHINGO. Not a single person would have complained if he had been given the push instead of EVIL as long as they kept the interference shit down. One of the world's only true dragons ever took the championship and did so with a finishing sequence that looked utter devastating. Fantastic stuff. Second, Kota against White. There was a slight misstep during a moonsault spot and I didn't love the finish, but this was still a great ma