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Review Roundup of Missed Content #21: Lucha November 2020

Matches: 1.  Los Golpeadors vs. Demonio Infernal, Fresero Jr. (11/01) ***3/4 2. Ricky Marvin vs Epydemius (11/10) ***1/2 3.  Los Golpeadors vs Puma King, Ciclon Ramirez Jr (11/14) *** 4.  AULL Lightweight Title: Freelance(c) vs Impulso (11/21) ***1/2 5. AULL Welterweight Title: Centella Oriental(c) vs Villano III Jr (11/29) **** Thoughts: A roundup of AEW content was supposed to be #21, but I am holding off so that I can watch one of the matches from the list with a bud of mine. He's having some personal issues so that post is on the back burner. Up first, Dragon Bane and Hijo de Canis Lupus in action from the recent Castillo del Terror gig. One of the most reckless looking events I've seen during the pandemic for sure. Fucking weak ass shit for sure. Moving past that bullshit, this was what I hoped it'd be when I added it to the list; a viscous brawl full of sick spots and a nice amount of color basically right out of the gates. The Golpeadors were brutalized until th

Review Roundup of Missed Content #20: WWE November 2020

Matches: 1.SmackDown Women's Title: Banks(c) vs Bayley 11/06 (SD) ***3/4 2.Mustafa vs Ricochet 11/09 (Raw) ***1/2 3.No Holds Barred: Mysterio vs Rollins 11/13 (SD) *** 4.Raw Tag Titles: New Day(c) vs Hurt Business 11/16 (Raw) ***1/2 5.WWE Title, No DQ, No Countout: McIntyre(c) vs Orton 11/16 (Raw) ***1/2 6.NXT Women's Title: Io(c) vs Ripley 11/18 (NXT) ***3/4 7.Bryan vs Jey Uso 11/20 (SD) ***1/4 8.Reigns vs McIntyre 11/22 (Survivor Series) **** 9.KUSHIDA vs Thatcher 11/25 (NXT) *** 10.Ladder: O'Reilly vs Dunne 11/25 (NXT) ***1/2 Thoughts: Ten from WWE for November. Honestly, I'm surprised by the amount of matches that looked worthwhile for the month, but lets just dig in and see if they were worth the time. Bayley and Banks had a fun feud last year and I watched a decent portion of it. Basic but well done and the work rate made it well worth the time. They ended things with a recommendable blowoff title match that saw Sasha take the big W by the end. Great stuff in all

AEW Full Gear 2020 Review

Matches: 0.NWA Women's Title: Deeb(c) vs Kay *** 1.Eliminator Tournament Final: Omega vs Page ****1/4 2.Orange vs Silver ***1/4 3.AEW TNT Title: Cody(c) vs Darby ***3/4 4.AEW Women's Title: Shida(c) vs Rose **3/4 5.AEW Tag Titles: FTR(c) vs Bucks ****1/2 6.Elite Deletion: Hardy vs Guevara ***3/4 7.Jericho vs MJF *** 8.AEW World Title, I Quit: Moxley(c) vs Kingston ****1/4 Thoughts: Time to check out Full Gear, which I've heard rocked. I started with the NWA Women's World Championship defense from the Buy In, though I skipped everything else on that stream. Having just watched Deeb take the belt off of Thunder, it felt like required viewing seeing as I was already checking out the show proper. I'd love seeing Kay in AEW more often. She's a sincerely great talent and while she was used well in NWA I would still enjoy seeing her on TV more. I'd also not hate more NWA involvement in AEW. With the Scurll story dead now, I could see Corgan wanting to partner with

musique d'élite: Jumping the Shark with AEW?

Many shows have featured musical breakaway segments or even full musical episodes. This includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, That 70's Show, Community, and many, many more. Of course, it's an acquired taste and even those that enjoy when shows do it still would expect a certain level of quality before blindly accepting the move. So, when AEW decided to do a musical number segment so early into their run it raised more than a few eyebrows. The clip in question, which can be watched above, starts with MJF and Jericho competing over how sick they'd like to get that evening with a fair dose of general bitching mixed in before they both launched into Dinner Debonair. The Broadway style affair served as an entry for MJF into Inner Circle which is honestly a decent fit. The segment itself is obviously polarizing and didn't do as well as Jericho would you like you to believe, but I honestly appreciated it for what it was. In a so bad it's good sort of way, at least.  It was a

Best of NJPW STRONG 2020 Review

Matches: 1.Rosser vs Connors *3/4 2.Lion's Break: Crown Final: Connors vs Limelight *** 3.Lawlor vs Rosser ***1/4 4.White vs Romero ***1/2 Thoughts: I won the Fite bundle for the new set of STRONG episodes this past week, but I am trying to finish off 2020 real quick. Lets move along forward with this special release, showcasing what NJPW has declared the best matches from the first year of the new brand. The graphics during the matches, including the plate on top as well as the NJPW World promotion in the bottom corner made this feel like something a small indie would put out. Their production team needs to be spoken to. Also, no offense to Kevin Kelly, but how the hell would anyone see this very average, super standard match and think it is a best of anything? Connors has potential for sure, but even for a young lions match this was basic. The second match was actually good, with Connors taking down Limelight in the Lion's Break: Crown Finals. The tournament was basically the

NWA Shockwave #4 Review

Matches: 1.NWA TV Title: Dice(c) vs Burke **1/4 2.Aldis vs Clearwater **1/2 3.NWA World Women's Title: Thunder Rosa(c) vs Deeb ***1/2 4.NWA World Tag Titles: Drake, Storm(c) vs Stevens, JR Kratos **1/2 Thoughts: For those wondering, Watch Now! Wrestling content will get back on schedule on Monday. The season finale of Shockwave, which is the NWA series repurposing UWN Primetime content and three of the main NWA belts are on the line. They're doing what they can given the circumstances and it is what it is. I don't mind because it was easier than buying the ppvs, though I think the formatting and general approach needs work. Alas, I am not on their payroll so it doesn't matter. Up first, Dice defended the TV gold against The Pope. I don't care much for Dice, finding him average across the board. Pope is far from the worker that he was back in the day (when he could have been a star) but still decent so I am glad he got the nod here. Dice reportedly wanted out anyway