AEW Dynamite #100 LIVE REVIEW

1.Pinnacle (FTR) vs Inner Circle (Santana, Ortiz) ****
2.Jack Evans vs Orange Cassidy ***
3.Powerhouse Hobbs vs Brian Cage **3/4
4.Penelope Ford vs Tay Conti ***
5.The Elite (Young Bucks, Good Brothers) vs Death Triangle (Lucha Bros), Jurassic Express ***3/4

We're back for another edition of Dynamite. This is both the 100th edition and also the last Dynamite before All Out. Read my preview HERE. If you're a fleeing NXT fan trying this out for the first time and also are new to my blog, welcome! I'm a writer and a journalist that just happens to be more blunt and crass when dealing with folks online.

The Bucks teased a taste tonight. The cage will be brought down.

I was just told that Andrade versus PAC is off, by the way. Something personal and not what's being sold on some circles. The Battle Royale is now on the PPV side of the card. I wonder what will get moved to the Buy In. Andrade is apparently getting a different match.... ;)

We're starting with the FTR and PnP rematch. Dead Presidents face paint! Their last match was fun with the right amount of intensity and I'm hoping they go full IWRG tonight. 

We're starting with a banger, folks. 

Cash sold his arm injury well here. FTR need to go through that damn forbidden door and take the NWA World Tag Team Championships. The setup is super easy right now after the title change.

I loved the tone and the storytelling was top shelf. Look no further than Wheeler working Ortiz's arm for a small example. As an Italian, I'm sure it's sinful not to know, but I am unaware if there is a name for that little kiss-your-fingers thing that you can make when you like something. I'm doing that gesture right now, whatever the fuck it's called.

A fantastic opener for sure, setting a high bar for the rest of the episode.

Santana and Ortiz got the W after a series of delightful near falls and a badass tag team sequence on Cash Wheeler.

I wish we could get Poder del Norte in AEW.

2point0 and Garcia told Darby not to look past them, backstage, pumping up the Rampage match with Red Death vs Allin. I'm very excited for that one. I'd add that I still feel that the latter's accuser deserves some respect and that the situation shouldn't be brushed aside.

Commercial break.

Punk's music hits for the next segment. He somehow looks younger than he has in years and also much older. I don't mean that to sound as dickish as it might seem. He got an, "you've still got it" chant just for speaking.

2point0 and Garcia attacked for some easy heat. Sting and Darby ran out for the save and the segment then saw a fucking GTS, Stinger Deathdrop, and Coffin Drop trio and then a staredown between Punk and Darby. Sting grabbed a mic and said he had always wanted to share a ring with CM and that he wouldn't be ringside for their match. 

I really enjoyed this for a variety of reasons.

Omega and Christian were put over in a package next and then MJF sitting down with Tony is promoted as next with Orange versus Evans to follow.

Another commercial break.

MJF got to be a dick while promoting his match with Jericho this weekend. The segment was very well done and the production quality deserves praise. Tony was a perfect background participant throughout.

Where is my Mind plays. It really is the perfect song for the former Fire Ant. Hardy attacks before the bell and gets tossed as a result. Evans took advantage of the situation to get the early control before Cassidy took back over and evened things out for the remainder.

JR will interview Jericho next after the bell rings next.

The standing switch cycle was fun. The match was, too. It could've been better with another format applied, but this kept the show rolling along nicely enough.

This one ended with a flashpin during PIP play.

Good yet forgettable.

Matt attacked after. The Best Friends made a save for a moment. HFO beat them down. Jurassic Express then ran the heels off. The match and post were all chaotic entertainment if nothing else. A setup for a Buy In cluster?

A package promoting Miro's TNT Championship defense against Kingston ran. That one looks like it will be awesome.

Another commercial break. Sigh.

Mox versus Kojima is promoted next. Disappointed or not, this should still be a good one.

JR really doesn't look very good. Chris welcomes us to Chicago is Jericho. Nostalgia can be a fun thing. JR says it's a mistake. Y2J calls MJF a "piece of shit" while also putting him over heavily. This match has a lot of potential and the long road that got us here has been enjoyable enough that I am increasingly finding myself excited.

Darby got a package to build the Punk match.

Hook and Hobbs are out, Taz is on commentary, and Cage attacked early. PIP early on after Hobbs took control back. For hoss stuff where one was still a bit green it was decent, but felt more like something they'd air on their YouTube shows especially with the finish we were given.

Starks smacked Cage with the FTW strap while the ref was distracted by Hook to set up a Hobbs victory. 

Black says more suffering is on the horizon.

QT calls out The Giant to follow. The Factory looked like jobbers. Gunn Club came out and then Billy attacked Paul with a chair. QT looked surprised, returned after the hit a Diamond Cutter. I have very little interest in this announced All Out match, presuming it still happens, and this did little to change my mind. I really hope they don't keep this arc running for too long. I don't watch AEW to see Raw.

Baker and Tony chat backstage. Britt announces that she's going to be around for a very long time and that she's been allowed to book a handicap match following a contract negotiation.

Bunny and Ford are out followed by Tay Conti. Conti danced for a moment before switching to pissed mode. Another PIP experience after a few minutes but this time one with a Rampage ad going full screen before an extra ad or two.

AEW is more diverse historically than perhaps any other promotion ever. Low bar. They can still do far better and one of those issues is the way the women's division still needs a lot of love. Remember, before you complain about that comment, Kenny agree with me and 

This one got better as it moved along but was still far form must-see. Anna Jay returned after! Some drama backstage followed. Good overall.

The main event was an action-packed spotfest. Cutler got involved to set up a nearfall, Fenix bounced back and teased a face win, before the Bucks put him away. Great stuff and a strong way to cap the night off.

Kenny came out post and The Elite beat down everyone. Christian failed a save. The cage descended. Called it. Dante and Kaz and Jurassic Express tried to make a save but failed. The Elite beat down Christian and the Lucha Bros to close the show.

This week's edition started hot, died down some in the middle, but ended on a strong enough note. If you missed it, you're just fine watching it in clipped format outside of the opener and main.

Overall Rating: 75/100%