Select Match Reviews: Contraband (IMPACT)

Match From IMPACT No Surrender, 02/13

1.Triple Threat Revolver: Alexander vs Ace vs Blake vs Bey vs Daivari vs Suicide vs Miguel vs Mack ***3/4


I have been begging IMPACT to revamp and ignite their X-Division for years, believing that it was the key to winning back fans. They've done well in doing so but it was still missing a spark. I think in 2021 that they've really gotten closer to succeeding there than before, though. The amount of skilled talent is undeniable and the focus seems far more...focused.

In fact, I really want one of these dudes, largely Bey or Alexander, to dethrone Omega later this year.

This match had a decent stip that the roster leaned into nicely enough to make it work. A cluster might have been arguably better here, but there's nothing wrong with mixing things up a bit and this was exactly that. Several fun spots and sections and a pace that helped make this feel larger than it was. I see this being a mileage-may-vary one for sure, but personally I really enjoyed it and suggest checking it out if you skipped out.

(The camera cuts here were terrible, WWE levels at times. Just a warning.)