Wrestle Universe January 2021 in Review (DDT, TJP, NOAH)


From DDT New Year Special! 01/03

1.DAMNATION vs HARASHIMA, Brookes, Higuchi ***3/4

From TJP Joshi Pro '21, 01/04

2.Itoh vs Miyu ****

3.Princess of Princess Title: Yuka(c) vs Rika ***

From NOAH Higher Ground Night One, 01/10

4.GHC Jr Heavyweight Title: Harada(c) vs Ohara ***1/2

5.Kongo vs Go, Marufuji, Sugiura, Kaito ****1/4


The Wrestle Universe umbrella is easily one of the most entertaining things in the world, so I'm overdue to catch up. I really do love these rosters.

Up first, we had a great six-man. Solid flow and nice action, moving along nicely and everyone looked good throughout. Hino being with DAMNATION is gold, by the way.

The next match was a  fantastic battle between TJP ace, Mayu, and everyone's loveable murder-midget, Itoh! I appreciated the pacing here and the work in general, as well as the well done finish. They clearly wanted to make Maki look good while still putting over the almighty Miyu.

The show's main event was good but admittedly far weaker than expected. Everything just felt off and rough and it even lessened the emotion of Rika winning in my opinion. I had moderate expectations and left feeling like far too much was left on the table.

We close with two NOAH matches.

The first was a borderline great junior battle which saw Harada successfully defend the brand strap against Ohara. Nice intensity here and some decent technical stuff sprinkled in for good measure. Harada is always fun to watch and this was no exception.

Kongo took on Go, Marufuji, Sugiura, and Kaito last and it honestly reminded me a lot of some of those fun old All Japan multiman battles. Really, a fantastic battle with eight dudes battling it out and everyone came out looking well. My complaints are minimal and it was my favorite match of the set for sure. Check this one out if you have a chance.

The umbrella started nicely enough and I have no doubts that February and further will keep that trend moving in an upward manner.