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Select Match Review: Demons & Dragons (IWRG)

Match from IWRG 10/25: 1. IWRG IC MW Title: Demonio Infernal(c) vs Dragon Bane ***1/2 Thoughts: With AAA's YouTube being MIA thanks to the lawsuit, and the one CMLL match that interested me being unfindable, this went from a roundup list to this. This is surely also the last post I get a chance to make before my move, for the record. I hope y'all are enjoying the new layout as well as the new sister site, Watch Now! Wrestling . A match from one of the most reckless looking shows of the year was going to start this one off when it was still a roundup but I couldn't get into it at all for many reasons. Seriously folks, what the fuck is wrong with you all? Fun fact for those that try to pretend that dropping 1+% of the population is okay, which isn't even the right rate and is still genocide, but that ignores the high amount that require hospitalization (which itself is a death sentence in a place like America) as well as the many reports showcasing the terrors of long ter

NWA Shockwave #3 Review

Matches: 1. Kay vs Savoy *** 2. Pope, Watts vs Dice, Effy *** 3. NWA National Title: Stevens(c) vs Murdoch ***1/4 Thoughts: The women's match was a good opener that served well to showcase how talented the ladies are. NWA and the UWN have a sincerely decent women's division and not enough people talk about it. The tag match was better than expected. Pope was a very talented worker that never seemed to get a fair shake for whatever reason. Watts is a dude that has been a decent worker but has meddled in the indie scene instead of getting a solid look. Them teaming makes sense in that regard if nothing else. Their opponents were clearly teamed up just because they are both flamboyant. I had little expectations heading in, thinking it'd be a random and forgettable two on two but it was good as basic as it was. Pope looked solid, Effy was solid, Watts was solid. Hell, Dice wasn't terrible. The attack after seems to set up Pope and Dice in a singles match. I really doubt tha

Select Match Reviews: 2020 G1 Climax Roundup Pt. 2 (NJPW)

Matches from NJPW G1 Climax 2020 Tour: Night Seven 09/30 1.Ospreay vs White ***3/4 2.Ishii vs SHINGO ****1/2 Night Nine 10/05 3.Taichi vs Ishii ****1/4 4.Ospreay vs Kota ****1/2 Night Eleven 10/07 5.Kota vs SHINGO ****1/2 Thoughts: First, root bear and canadian whiskey tastes like drinking maple syrup.  Second, let me state loud and clear right now that Batman Returns is one of the best Christmas movies ever. Third, it's time for more G1 content! Note that with the holidays and my move coming up, I've come to terms with the fact that I will not finish 2020 content until late January at soonest and that the award announcements will come rather late too, and that's okay. I do things as I can and I enjoy things as I can. Our first pull of the evening saw Jay White and Will Ospreay one on one. I actually like Jay far more than most it seems, though I am rather fond of the Bullet Club despite all of their flaws. The guy was talented but when he was plugged into the Kenny spot he

Happy Holidays (Please Read)

Let me start by once again thanking everyone that has visited this blog this year. I hope I've provided content that has been worthwhile for most of you. I also would like to wish every one of y'all a happy holidays! Note that I am moving to the next chapter in my journey through life next week. During this move out of New Jersey I will be largely MIA for a few days due to packing, driving, settling in, etc. Really, a large portion of January will be quiet. This includes both the blog and the new Watch Now! Wrestling page. I will keep this pinned up top and add stuff as I can. I appreciate your patience and hope I have enough backlogged to keep y'all entertained.

Review Roundup of Missed Content #18: WWE October 2020

Matches: 1. NXT Cruiserweight Title: Escobar(C) vs Scott (10/04) ***1/2 2. NXT Women's Title: Io(c) vs LeRae (10/04) ***3/4 3. NXT Title: Balor vs O'Reilly (10/04) ****1/2 4. Dunne,Ilja vs WALTER,Wolfe (10/15) ****1/4 5. Rollins vs Murphy (10/23) ***1/2 6. WWE Universal Title, Hell in a Cell, I Quit: Reigns vs Jey Uso (10/25) ***1/2 7. WWE SD Women's Title, Hell in a Cell: Banks vs Bayley (10/25) ***3/4 8. WWE Title, Hell in a Cell: McIntyre vs Orton (10/25) **** 9. NXT UK Title: WALTER(c) vs Ilja (10/29) ***** Thoughts: Props to the talent for sure in this collection. I can be pretty hard on WWE for a variety of reasons, but I am always the first to admit that their roster is one of the best ever right now. The issues are not with how talented the crew is. This month showcased just that. I found nine matches I wanted to see, plus the Halloween Havoc show I just reviewed, which is a lot seeing as I usually only have a small handful,  Up first, three from TakeOver 31. The Cr

NXT Halloween Havoc Review

Matches: 1.NXT North American Title: Priest(c) vs Gargano *** 2.Escobar vs Atlas *3/4 3.Grimes vs Lumis *** 4.Rhea vs Raquel ***1/2 5.NXT Women's Title, Tables, Ladders, Scares: Io(c) vs LeRae **** Thoughts: I love the Halloween Havoc gimmick. Let me start with that. I am admittedly disappointed that AEW didn't land the copyright, but at least them existing forced WWE to revive to concept. While NXT might be little more than a counter program right now, the talent is so good that they can rise above the bullshit and it seemed like a tall task to mess up Halloween Havoc. Lets see... I dig the atmosphere off the bat and Shotzi is a perfect host. The first match was a good start, with some fun brawling. I was never super big on Punishment but I do consider Gargano a truly great worker even if WWE has been very strange with his booking. I think his stay on NXT shows that the entire company fails to know how to handle longterm planning. Anyway, the dude from Scream ran in at the end

RWB TRUE World Tag Team Open Championship Invitational Tournament Results

First Round 1.Violent Giants b Nautilus 2.FTR b Lee, Kota 3.MCMG b Caristico, Mistico 4.Dangerous Tekkers b Von Erichs 5.Lucha Bros b Suzuki-gun Juniors 6.Rascalz b Hiroyo, DASH 7.Lee, Gresham b Ogawa, Hayata 8.Cesaro, Nakamura b Utami, Saya Second Round 1.Violent Giants b FTR 2.MCMG b Dangerous Tekkers 3.Lucha Bros b Rascalz 4.Lee, Gresham b Cesaro, Nakamura Semi-Finals 1.Violent Giants b MCMG 2.Lucha Bros b Lee, Gresham Finals 1.Lucha Bros b Violent Giants

RWB TRUE World Open Championship Invitational Tournament Results

First Round Results 1.Arisa b Bandido 2.McIntyre b Go 3.Suzuki b Kenou 4.Io b Brodie 5.Hammerstone b Ishida 6.Chihiro b Lashley 7.Yuka b RSP 8.Balor b Suwama 9.Caristico b Niebla Roja 10.Ito b Raju 11.Volador b Yoshitatsu 12.Aldis b Eita 13.Omega b Ishimori 14.Jeff b Cuatrero 15.Rush b Devlin 16.Ultimo Guerrero b KLR 17.Mox b Kimber 18.Fatu b Robinson 19.Escobar b Shida 20.Canis Lupus b Brookes 21.Reigns b Gunns 22.Endo b Dragon Lee 23.Daga b Gacy 24.Mayu b Thunder 25.Reed b Jinny 26.Bayley b Taya 27.Laredo Kid b Ospreay 28.Giulia b Daichi 29.Suzu b Purrazzo 30.Cara Noir b Emperador Azteca 31.Asuka b Naito 32.WALTER b EY Second Round Results 1.McIntyre b Arisa 2.Suzuki b Io 3.Chihiro b Hammerstone 4.Balor b Yuka 5.Caristico b Ito 6.Aldis b Volador 7.Omega b Jeff 8.Rush b Ultimo Guerrero 9.Fatu b Mox 10.Escobar b Canis Lupus 11.Reigns b Endo 12.Mayu b Daga 13.Bayley b Reed 14.Laredo Kid b Giulia 15.Cara Noir b Suzu 16.WALTER b Asuka Third Round Results 1.McIntyre b Suzuki 2.Balor b Chih


Here's this week's biggest title changes! AJPW installed a new championship, titled the AJPW TV 6-Man Titles. The innagural champions are Black Menso-re, Carbell Ito, and Takao Omori. The Cosmic Angels bested Oedo Tai for the Artist of STARDOM Championship belts. The Ironman Heavymetalweight strap was won by the Buck's new autobiography, Killing the Business .