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Review Roundup of Missed Content #17: AEW October 2020

Matches: 1. TNT Title, Dog Collar: Brodie Lee(c) vs Cody (10/07) ****1/4 2. Penta el Zero M vs Rey Fenix (10/21) ***3/4 3. Kenny Omega vs Penta el Zero M (10/22) **** Thoughts: I'm trying something new out, seeing if it helps me speed through faster. Seeing as I approved my blog for monetization recently (though am still waiting for them to approve me) I figured if this was the closest to "click bait" that I come, than it's no harm done, and honestly it's not really anything close.  Anyway, on to the reviews! Cody can be truly great, especially when paired with the right person in the right situation. A dog collar match against a fellow like Brodie is exactly the right situation. A quick side note, but apparently Cody's hair color here was a reference to a huge Superman arc from my childhood. While I enjoy that story and I appreciate the very subtle reference, I must also admit that I find it funny that he was surprised no one took note of it seeing as the way


In an attempt to clear up clutter a tad while still providing awesome content, I have added a new sister site to RW+B under the name, "Watch Now Wrestling"! The relatively new concept of adding links to recently streamed episodes, events, and match uploads was something I had seen making decent views, but I also felt that it was beginning to take up too much space here and thus takeaway from the other content I regularly put up. I hope the new page serves you well! CHECK IT OUT HERE !

WATCH NOW: MKW Blast-off #16

WATCH NOW: NXT UK 12/17 Highlights

FREE MATCH UPLOAD: Motor City Machine Guns vs Lethal Consequences, Ultimate-X TNA 2009

FREE MATCH UPLOAD: Aleister Black vs Murphy WWE TLC 2019

Match from WWE TLC 2019

WATCH NOW: TOP 5 Moments of Dynamite 12/16

WATCH NOW: Top 10 Moments of NXT 12/16

WATCH NOW: ONE Championship Weekly 12/17

WATCH NOW: HEAT UP 12/14, 15, & 16

WATCH NOW: MLW Fusion #114

Episode Stream Begins at 7pm EST Episode Card •Opera Cup Semi-Final: Tom Lawlor vs. ACH  •Bu Ku Dao vs. LA Park Jr.  •National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone in action! •Mads Kr├╝gger vs. Budd Heavy and Daniel Starling

WATCH NOW: We are STARDOM!! 12/16


You can find this week's episode of IMPACT HERE ! EPISODE CARD -Dashwood vs Alisha -Manik vs Bey -Hogan, Steelz vs Rosemary, Taya -Alexander vs Myers -Anderson vs Sabin

FREE MATCH UPLOAD: Bear Country vs Reed, Oliver

WATCH NOW: Top 10 Moments of Raw 12/14

Spare yourself three hours (or 90 minutes for Hulu watches) and check out the highlights from the new record low  episode of Raw!

WATCH NOW: BWF Telecatch #346

Episode Card Rei do Ringue Championship Open Challenge Brasileiro de Luta Livre Title: Victor Boer(c) vs. Rurik Jr.

WATCH NOW: Lucha Time-La Nueva Era #17

Stream begins at 10pm EST


This stream features Ultimo Dragon, Don Fujii, and Shuji Kondo of Team Toryumon taking on R.E.D.'s Yoshida, KAI, and Diamante.

WATCH NOW: NWA Shockwave #3

EPISODE CARD -Allysin Kay vs Nicole Savoy -Pope, Watts vs Dice, ??? -NWA National Title: Stevens(c) vs Murdoch

WATCH NOW: AEW Dark 12/15

  EPISODE CARD -Sotheara Chhun vs Ricky Starks -Baron Black vs Brandon Cutler -Hikaru Shida vs KiLynn King -Dean, Fuego del Sol vs Jurassic Express -Skyler Moore vs Leva Bates -Brian Cage vs VSK -Acclaimed vs Valle, Magnum -Anna Jay vs Dani Jordyn -Dark Order vs Bear Country -Kiss, Janela vs RYZIN, Maluta -Tay Conti vs Freya States -Danny Limelight vs Matt Sydal -Kaci Lennox vs Ivelisse -Chaos Project vs Best Friends

FREE MATCH UPLOAD: Undertaker vs JBL vs Guerrero vs Booker T 2004

Find the cagematch info on the above contest HERE !

WATCH NOW: NJPW Monday Free Match 12/14 (Okada vs Naito 2018)

January 4, 2018 Tokyo WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 in TOKYO DOME IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP  Kazuchika Okada vs Tetsuya Naito


WATCH THE LATEST EPISODE HERE ! This week's episode features The Bouncers against PCO and Mark Briscoe as well as a pure rules match between the almighty douche, Flip Gordon, and Josh Woods.

WATCH NOW: OVW TV #1113 "Christmas Chaos"

VIDEO DESCRIPTION Hosts Steve Johnson and Bryan Kennison chart the course that Brian Pillman, Jr. took to the OVW Heavyweight Championship. But how pleased will their other co-host be - OVW National Champion “Mr. PEC-Tacular” Jessie Godderz? Pillman and Godderz have their first words ahead of their clash at the Nightmare Rumble!

In Regards to WATCH NOW...

You may have noticed the recent addition to the blog, being a series of daily updates highlighting the latest episodes and highlights from various wrestling promotions (and more) using the shared label, "WATCH NOW". More than just an attempt to boost daily views, the larger purpose is to continue to give you readers every resource possible to enjoy the art that is pro wrestling. So, I figured I'd take a moment to make a list of the schedule I am utilizing and what others I have been checking in on to provide the latest streams. Let me know if I somehow missed something major you'd like to see added to the rotation and note that I left off things that aren't running regularly right now. SUNDAYS AAA, CMLL, WWC, and OVW are the main promotions with streams that have been posted regularly of late with weekly shows. MONDAYS Ring of Honor and Being the Elite are posted on Mondays, with Raw that night. Highlights of the latter are shared when they are added to the WWE Yo



This week saw multiple title changes take place! Here's a list of the biggest ones: Baby Extreme won the vacant IWRG Intercontinental Lightweight Title Johnny Gargano defeated Leon Ruff to win the NXT North American Title Manik won the IMPACT! X-Division Title from Rohit Raju

WATCH NOW: KYUSHU Hakata Hanami Tori Cup

EVENT CARD 1. Mentai*Kid, Alejandro vs Minoru Fujita, Ken'ichiro Arai 2. Genkai, Kengo Mashimo vs Naoki Sakurajima, Batten x Purapura 3. Mentai*Kid, Alejandro vs Genki Horiguchi, Susumu Yokosuka 4. Genkai, Kengo Mashimo vs ASOSAN, Hitamaru Sasaki 5. Kuma Arashi vs Kodai Nozaki 6. Hakata Hanami Tori Cup Final



STREAM CARD 1.Team Boku (Ryo Saito, Bokutimo Dragon, Punch Tominaga) vs R.E.D. (BxB Hulk, KAI, KAZMA)



WATCH NOW: CMLL Funcion Especial a Puerta Cerrada 12/13