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Throwback Reviews Collection: From The Asylum (NWA-TNA)

Matches from NWA-TNA Weekly Pay-Per-Views: From NWA-TNA #8 1.NWA-TNA X Title: Styles(c) vs Lo-Ki vs Lynn ***1/4 From NWA-TNA #26 2.Triple X vs The SAT **** From NWA-TNA #60 3.NWA Heavyweight Title: Styles(c) vs Raven ***1/2 From NWA-TNA #61 4.Super X Cup Semi: Juventud vs Teddy Hart ***1/2 5.Super X Cup Finals: Juventud vs Sabin **** From NWA-TNA #84 6.Americas X Cup Finals, Elimination: Team AAA vs Team NWA **** From NWA-TNA #99 7.World X Cup Ladder: EY vs Lynn vs Aguila vs Taichi ***1/2 From NWA-TNA #100 8.NWA Heavyweight Title, King of the Mountain: Killings(c) vs Styles vs Raven vs Jarrett vs Harris ***1/2 Thoughts: Note that I found this set sitting in my draft bin, having thought it was published months ago. Shit happens, right? Anyway, enjoy this throwback review collection! With these, I've decided my journey into the Asylum is complete. I might make another trip one day for more obscure things, but these should be a good bookend for now. Note that I am considering

Red's RBI #9: Horns of Leipzig

We're changing up the format of this series, going for something closer to my original vision. We're kicking things off with a look at this year's RB Leipzig club and their run thus far, especially in regards to this past week of excitement. RB Leipzig are currently splitting duties between league play in the Bundesliga and tournament play in the UEFA Champions League alongside the domestic DFB-Pokal cup games. In the Bundesliga, they currently sit tied at top with Bayern with 24 points with a 7-3-1 record. In the Champions League, they just downed Manchester United to move to the illustrious knockout phase. Their DFB-Pokal showing has been dominate so far, one game in, but it's the least important source of competition for the club, admittedly. Honestly, things are looking great for the Saxony crew. Hell, one of the hottest players available just snubbed Arsenal and Milan to join up. The Hungarian, Szoboszlai, will be on board for five years. The question is if they ca


WATCH NOW: Top 10 Moments of SmackDown 12/11

WATCH NOW: CNL Season 2 Episode 1

CNL is back, and the first episode of the second season starts strong with Rocket taking on Ariel Levy!


WATCH NOW: ChocoPro Season 4 Recap


Stream Begins at 8pm EST   Check out previews of the show HERE  and HERE . EVENT CARD 1.Maximo, Iguana, Hambuerguesa vs Poder del Norte 2.AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs Jinetes del Aire vs Los Mercenarios 3.Copa TripleMania Femenil: Faby vs Maravilla vs Tormenta vs Shani vs Hiedra vs Hades 4.Psycho Circus vs Familia Real, Blue Demon Jr 5.Marvel Comics Showcase: Arcano, Leyenda Americana vs Terror Purpura, Venenoide 6.AAA Mega Title: Kenny Omega(c) vs Laredo Kid 7.Apuesta: Chessman vs Pagano

WATCH NOW: Ralph Nader Radio Hour-Georgia on my Mind

Video Description With the Senate run-off election in Georgia close at hand, Ralph speaks to political psychologist and author of “The Political Brain,” Drew Westen, about how in order to win, the Democratic candidates need to wrap their policy prescriptions in an effective emotional message.

WATCH NOW: Championship Wrestling #89

Episode Card -Jesse James vs Dan Joseph -Richie Slade vs Jack Cartwright -Snypes vs Keita Murray -AND MUCH MORE

WATCH NOW: WWN Proving Ground 12/02

Stream Begins at 8pm EST Episode Card - Doyle Day vs D'Lo Jordan - Sofi Castillo vs Allie Recks - Baker, Banks, Lacey vs Samuel, Sky, King

WATCH NOW: MKW Blast-off #15

WATCH NOW: Savage Death Match for DDT Extreme Title

From DDT Extreme Recapture Strategy 12/02/20 1.DDT Extreme Title, Save Death Match: Sanshiro Takagi(c) vs Rambo Kawamura

NWA Shockwave #2 Review

Matches: 1.Kamille vs Simone Sherie ES 2.Eli Drake vs Watts **1/2 3.NWA Women's Title: Thunder Rosa(c) vs Priscilla Kelly ***3/4 Thoughts: This week, as NWA continues to repackage months old material, we got an extended squash, a decent midcard match, and a championship main event. The first contest of the evening saw Kamille take down Simone Sherie as they continue to build her as a true threat in the division. While I consider her a mid-tier talent overall in comparison to the rest of the women's roster pool that NWA and the UWN has access to, I still see why they'd push her. We then got a promo from Stevens and an announcement that he'd be defending his strap next week in a continuation of a storyline from Powerrr. It was okay but I am honestly not big on the guy. The second match was a touch above average and honestly not too shabby even with the propping for a nonexistent crowd, pandering directly to the ghosts of those at home. I am sure I am a tad higher on this

WATCH NOW: Top 5 Moments of Dynamite 12/09

WATCH NOW: Top 10 Moments of NXT 12/09

WATCH NOW: ONE Championship Weekly 12/10


Select Match Reviews: 2020 G1 Climax Roundup Pt. 1 (NJPW)

Matches from NJPW G1 Climax 2020 Tour: Night One 09/19 1.Suzuki vs Ishii ****1/4 Night Two 09/20 2.Tanahashi vs Naito ****1/4 Night Three 09/23 3.Ospreay vs Ishii ****1/2 Night Five 09/27 4.Kota vs Ishii ****1/4 5.SHINGO vs Ospreay ****1/2 Thoughts: Time to take a look at a nice handful of pulls from this year's G1 Climax. This company and this tournament are well respected for being home to such a stacked roster that the chances of not having classics just isn't a true possibility. Expectations were high, for sure. If it were up to me, I'd have watched far more of these but that's sadly just not realistic and the 15 I pulled were already a lot. Here's the first five. Match one saw Ishii and Suzuki beating the fuck out of each other in a fantastic battle that hit the right notes for me. Every time they meet, I expect basically this and they delivered accordingly. Match two saw Naito nearly get his leg broken straight off and play from underneath, but his heart and d

WATCH NOW: MLW Fusion #113

STREAM BEGINS AT 7pm EST VIDEO CARD •World Tag Team Championship: Ross & Marshall Von Erich (c) vs. CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu & Simon Gotch)  •Opera Cup Semi-Final: Low Ki vs. Richard Holliday  •Calvin Tankman vs. Zenshi  •Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku) debut! 

WATCH NOW: We are STARDOM!! 12/09


See Kenny Omega's debut and much more on this week's IMPACT Wrestling by clicking the above video. EPISODE CARD 1.Sabin vs Alexander 2.Myers vs TJP 3.EY vs Deaner 4.Kimber, Purrazzo vs Taya, Rosemary 5.Bey, Moose vs Mack, Swann

WATCH NOW: Lucha Time-la Nueva Era #16


STREAM CARD Team Boku (Naruki Doi, Bokutimo Dragon and Punch Tominaga) vs Dragon Gate Generation (Yosuke (loves) Santa Maria, U-T and Mondai Ryu)

WATCH NOW: Reality of Wrestling #294

WATCH NOW: ChocoProLIVE! #72 Season 4 Finale




WATCH NOW: Top 10 Moments of Raw 12/07

WATCH NOW: NWA Shockwave #2

VIDEO STREAM STARTS AT 6pm EST VIDEO DESCRIPTION #NWAShockwave rolls on with even more matches produced in conjunction with the United Wrestling Network!     Kamille vs Simone Sherie  Eli Drake vs Watts  NWA Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa vs Priscilla Kelly


WATCH THE LATEST EPISODE HERE FOR FREE STARTING AT 7pm EST! Video Description In Ring of Honor wrestling, the path to Final Battle begins as each warrior strives to carve their place in history. Championship contenders will be decided, rivalries will reach their breaking point, and in The End, every win matters... This week on ROH: Vincent Battles the returning Mike Bennett in a Grudge Match, and Tracy Williams takes on former ROH Pure Champion John Walters in a Pure rules match.


WATCH NOW: Vanguardia-El Despertar del Purgatorio



VIDEO DESCRIPTION Arie Alexander wants what Joseline Navarro has - the #1 Contendership to the OVW Women’s Championship! William Lutz and D'Mone Solavino fight for the right to challenge RUSH Division Champion Dimes! And Dustin Jackson & Ryan Howe collide with the Legacy of Brutality with an ending you have to see to believe! Presented by Gladiator Sports Network

WATCH NOW: CMLL Funcion Especial a Purta Crrada #13

  EVENT CARD 1. Angel de Oro vs Negro Casas 2. Kraneo, Blue Panther vs Rey Bucanero, Shocker 3. Lluvia vs Dalys 4. Stigma, Starman vs El Coyote, Disturbio

WATCH NOW: AAA Auto Luchas Dia de Muertos Especial

  EVENT STREAMS TONIGHT AT 8pm EST CARD IS AS FOLLOWS 1. Hiedra vs Lady Shani vs Big Mami 2. Maximo, Dinastia vs Carta Brava, Parka Negra 3. Laredo Kid vs Octagon Jr vs Myzteziz Jr 4. Psycho Clown vs Chessman vs Texano Jr