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WATCH NOW: GCW Slime Season

VIDEO STREAM STARTS AT 6:45pm EST Video Description & Card This event is a fundraiser for the GCW Performers who face an uncertain Holiday season as shows are cancelled and their income disappears.  Please Donate now and support our locker room!   100% of proceeds go to the locker room! Jordan Oliver vs Chris Bey  Sefa Fatu vs Facade  Matt Justice vs Jacob Fatu  Jimmy Lloyd vs Eli Everfly vs KTB vs Matt Vandagriff vs Damian Drake vs Nate Webb  Mance Warner vs Atticus  Cogar Kikutaro vs Allie Kat  Juicy Finau vs RSP  Blake Christian vs Lio Rush

WATCH NOW: Wrestle Square Explosion #8

WATCH NOW: Picnic Vanguardia

Event Card 1. Vanguardia 4x4 Title: Lobo Blanco(c) vs Dayami vs Killer vs Misionero vs Zagma vs Misionero 2. Los Fugitivos vs Demencia, Golden Dragon 3. BMLL Cruiserweight Title: Falcon Fire(c) vs Calibus 4. BMLL Tag Titles: Gasparin Jr, Simbolo Azteca(c) vs Hunters 5.El Mago vs Aron Skyes vs Cody Jones vs Dragon Boy vs Puma de Oro 6. Vanguardia Tag Titles: Crazy King, Miedo Extremo vs Jitsu, Lunatik Extreme vs Ciclope, Santy

WATCH NOW: Championship Wrestling #88

Video Description & Card Today's line-up is being called by Todd Keneley, Blake "Bulletproof" Troop and James Kincaid:  WOMEN'S DIVISION ACTION | CeCe Chanel returns to the ring! But be on lookout for Heather Monroe & Halston Boddy!  SINGLES MATCH | JESSE JAMES v JACK CARTWRIGHT Jack Cartwright returns to the ring for the first time since his dealings with Howdy Price. Now, he faces a man Howdy is recruiting to the Price Check Ranch.  SINGLES MATCH | ANTHONY IDOL v CAM The Neon Phenomenon has been red hot! His next opponent will be a tough one, as Cam makes his return to Championship Wrestling to do battle.  SINGLES MATCH | SLICE BOOGIE v SNYPES "The King of the Concrete Jungle" Slice Boogie steps in the ring with another promising star in... what's his name?? SNYPES.  MAIN EVENT | UNITED TV TITLE MATCH | LEVI SHAPIRO with HOWDY PRICE (c) v EJ SPARKS EJ Sparks is no stranger to Championship gold - and today he has his shot at the United TV Title.

WATCH NOW: WWN Proving Ground 12/04

Video Description & Card: Welcome to the WWN Proving Ground filmed live on location at the WWN WrestlePlex @ Gulf View Event Center in Tampa Bay, FL!  1. Fatal 4-Way Match The debuting Doyle Day vs. Corey Kreese vs. Che Guzman vs. Jayson Falcone  2. WWN Veteran vs. WWN Rookie Apolo Jr. vs. Jake Sterling  3. ACW Combat Championship Match Tyler Baker vs. Danny Vincent  4. ACW Tag Team Championship Match The Gifted of Wheezy T & Logan Cruz vs. The Rapture of Jay Sky & Richard King  5. ACW Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way participants are announced.

WATCH NOW: Ralph Nader Radio Hour-Do The Right Thing

  Description: Why is it so hard for people to do the right thing? Ralph spends the entire hour with Amherst professor of psychology, Dr. Catherine Sanderson, discussing her book “Why We Act: Turning Bystanders into Moral Rebels.”

WATCH NOW: Dragon Gate 12/04 Preshow

This stream features Ultimo Dragon and Dragon Kid teaming up as Team Toryumon Generation to take on Team Dragon Gate reps KZY and Yosuke <3 Santa Maria.

WATCH NOW: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #71

This edition features BestBros vs RESET and streams at 8pm EST. Join the live stream and enjoy!

WATCH NOW: MKW Blast-off #14

We are STARDOM!! #42 Review

Matches: 1.Captain's Fall: TCS vs Oedo Tai **3/4 2.Queen's Quest vs Team Marvelous **** 3.Donna del Mondo vs STARS ***1/4 Thoughts: 5STAR Special time on We are STARDOM!! which looks to set things up following the big tournament.  We started this edition with a captain's fall six-woman match with TCS going over Oedo Tai thanks to a DQ finish. It was chaotic but not necessarily in a bad way a worked as a decent start to the installment even if well below the recommendation cutoff. The Oedo Tai booking needs strengthened up quick. Next, Queen's Quest teamed up against Team Marvelous! This specific match was actually one I was very eager to see and they more than delivered. The energy alone made it worth seeing, but the action was tight, brisk, and just simply well done, too. It also set up future matches and featured a surprising outcome so that's truly icing. Watch this one if nothing else! We close with STARS and DdM going to a draw. The match itself was heavily edi

Top Five AEW vs IMPACT Match Options

Now that it's official, as had been teased for a decent amount of time now, I think we should go ahead and look at the five biggest/best matches we need to see out of the partnership of AEW and IMPACT. Join me, won't you? 5. The North vs FTR It's already being teased, but a feud between these two teams is required at this point and should make for an amazing series of matches. 4. Callihan vs Moxley Violence. Pure violence. You know you want to see how brutal this would be in 2021 and I am hoping we get that chance. 3. Willie Mack vs Kenny Omega I wanted to include Mack in this because the dude is just so fucking good. While there are many names that would be fun to see him face off against, such as Darby Allin (we need a rematch between Page and Darby by the way), Kenny is easily the best option for me and the most likely to provide a bitchin' match. 2. Motor City Machine Guns vs The Young Bucks We need this to happen obviously. I mean, this match not happening again wo

New AEW World Champion

  For major title changes, I am planning on making posts going forward. Along with the new Watch Now series of posts, I am hoping it helps liven up the blog in a way that is beneficial to you, the reader. Last night, for those that missed it, Kenny Omega aligned with Callis and took down the reigning champion, Jon Moxley. Canadian X now holds both the AEW Heavyweight belt as well as the AAA Mega Championship, the latter of which is actually being defended on the upcoming TripleMania show against Laredo Kid. Hopefully, the end game is a Blood & Guts match in 2021 with Kenny, The Young Bucks, Anderson, and Gallows against an assortment of talent from IMPACT, AEW, and more. I am also hoping they have Kenny go on a rampage and win the top belts in DDT(a match that is already set for the future), NWA, IMPACT, and more. Remember, while I don't give a fuck about the billionaires involved, I LOVE the extra exposure this creates for the workers. If politics and egos stay away as much as

WATCH NOW: ONE Championship Weekly 12/03


See Sting Debut in AEW

Tonight, Sting did exactly what I said weeks ago that he'd do and debuted in AEW. If you missed it happen or just want to see it again, click play above and chime in on the attached social media accounts on you predictions for him in the company.

WATCH NOW: Lucha Snack-Viva Vanguardia!!


Select Match Reviews: Eoin Colfer (Dragon Gate)

Match from Dragon Gate Dangerous Gate 09/21/2020 1.Steel Cage Six Way Survival: BxB vs Yoshino vs YAMATO vs Eita vs Big R vs KAI **** Thoughts: With this post, all that remains in the month of September is an episode of We are STARDOM!! and a roundup of G1 matches. That said, I couldn't pass up seeing this match. These damn cage matches are always a fucking spectacle of the highest level and are truly glorious in their chaos.  If you've never seen one before, think of WarGames but with the entire non-participant roster at ringside, flags hung on top to give the workers a way to escape, and a crap load of over the top action and drama including betrayals, confetti guns, a bag of baseballs, and a no sell table.  It's truly a sight to see. I won't ruin anything, because I think you really should just go out of your way to see this. This roster remains one of the more creative, athletic, and talented in the world and truly deserve more attention. I sadly think the streaming

Review Roundup of Missed Content #16: September Pt.4

Matches: 1.Titan vs Soberano (09/25) ****1/4 2.Templario vs Volador Jr (09/25) **** 3.Ladder: Styles vs Jeff vs Zayn (09/27) ****1/4 4.Ambulance: McIntyre vs Orton (09/27) ***1/2 5.Reigns vs Jey Uso (09/27) **** Thoughts: Up first, a truly fantastic lucha libre contest featuring Titan and Soberano showcasing why the genre is worth a look. They built up nicely across the window of time with well placed big spots, near falls, and technicality. Even naysayers of the style should enjoy this.  The other Aniversario pull featured Volador, a dude that can be amazing when he actually tries, against Templario, a dude that can be amazing when booked in the right match. They stepped up nicely and made this feel far shorter than it was thanks largely to the nice pace and well placed spots. This was the Volador I was hoping for! Fantastic stuff for sure and certainly worth seeing. The three-way ladder match was insane. I am a sucker for a good ladder match and this really was fantastic. The big spo

WATCH NOW: MLW Fusion #112

  Episode Card 1.Low Ki vs Davey Boy Smith Jr 2.Laredo Kid vs ACH 3.Black Hand vs Ariel Dominguez


Fans sometimes create an image of someone in their heads and stick so hard to it that anything bad is seen as a personal attack. Reminding folks of misdoings, especially things as terrible as sexual assault and pedophilia allegations has apparently put a target on my back from diehards. This includes death threats, being mocked as a retard (as if people with mental deficiencies are worth mocking), being called a troll, and more of the fun things that come along with the internet. If you were brought here and plan on leaving such comments, know that you truly are hurting the business you claim to love.  So, I'll let the folks rage themselves to sleep instead of doing research. The sooner we expose the ugliness of the industry, the better it will be. Heroes aren't perfect and accepting some are fucked up is okay, even if they just died.  Let's move forward, not back.

WATCH NOW: Dragon Gate 12/02 Preshow

Stream Card 1.Ben-K, Yosuke ♡ Santa Maria, Kzy, Strong Machine J vs Ultimo Dragon, Kagetora, Gamma, Kamei

WATCH NOW: We are STARDOM!! 12/02

Reported Episode Card 1.Momo, AZM vs Utami, Saya 2.Mayu, Starlight Kid vs Tam, Mina 3.Mayu, Starlight Kid vs Himeka, Syuri

WATCH NOW: BWF Telecatch #345

Episode Card 1.Combat Survivor: Big Boy vs O Aniquilador vs Guerreiro Fenix 2.BWF Campeonato de Duplas: Lobo, Roddox(c) vs Speed, Twister

WATCH NOW: Reality of Wrestling #293

Episode Card 1.Tommy Bolton vs Cameron Cole 2.Promise Braxton vs Jenna Lynn 3.Texas Championship: Will Allday(c) vs Isaiah James 4.Gino Medina vs Zack Mason

Red's RBI #8 (11/23-11/29)

Running a bit behind this week, obviously, but it's been chaotic around here including a strained ankle. Yay for that, I suppose?  BASKETBALL The Dinamo women's team crumbled again, this time falling by nearly 20 to Costa. Plain and simple, this season for the club has been rough and the men's side has been a mixed bag. Pass me a drink. College basketball returned during the week, which is fun. I made time to check out one game this time around. Ohio State's first two games of the year ended in victory. I managed to catch their UMass-Lowell game and, at risk of jinxing things, I must say that this seems like a team capable of a nice run in the tournament. They started slow and kept it far too close, far too long for comfort, but I saw some sparks here that could be fruitful. December will be the true test with Notre Dame on the 8th, UNC on the 19th, and Rutgers on the 23rd. If they can win at least two of these and walk out with wins in basically all the others, I will

EC3 vs Jay Briscoe Set For ROH Final Battle

As expected, Ring of Honor has announced the addition of Jay Briscoe versus EC3 for their Final Battle special event.  Here's the announcement: EC3 has been playing mind games with Jay Briscoe, but things are about to get real. A grudge match between the two rugged competitors and former world champions has been signed for the Final Battle pay-per-view on Dec. 18. It’s a rematch from their first meeting, which took place on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” two weeks ago, although that wasn’t really much of a match. EC3 got in Briscoe’s head in that bout by refusing to look him in the eye as he repeatedly extended his hand to the ROH original for the Code of Honor. The gesture infuriated Briscoe, who was disqualified less than two minutes into the contest for refusing to take his boot from EC3’s throat in the corner. EC3, who has said that he came to ROH to find out if honor is real, claims that Briscoe’s actions proved it isn’t. “Jay, you proved honor is not real. You proved yourself to b

NWA Shockwave #1 Review

Matches: 1.Eli Drake vs Jordan Cruz ES 2.Kamille vs Monroe **1/2 3.NWA World Heavyweight Title: Aldis(c) vs Bennett *** Thoughts: I have a strained ankle and it's making shit chaotic around the house, but this week's RBI is coming! First things first, I'd note that if you have already seen the UWN Primetime episodes that you can skip this. I was fairly certain they had just taken the footage from those and repurposed them and that's exactly what they did. I actually don't mind personally because I was planning on watching some of that anyway and now I wont have to pay Fite to see it. I can understand others being a bit upset I suppose at the concept but we're still fighting a pandemic that is just getting worse so I am all for creativity. CHIKARA was doing something kind of similar this year before shit hit the fan and they shut down. They also promoted this as brand new content and there's been some red flags, perhaps in prep for some blowback since they ar


Episode Card 1.Spears vs KTB 2.Fenrir vs Starks 3.Limelight vs Cutler 4.Cruz vs Avalon 5,Shanna vs Price 6.KiLynn vs Katalina 7.Priest, Maluta vs Best Friends 8.Bates vs Gracia 9.Angel, VSK, Donovan vs Gunn Club 10.Solow vs Sydal 11.SSB vs Guego del Sol, Black 12.Griff, Pillman vs Cezar, RYZIN 13.Snow vs Ivelisse 14.South Jr, Wayward vs Acclaimed 15.Chaos Project vs Chamberlain, Gargis 16.Lady Frost vs Red Velver 17.Dark Order (5,10) vs Jurassic Express vs Kiss, Janela

PWI Women's 100 OUT NOW

Let me preface this by stating that I find the PWI lists to be rather laughable, and note that down the line they increasingly make little sense. You'll find deceased workers, retired talents, duplicate names, and other nonsensical things in past iterations but I also understand the worth. To the wrestlers, having their name in a magazine is big, helps their exposure, and they can brag about it. So, without more soapboxing, lets dig in and feel free to drop your thoughts on the list in the comments or on the various, attached social media pages.  You can pick up a copy of the issue virtually or wherever PWI is sold. 1. Bayley 2. Becky Lynch 3. Asuka 4. Charlotte Flair 5. Sasha Banks 6. Hikaru Shida 7. Tessa Blanchard 8. Riho 9. Io Shirai 10. Mayu Iwatani 11. Rhea Ripley 12. Jordynne Grace 13. Shayna Baszler 14. Thunder Rosa 15. Kimber Lee 16. Nyla Rose 17. Taya Valkyrie 18. Kay Lee Ray 19. Kylie Rae 20. Nikki Cross 21. Kairi Sane 22. Britt Baker 23. Bianca Belair 24. Dakota Kai 25.

Full AAA TripleMania Card & More

The full card for this year's TripleMania XXVIII is officially set for the 12th of December and will take place in Arena Ciudad de Mexico.  -Maximo, Mr. Iguana, Nino Hamburguesa vs Poder del Norte -AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros vs Jinetes del Aire vs Los Mercenarios -Copa TripleMania Femenil: Faby vs Maravilla vs Tormenta vs Shani vs Hiedra vs Hades -Psycho Circus vs Familia Park, Blue Demon Jr -Arcano, Leyenda Americana vs Terror Purpura, Venenoide -AAA Mega Title: Omega(c) vs Laredo Kid -Apuesta, Hair vs Hair: Pagano vs Chessman This show will start at 7pm CT and is set to air on Facebook, YouTube, Space, and on delay on Azteca. Surprisingly, it is not airing on Twitch and there is no planned English commentary this time, either. The late La Parka is to honored with a Hall of Fame induction on the event

WATCH NOW: AEW Road to Winter is Coming


This week's episode of Ring of Honor is now up on Fite. Click HERE  to watch. Episode Card 1.Jay Lethal vs Josh Woods 2.Shane Taylor vs Brody King


WATCH NOW: AAA Auto Luchas #6

Episode Card 1.Hiedra, Maravilla vs Faby Apache, Lady Shani 2.Parka Negra vs Dinastia vs Carta Brava 3.Murder Clown vs Chessman vs Abismo Negro Jr 4.Laredo Kid, Laredo Boy vs Octagon Jr, Octagoncito


Celebrate Thanksgiving one more time with this week's episode of OVW TV. EPISODE CARD -Elimination: Team Pillman vs Team Gunn -8-Woman Elimination Tag #1 Contender Match


EVENT CARD 1.Cheff Benito vs Komander 2.Baby Xtreme vs Sobredosis 3.Super Libre: The Tiger vs Toxin 4.Mexica, Relampago, Veneno vs Estrella Divina, Karaoui, Tiago 5.Jessy Ventura, Pasion Kristal vs Big Chico Che, Big Ovett 6.Hijo de Canis Lupus, Hijo del Alebrije vs Demonio Infernal, Fresero Jr vs Hijo del Espectro Jr, Super Nova vs Fuerza Guerrera Next Gen, Puma King Details on the scheduled card for the show taken from  HERE !

WATCH NOW: CMLL Closed Door Show #12

EVENT CARD 1.Caristico, Negro Casas, Felino vs Niebla Roja, Angel de Oro, Terrible 2.Flyer, Atlantis Jr, Titan vs Safrado, Tiger, Templario 3.Mystique, Lluvia vs Reyna Isis, Dalys 4.Guerrero Maya Jr vs Universo 2000