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WATCH NOW: WWN Proving Ground 11/28

EVENT CARD 1.Mike Orlando vs Alex Todd 2.D'Lo Jordan vs Leo King 3.Blake Lanks, Daniel Lacey vs Bobby Flaco, Samuel C 4.Sideshow vs August Artois

We are STARDOM!! #41 Review

Matches: 1.Himeka vs Konami **3/4 2.Utami vs Syuri *** 3.5*STAR GP Finals: Utami vs Himeka ***1/2 Thoughts: The past few episodes of We are STARDOM!! have focused on this year's 5*STAR GP and with this installment we've finally reached the conclusion. The storytelling and match quality have been on par with my high expectations throughout the tournament and I was excited to see the payoff. The GP is notable for having several COVID related delays, by the way. A reminder that I praise the talent not the dipshits up top that are endangering the workers and fans. We start the episode with clips of Starlight falling to Saya, Giulia taking down Death, and Mayu defeating Tam in a match that looked great.  With that we moved onto the first match that was aired long enough to consider rating it with Konami against Himeka. The winner was set to take the Red Block. A draw pushes Mayu into the finals instead. The safe choice was to have either Konami win or a draw, but the way they had be

Review Roundup of Missed Content #15: September Pt.3

Matches:  1.Mox vs Kingston (09/23) ***1/2 2.Gauntlet Eliminator (09/23) ***3/4 3.Darby vs Starks (09/25) ***1/2 4.SCU vs FTR (09/25) ***1/2 5.Jericho vs Isiah (09/25) *** Thoughts: After this set, I am almost done with September and only have a few more things to watch. Slowly but surely, I catch up. First, Kingston of all fucking people in a main event against Jon Moxley. I watched Eddie's promo from the same evening. Kingston has been a workhorse for years and seemed to be another guy that never broke out and fizzled instead of rising. Now, he's a big name on the hottest wrestling show in the United States. The match was pretty good and felt like the fight I was expecting. Brawl style fans rejoice. Post, the Lucha Bros came and fucked shit up before Hobbs came in for a failed save. Chaos continued when Darby ran in, temporarily cleaning house before Taz's Ricky Starks put the heels back on top. Entertaining stuff for sure. The Gauntlet Eliminator match was a #1 contender

WATCH NOW: ChocoProLIVE #69 + #70

I had missed uploading episode 69, so let's start there. This installment includes Chie and Mei vs Sayaka and Sakura up first and then Yuna and Shinno in the main event. Tonight's episode starts with Sayuri against Mei, the midcard sees Akki and Chei against Obihiro and Emi, and the main event is Lulupencil taking on Ryo Mizunami. And, for newcomers to Gatoh Move's unique style, read THIS !

We are STARDOM!! #40 Review

Matches: 1.AZM vs Syuri NR 2.Giulia vs Tam ***1/2 3.Maika vs Utami *** Thoughts: The 5*STAR GP continues on this installment, with loads of clips along the way. Mayu and Death Yama-san's comedy based contest was a highlight from that batch as was Momo vs Utami's draw.  The first match we saw more than just a clip of was a sprint with a flash finish that we was still too short to rate.  The episode's best match and the sole recommendation worthy contest of the evening, for those just wanting to watch something quicker than the full episode, was Tam and Giulia's very good encounter. Giulia can be pretty enjoyable in the right setting and Tam is vastly underrated. They worked hard, gelled nicely, and told a good story. I also appreciated the outcome. Their previous singles match was also enjoyable and I look forward to seeing more from them. Closing this one, DdM's Maika and the rising star, Utami, went one on one. The Queen's Quest talent has been booked nicely of

WATCH NOW: Ralph Nader Radio Hour 11/28

This week's installment includes an interview with Dr. Jacobson, writer of "Salt Wars", as well as one with Mr. Greenblott speaking about protecting yourself from Medicare scams.

WATCH NOW: Championship Wrestling #87

  Episode Card 1.Heritage Title: Ray Rosas(c) vs Jordan Clearwater 2.Dan Joseph vs Jordan Cruz 3.Jesse James vs Guy Cool 4.Will Allday vs SNYPES

Review Roundup of Missed Content #14: September Pt.2

Matches: 1.Ilja vs Noam (09/17) **** 2.Nakajima vs Kenou (09/18) ****1/4 3.Dragon Bane vs Shun Skywalker (09/20) ***1/2 4.Toxin vs Puma de Oro (09/20) **** 5.Marufuji vs Sugiura (09/22) ***3/4 Thoughts: Up first, Ilja and Noam had a banger on a show that no one watches. I've called the program a soulless version take on the elder contemporaries like PROGRESS and stand by that in the same way that NXT is a largely soulless version of older Ring of Honor. That said, they have the roster there so you know occasionally you'll get something worthwhile and damn, this was worthwhile. Noam looked better than basically ever and Ilja was T-1000. Don't gloss over this one. Our second pull was a rematch of the kick lords and damn, even the entrances rocked here. Kenou refused to shake Nakajima's hand at the start, adding to the drama. Note that this was from the N-1 Victory series, for additional info. If you want to kill someone, make a drinking game where they have to take a shot

WATCH NOW: MLW Fusion #111

  MLW FUSION #111 CARD: -Calvin Tankman Debut -Opera Cup Opening Round: TJP vs Richard Holliday -Opera Cup Opening Round: Tom Lawlor vs Rocky Romero


Chocolate Pro Wrestling #68 Match Card  1.Baliyan Akki & Chie Koishikawa vs Yuna Mizumori & Emi Sakura 2.Mei Suruga VS Choun Shiryu

New Content Added to Free Tier of WWE Network

Hello, my fellow fat fucks. For those with the WWE Network free tier, know that they have added the following new titles: * NXT Takeover: Brooklyn I * NXT Takeover: Portland * NXT Takeover: Respect * NXT Takeover: Wargames 2017 * NXT Takeover: Wargames 2018 * NXT Takeover: Wargames 2019 * WWE Rivalries Austin versus McMahon Part 1 & 2 * WCW Wrestler War 1991 * WCW Clash of Champions XXVII * WCW Monday Nitro, March 26, 2001 * WrestleMania Rewind: Hogan versus Andre The Giant-WrestleMania III * Wrestlemania Rewind: Austin versus The Rock-WrestleMania XV

Thoughts on NWA Shockwave Announcement

Earlier this evening, I posted on the RW+B Facebook page the announcement and video release from the National Wrestling Alliance regarding their new series, Shockwave, which is set to debut next week. First, I'd like to give props and a general shoutout for the reference to the now dead NWA brand, NWA Shockwave which was a true trendsetter. Second, I'd like to credit the NWA for attempting to move forward right now. The new show will air on Tuesday nights at 6 PM Eastern. Note that they also announced that fans that join their Patreon will have access one day early if that's something you might be interested in. Details are in the video description above if you follow it to the YT channel. I will be keeping an eye on the new show as I generally enjoyed the second season of Powerrr. Give it a look if you are so inclined. I am especially curious to see if there will be any crossover at all with AEW on the show. Personally, I thought it was smart that they had realigned with

We are STARDOM!! #39 Review

Matches: 1.Mayu vs Konami ***1/2 2.Giulia vs Konami ***1/4 3.AZM vs Utami ***1/4 Thoughts: We start this week with highlights from night three of the 5STAR GP, with perhaps the biggest moment being Tora beating Momo thanks to a viscous choke out with a steel chain. Note that the 38th episode was skipped due to it being a flashback filler installment. We then moved straight to our first match of the episode, which saw Mayu and Konami go one on one where the two would put in for a very pleasant opener for the installment. The champ tried a lot of her tricks, but a spark from her opponent led to the upset outcome. The storytelling of this tournament is on par with the quality of the content thus far. Konami is on the rise, y'all! Jungle and Oedo Tai set up their awaited match that might see TCS disband in the next clip before we moved to night four. In the clip portion, we saw Mayu get a win back while teaming with Hanan. Their tails were too much, it seems.  Konami got another spotli

Red's RBI #7 (11/16-11/22)

BASEBALL The Mets got some news this week, as Cano will miss the 2021 season due to testing positive for PED's. DJ is being courted by both New York squads. The Yankees appear to be tendering Gary Sanchez which I take as a sign that they are going to open their pocket books up. It's going to be very interesting in New York over the next few months. BASKETBALL Dinamo Sassari won their Serie A league game against Bakken by seven. Their game set for the 22nd against Cremona was cancelled. Cremona has cancelled their past three games. The women's team could only put in 57 and were outclassed by Venezia's 97 in their first game since the 24th of October (COVID). In Brooklyn news, the Nets legit have a chance to make New York theirs for good right now and stick a knife in the Knicks. Joe Harris has agreed to return, and Shamet comes in along with Jeff Green. KD and Kyrie have help around them and there is still a slight chance Harden comes, too. They own the headlines right n