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Late Night Snack #10: Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

The return of the Late Night Snack feature returns! I will aim to make this a weekly occurrence, with a new post every Friday evening but for now lets start with once a month and move forward. This week we have the first film in the crowdsourced Mythica series, featuring Kevin Sorbo and Melanie Stone. It's basically a film made for Dungeons & Dragons players and those familiar with the tabletop rpg will likely have fun with this one. It's very much an indie film but far better than most, doing enough to warrant some respect. I also appreciate the scope of the series, which is five films in as of now, which is a rare thing in the genre for any franchise outside of the Tolkien realm.  Check it out and remember that a lot of things that we consider brave in this life don't require courage but money. That or a sword and some gumption... Red's Rating: ***

ROH TV #469 Review

Matches: 1.Lethal vs Castle ***1/2 2.Gresham vs Yuta ***3/4 Thoughts: This was the first episode back to new content for ROH as they had done the right thing and shut down, while reportedly paying talent, for a majority of the year. I have heard that they also have one of the best COVID protocols in the game right now and, even though I still think it's too risky for wrestling to be happening right now in general, I at least appreciate the effort. Why no company seems to be doing a bubble, I have no idea. I can also applaud them for doing things that are annoying the dipshit, Flip Gordon! Anyway, let's check out the episode before we get to the next roundup post. This episode begins the tournament to crowd a new Pure Champion, and I have to admit that I love that they are bringing back that strap. While Lifeblood fizzled out and never became what I was hoping it'd be for the company, I will more than "settle" for this instead. It's arguably an upgrade, even. Q

AEW Dynamite #50 Review

Matches: 1.FTR vs Jurassic Express ***1/2 2.Page vs Kaz **** 3.MJF vs Dean NR 4.Inner Circle(Jericho,Hager) vs Private Party ***1/2 5.NWA Women's Title: Thunder Rosa(c) vs Ivelisse ***1/2 6.Parking Lot Fight: Inner Circle(PnP) vs Best Friends ****1/2 Thoughts: The Bucks superkicked a ref to start this one, leading into our opening match of the night. Note that I am watching this complete episode because there was strong buzz around it for a week with many claiming it was the best episode of wrestling television in years.  FTR and the Jurassic boys kicked this off on a heck of a high note, with a decent flow, tight action, and a decent amount of nearfall drama sprinkled in for good measure. Hell, the only real knock was the finish and it's not a big deal seeing as this was just a throwaway tag. We go backstage and see Matt down, grasping his knee tight. Jericho and Hager mock him and ask the doctor if they'll need to amputate. Kenny joins the commentary team for the next mat

The Rise & Fall of Ben Carter

Sure, the title of this one is rather hyperbolic in nature I will grant you that but join me please as we take a look at one of the more interesting stories of 2020. A few months ago, Ben Carter was brought to AEW for a trilogy of matches on their developmental show, Dark. Keep in mind that the brand has seen a wide variety of names come in to job to signed workers and a few have done well enough to earn contracts as a result of their performances. He came in and worked for free because his visa status wouldn't allow for any form of compensation. At least, not any compensation that wasn't under the table. Note that I am in no way suggesting Khan and crew did anything illegal. I am fairly certain some of the indies he worked for prior to the AEW shows did but I actually don't have a real issue with that, either. I mean, the guy was risking his livelihood and deserves something for his trouble. In the case of AEW, at the very least he got exposure. And not in the, "work

Red's RBI #6 (11/08-11/15)

Welcome to the latest edition of Red' RBI, where I complain about how shitty most of my favorite teams are doing and praise the few that are doing decent. A reminder that a majority of the coverage in this ongoing segment features teams from the New York area with Italian clubs taking the second place spot and a few "random" ones rounding things out. I have a reason for each fandom and will sprinkle some info on why alongside the info below this time for those that might be curious. Also, note that I am changing the days covered moving forward, going from Sunday-Saturday and now opting for Monday-Sunday. As a result of that change, this edition includes an extra day. BASKETBALL Dinamo Sassari's Serie A1 Femminile squad once again had to delay their game this week due to, you guessed it, COVID. The men's team had a rough week, too, slipping once more and eating another L and have been very beauty and the beast this year with a 3-3 record across all forms of competi

Review Roundup of Missed Content #13: September Pt.1

Matches: 1.Dragon Bane, Trauma I vs Hijo de Canis Lupus, Trauma II (09/06) ***1/2 2.Shun Skywalker vs Demonio Infernal (09/06) ***3/4 3.Cole vs Balor (09/08) **** 4.Cage: Ripley vs Martinez (09/08)  ***3/4 5.Los Golpeadors vs Shun Skywalker, Yoshioka (09/13) ***1/4 Thoughts: Up first brothers versus brothers, as in a situation like if Jeff Hardy and Jey Uso took on Matt and Jimmy. This was actually really fun but I do have to ask why some people feel the need to lower their masks to talk? Here, fans could be seen lowering their masks to cheer. Why? Anyway, this was right on par with my expectations in a good way and was full of hard hits and fun spots and you have to love brothers beating the hell out of each other. Check it out if you like this genre of lucha libre. Next, from the same gig, Shun Skywalker, who just won the Open the Dream Gate Championship this weekend in Dragon Gate, took on Demonio Infernal for the Rey del Ring belt and boy it was great, chaos. Spot after spot, some