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Red's RBI #4 (10/25-10/31)

BASKETBALL This week, the Dinamo teams had trouble. The men's side failed to put away Reyer as Bramos put in 28 of 99 points. This pulled them above Dinamo Sassari in the table with the victors taking their 8th and Dinamo stuck with 6. The women's team had their game postponed. My Italian isn't as good as my dead relatives would like, but I can tell you that the situation is thanks to what you likely guessed already; COVID. FOOTBALL The New York Jets  continued to disappoint lifelong fans like myself last Sunday. Note that I really hope we don't fuck up and move away from SD. Sure, he's been hit or miss at QB, but he's surrounded by shit and a shiny new toy won't change the bigger issues. Also, if you're a coach on the defense side of things, don't run your mouth against the offense because there's a good chance you'll be left eating your words the next game. Just saying. 0-7 feels a whole lot like 0-16 right now. On the college side of thing