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The Debate That Mattered (AEW)

As I catch up on missed content, one non-match moment that I wanted to make sure to cover her in the blog took place on AEW Dynamite and saw Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy participate in a debate. During that segment, WCW legend, Eric Bischoff, served as the moderator. This was clearly something I had to see. The two presidential debates that we got between Biden and Trump were absolute train wrecks so if you need a palate cleanser this might be just what you need if nothing else, presuming you missed it. Note that it was 20 years ago that Eric was last on TNT, which is a rather awesome stat to log. Of course, the entire thing was to be taken in a manner that was far from serious, but that's okay. It was meant to be fun and entertaining and I think it easily succeeded at that. The layout was clever and unique and worked as a reminder of the creativity behind the scenes of the program, especially when you remember that WWE is still recycling the same things that they have been usi

Review Roundup of Missed Content #10: August Pt.1

Matches: 1.Doi vs Eita (08/02) ***1/2 2.Kenou vs Nakajima (08/04) ****1/4 3.Go vs Marufuji (08/05) ****1/0 4.CHAOS vs Golden Ace, Wato (08/08) **** 5.Suzu vs Yukihi (08/09) **** Thoughts: Watching episodes of Dimension 20 has slowed my catching up of wrestling but I have no regrets. Fantasy High is amazing. Also, I am working on putting together a Dungeons & Dragons stream with wrestlers for charity. Just a heads up. In regards to this round up, this time I did just five matches. There are a few reasons, but I largely wanted to see if I liked the format. Up first this time around, we have content featuring two of the top names of the unique roster that makes up Dragon Gate going one on one. Sadly, despite my expectations, this was underwhelming. While pretty good, I expected far more especially for such a big moment. Alas, the issues were too much to rate higher but I know many considered it to be far better than myself so perhaps I am being too hard. The second match didn't di

Open the Dungeon Gate #4: The Army That Marches (Xarv'inX)

System Used: DnD 5e Players: A as Ski(pronounced Sky), Jess as Nerida As Ski, Nemeia, and Ea go to exit the Elder Forest, returning home to Garell and, more specifically, the walled city and capital of Noramere, they saw the moon, full and bright, lighting up the night sky in a way that illuminated the beautiful stonework of the capital. As they admired the sight that never grew old, they heard the Horn of Garell sound which boomed loudly in all directions alerting those in the city to find safety quickly and those outside of it to stay away. Ea looked at them in a way to say, "be safe" and ran toward Noramere knowing that they would be okay and that her kingdom needed her assistance.  As the sole entry, a giant wooden gate, closed she leaped in at an angle, barely making it in. Professor Elias stepped out from the shadows to their sides with a panicked look on his face. "Run", was all he got out as an arrow shot out from somewhere on the wall and landed in his back

Red's RBI #3 (10/18-10/24)

BASKETBALL Italian club, Dinamo Sassari, had games on the 18th and 21st, with the prior being LBA action and the latter being part of the ongoing Champions League. They won both. Cardboard fans rejoice! The LBF side of things also picked up a W this week, which made for a pleasant week of basketball for I. Based off of what I've seen thus far, I think it's fair to suggest the LBA squad has a real shot this year. The LBF team would need to get lucky and find a way of closing up some of the holes but they could be a darkhorse. If you've never watched Italian basketball, give it a look. With the NBA having just finished, I think it's a good time to jump in. FOOTBALL The Jets...what a fucking train wreck. This is historical levels of bad. In ten years, folks will see this as one of the worst teams ever. As a diehard, long time fan it has been a Shakespeare tragedy. I mean, the teams lined up on the wrong side for the coin toss. It started off bad and kept running poorly. Wh