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Open the Dungeon Gate #3: Goblins Under the Waterfall

System Used: DnD 5e Players: A playing as Ski, Jess as Nerida It's been a few days since Princess Ski, her best friend, Nemeia, and Nemeia's older sister, Ea, arrived in Aidespir. The festivities went by largely without issue, as tensions were clear but also helped ensure that no one stepped out of line. The duties of a diplomat essentially complete, Ski and her group went to enjoy a meal at one of the local eateries. Inside, a bartender with long blonde hair served food and drinks to the patrons, which currently consisted of your own party and one other. After about thirty minutes, a female fae walked in and asked the bartender something before heading to the back near the restroom. When she entered, she glanced quickly at Ski, a move that Ea took note of. The bartender rolled her eyes. The Fae race was a fairly diverse group made up of many forms of beings. Some were small and pixie sized. Some were subspecies of monsters, such as the two-foot fae dragon that was encountered

Open the Dungeon Gate #2.5: The World of Xarv'inX

This edition of Open the Dungeon Gate is more a world building post, detailing the world of Xarv'inX for those that might be interested in reading more up on my setting. GENERAL The Continent of Mern is the main spot for my current games and is made up of four kingdoms. The first, and biggest, is the Kingdom of Cyr . This is the biggest melting pot in the world, with a population make up consisting of a bit of every race throughout the large territory. That said, their current elected leader, Tornilius Cercum, an elf, has promoted bigotry largely directed at dwarves and mixed races and has promoted an atmosphere that has created strong unease across not just Cyr, but Mern as well. Long ago, Cyr was ran by a king but that has since changed despite the name suggesting otherwise. Of course, Cercum would love to return to that format. The land has four states within it, each featuring its own elected official that represents the people in the Cyrian Government Council, or simply, The

Why You Should Be Watching The Multiverse of Matt Hardy

We are two episodes in on Matt's new YouTube series, known appropriately as The Multiverse of Matt Hardy. It's a combination theme show, each episode being quick and easy to watch, and explores both the personal side of Matt as well as the creative side. Throughout each so far, we've had footage of the elder Hardy having fun with his kids mixed alongside his assorted characters making cameos. It's personal, entertaining, and crazy. I recommend this for fans not just of Matt, but as an accompany series to BTE. Check out episode two above and prepare the battlefield for...DELETION!

We are STARDOM!! #35 Review

Matches: 1.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: TCS vs Queen's Quest ***1/2 2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Giulia vs Tam ***3/4 Thoughts: This is the last episode featuring July coverage, thus putting me into August finally. That said, the prior sentence should not be seen as writing off the episode at hand, though. In fact, this installment is another must-see edition of We are STARDOM!! that saw two vacancies filled. Up first, Tokyo Cyber Squad members Jungle and Konami showed that, without Hana, the squad might be more weak than expected. I take it as a sign of respect to the late Hana in the way they booked it. Maybe I am reading into it wrongly, but either way this was a pretty good tag match to start the episode. The main event saw Tam and Giulia for the Wonder of STARDOM strap. It felt like a true big match and I like the outcome here. Tam would have been an easy, feel good choice but Giulia's rise is too much to ignore. Besides, they have Mayu with the World belt. The finish was me

We are STARDOM!! #34 Review

Matches: 1.Artist of STARDOM Titles: DDM(c) vs Oedo Tai ***1/2 2.World of STARDOM Title: Mayu(c) vs Jungle ****1/4 Thoughts: In this episode, we start with the continuation of the Donna del Mondo versus Oedo Tai rivalry with the highlight being Saki and Giulia's section as expected. Following Saki's victory over the DDM leader, Giulia was looking to return the favor heading into her title match against Tam and she did just that thanks to the Glorious Driver. I'd be okay with these girls holding the Artist belts for a very long time at this rate. Match-wise, this was pretty good and a strong start.  We saw some clips from the set of shows detailing other happenings before moving to the main event which saw Mayu defending the World of STARDOM Championship against Jungle Kyona. I had huge expectations for the match and it delivered! The champ was resilient as ever, pulling out all of the stops and Jungle took her to the limit before falling. The drama was spectacular and the a

My PS4 Game Library

This is an alphabetical list of games I own for the Playstation 4, largely being posted for my own personal use and for documentation reasons. I am considering adding reviews for each in the future, though. DIGITAL 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis ABSOLVER ABZU Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations America's Army: Proving Grounds Amnesia Collection Amplitude Another World 20th Anniversary Edition Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Batman: The Telltale Series Batman: Arkham Knight Beyond Two Souls Bioshock Collection Bioshock Infinite Complete Blacklight Retribution Blood Bowl 2 Bloodborne Borderlands Handsome Collection Bulletstorm Full Clip Burly Men at Sea Call of Duty Black Ops III Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Claire Crossout Darksiders Warmastered Edition Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Darksiders III DC Universe Online Destiny Destiny 2 Detroit Become Human Digital Deluxe Deus Ex Mankind Divided Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Doom Dragon Ball Zenoverse Dragon Fin

We are STARDOM!! #33 Review

Matches: 1.Future of STARDOM Title: Maika vs Iida vs Kamitani ***1/4 2.High Speed Title: Riho(c) vs Starlight Kid vs AZM ***1/2 Thoughts: This time we start with the Future of STARDOM Championship on the line, which is a belt that was vacated early in the year by Utami. They used an interesting gimmick here which saw a revolving set of singles matches between the three talents and to win you needed to pick up two victories in a row. I've only seen this used a few times, but I find it to be a decent concept and in this case it actually worked well to showcase these ladies all things considered. Truly, I think this proved that they all three are going to be bright aspects of STARDOM's future.  The main event this week saw more gold on the line with Riho defending the High Speed Championship against Starlight Kid and AZM. Keeping with the theme, this was high speed, full of energy, and briskly paced with all three putting in for a mostly smooth spotfest that ended when AZM put awa

We are STARDOM!! #32 Review

Matches: 1.Giulia vs Konami ***1/2 2.Tam vs Tora ***1/2 Thoughts: This episode focuses on the Explode in Summer show, which saw a tournament to crown a new Wonder of STARDOM Champ after the retirement of Arisa during the pandemic break. With the loses of her along with the passing of Hana during that same window and adding in the inability to use gajin talents on the show, STARDOM was looking a bit different than they were pre-pandemic, but they are such a stacked joshi fed that they were more than able to step up and keep pumping out fun content. RIP Hana. Up first, Giulia and Konami kicked things off with a good match and the right person winning. Admittedly I was expecting a tad more, but it's a minor nitpick as they still worked hard and I think the biggest thing was just that they worked a format that was a bit different than I expected. Note it was still worth seeing for sure, so don't mistake that as anything majorly negative. Next, Tam and Tora competed in the other tou

We are STARDOM!! #31 Review

Matches: 1.DDM vs Oedo Tai *** 2.Mayu vs Momo vs Konami ***3/4 3.Riho, STARS vs DDM ***1/2 Thoughts: All I have left from July is a few episodes of my favorite weekly series, We are STARDOM!! so lets dig in. Up first, Giulia and her team of dicks took on the Oedo Tai dicks in trios action which served as a fun way to start the episode and the finish was a nice surprise as Saki gave Giulia her first pinfall L to date in the company as best as I can tell. She was pissed! After, Saki slapped the taste of of her mouth. In the two spot, we had a major, high octane three-way match full of drama and some creativity. As far as time limit draws go, this was one of my favorites and well worth seeing. Post-match, Mayu called out Jungle and said she wants her next defense to be versus her but mentioned she wants to give Konami and Momo a shot after. Riho teamed with STARS to take on DDM in out third contest of the installment which was a good fit for her. As a result, we had a strong face vs heel

Red's RBI #2 (10/11-10/17)

Welcome back for round two. A reminder that Red's RBI isn't a general sports column as much as it is a look at the games and teams that I love and support. If you're not from the New York area or if you're a dirty Giants fan, your opinions will likely differ from my own. Once you finish reading #2, if you like to play online casinos you should check out . BASEBALL The offseason inches closer and for NYM, they need to finally start giving a damn about defense. Luis and Andres can't do it all, guys! In the FA field, they should look at adding McCann as catcher and Bradley Jr at center field. Those two moves alone will help get the team on a better track. Over in Playoff news, the Rays have taken the AL by defeating Houston 4-3. Tonight, the Braves and Dodgers face off in game seven on the NL side. I actually have Atlanta falling to LA in that game setting up a Florida versus California World Series. BASKETBALL Dinamo Sassari needed to not just re