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WWE Main Event 10/08 Review

Matches: 1.Royce vs Kay ** 2.Akira vs Andrade **1/4 Thoughts: The opener was average at best. The Roman angle stuff was well done and I actually didn't hate the Rollins/Rey family drama they showed this time. They announced Banks and Bayley for tonight. It's an angle my daughter is attached to so I might watch Smackdown. If not, we'll stick to Main Event. I am leaning towards the latter, presuming they'll show us the match next week at what happened. The main event of the evening had a lot of potential. Sadly, it feel short and was super phoned in. Oh, and why the fuck is Tozawa pretending to be a ninja? The last minute or so was decent. This week's episode close with a look at Randy and Drew's drama, a six-man match from Raw, and the aftermath. Nothing major but nothing bad. The match looked fun. I also wanna note that I agree heavily with Arn's take on the usage of the HITC and find that one of WWE's biggest mistakes is the way they book special events

WWE Main Event 10/01 Review

Matches: 1.Erik vs Moss ** 2.Humberto vs Dolph **1/2 Thoughts: This week we got to see Erik do the job to one of the most average workers ever. Fun fact but before joining WWE, the wrestler formerly known as Ray Rowe dated an ex of mine. From all experiences I've had he's a decent dude. Same with Hanson. But yea, the opener was the definition of a two star match. Clash of Champions content was showcased throughout. Some of the matches will be on my watch list for the month when I get that far along. Probably just the ladder match and main. Asuka defended against Vega in a Raw match. Nothing major and nothing worth even going into. Asuka rightfully won at least. Rey family drama. Meh. If it all means Murphy gets pushed it's okay, but the fact that they have him grooming while keeping a pedo signed on NXT is a special kind of fucked up. Dominik and Murphy's match was athletic but with a shit finish and bs drama tacked on. It's like a bad soap. *Correction, apparently

Review Roundup of Missed Content #8: July Pt. 1

Matches: 1.Ishii vs Hiromu (07/02) ****1/2 2.Hiromu vs Okada (07/03) **** 3.Bayley, Banks vs Asuka, Sane (07/03) ***1/2 4.SHINGO vs SHO (07/12) ****1/2 5.Golden Ace vs Dangerous Tekkers (07/12) **** 6.Naito vs EVIL (07/12) *** 7.Arisa vs Yoshiko (07/13) ****1/4 8.Io vs Nox (07/15) **** 9.Reed vs Gargano vs Strong (07/15) ***3/4 10.Asuka vs Banks (07/19) ***3/4 Thoughts: Splitting this one into two parts. I also have a DDT event and some We are STARDOM to watch separately from July. Up first, two of my personal favorites tried their best to kill each other. Now, I'd like to quickly note that I have no interest in them putting Hiromu in the heavyweight group anytime soon largely because the dude is the best junior in the world and the division would hurt without him. That said, I'd still like occasional matches like these on spot shows. Ishii is a god of course so mixing them together makes for high expectations and they both killed it!  Hiromu, in my opinion, out performed the a