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RWB TRUE World Tag Team Open Championship Invitational League Announcement

Like the singles championship, I also am running a tag tournament featuring 16 of the top tag champs from around the world. Coverage for this will begin soon as well.  Here's the lineup: -AAA: Lucha Bros -AEW: FTR -AJPW: Violent Giants -CMLL: Caristico, Mistico -DDT: Nautilus -Dragon Gate: Lee, Kota -IMPACT: MCMG -MLW: Von Erichs -NJPW: Dangerous Tekkers, Suzuki-gun Juniors -NOAH: Ogawa, Hayata -PWG: Rascalz -ROH: Lee, Gresham -Sendai: Hiroyo, DASH -STARDOM: Utami, Saya -WWE: Cesaro & Naka 

AEW Fyter Fest Night Two Review

Matches: 1.AEW Tag Titles: Elite(c) vs Private Party ***3/4 2.Archer vs Janela *** 3.Butcher & Blade, Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks, FTR ***3/4 4.Rose vs Kenzie,King NR 5.Dark Order, Colt vs SCU ***1/4 6.Jericho vs Orange ***3/4 Thoughts: Night two featured better overall content than night one. Kenny and Page got a great match versus Private Party in the opener, Archer and Janela worked a fun extended squash, the atomico was wildly entertaining, Rose had a decent handicap squash, the six-man with Dark Order (and Colt) versus SCU was good, and the main was exactly what it should be. The hits were harder than what cameraman 8 felt in the Reds game this morning. In other news, Cage was given the FTW Championship from Tazz, Swole and Baker had a moment, and Darby sent in footage of him trying to kill himself. Good shit.  The roster stepped up nicely here and it made for a very strong episode. Overall Rating:80/100%

AEW Fyter Fest Night One Review

Matches: 1.Jurassic Express vs MJF, Wardlow ***1/4 2.AEW Women's Title: Shida(c) vs Ford ***1/2 3.AEW TNT Title: Cody(c) vs Hager ***1/4 4.Inner Circle vs Private Party ***1/2 5.AEW Tag Titles: Elite(c) vs Best Friends ***1/2 Thoughts: We're in July now as I catch up and I see both nights of this special edition installment received strong reviews so lets dig in. I might have two other Dynamite episodes that were taped this month to review in full too if time allows. The choice to watch these in full was aided by my kiddos wanting to see, "that dinosaur and the bang guy" more, by the way. I'll be doing a large roundup of July content separate as well, like I've done with the other months. Up first, Jurassic Express against MJF and his bodyguard, Wardlow. The cute little kip up sequence was fun and the entire thing was entertaining. The finish could've been a tad better and nothing here blew me away, but it was a good start. The MJF promo that preceded this

Review Roundup of Missed Content #7: June Pt. 2

Matches: 1.Butcher & Blade vs FTR (06/10) ***3/4 2.Cody vs Quen (06/10) ***1/4 3.Arisa vs ASUKA (06/13) ****3/4 4.Maya vs Suzu (06/13) **** 5.Go vs Saito (06/14) ***3/4 6.Suzuki vs Nagata (06/17) **** 7.Bayley, Banks vs Shotzi, Nox (06/17) ***1/4 8.567 Tubes: Abdullah vs Sakuda vs Ishikawa (06/21) ***1/2 9.SHO vs SHINGO (06/22) ****1/4 12.Suwama vs Ashino (06/30) **** Thoughts: Ten more for the month of June. Here's part one of the month's review roundup. The first match this go around saw FTR versus B&B. I see Bunny is no longer aligned with the duo. Bad call in my opinion. She's a solid enough worker that they should use her in ring, especially with the division being diminished a bit right now, but they should still have kept her as a manager alongside her husband and the Everytime I Die badass. Oh well. I'm very happy for FTR as I remember they were amazing in NXT but it seemed they hated "main roster" WWE. After seeing the way they were treated

RWB TRUE World Open Championship Invitational League Announcement

Utilizing Fire Pro World, I will be holding a huge tournament featuring the top champions in wrestling to crowd the RWB TRUE World Championship. This is an openweight, open gender title. Eligible competitors must hold a subjectively significant tiered championship as of September 15th to qualify and work for one of the following companies (listed alphabetically): AAA, AEW, AJPW, BJW, CMLL, CZW, DDT, Dragon Gate, GCW, Ice Ribbon, IMPACT, IWRG, MLW, NJPW, NOAH, NWA, Oz Academy, PROGRESS, PWG, RevPro, ROH, TJP, Sendai, SEAdLINNNG, SHIMMER, STARDOM, WWE, and wXw. I will run one of these for teams, too. The winner will defend monthly against the person I pick as wrestler of the month unless someone wins a televised match against them in which case that person gets the shot. More details and coverage to follow. Here's the lineup: -AAA: Omega, Daga, Laredo Kid, Taya -AEW: Moxley, Brodie, Shida -AJPW: Suwama, Yoshitatsu -BJW: Daichi, Ito -CMLL: Ultimo Guerrero, Niebla, Cuatrero, Volador, C

NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 62 Thoughts

The latest episode of Ten Pounds of Gold builds up Mike Bennett's challenge for Aldis' NWA World Heavyweight Championship, with the usual, well done personal touches tacked on throughout. Mike chats about his passion for the industry and why he refuses to give up. Nick gets plugged for his value as the face of the brand.  NWA does a great job making matches come off as emotional and important. The in ring content might not be at the same level as most of the other major feds in the business, but it comes off strong due to the hard work of the talent nonetheless. During the second season of Powerrr I found myself enjoying the series and embracing it for all the flaws. The third season was a dip but had a lot of potential, but we know what happened with that. I am interested to see how the group handle things moving forward now. If you are interested in NWA, go ahead and check this out. I'll post the review for the match when I get a chance to watch, but this had me far more

We are STARDOM!! #28 Review

Matches: 1.Queen's Quest(Momo,AZM) vs Queen's Quest(Utami,Saya) ***1/4 2.DdM(Giulia,Syuri,Maika,Himeka) vs STARS(Mayu,Starlight,Tam,Lida) ***1/2 Thoughts: The Jets sent out a lot of red flags yesterday afternoon, failing to play the full dollar or even close to it, so some STARDOM with my daughter should make for a fun way to make up for things. This is from the Stardom Is Again! return show back near the end of June. The episode started with a shot of a Hana tribute taking place and then showcased a few quick clips of low card match finishes before moving onto the meat of the installment. Up first, in-fighting between QQ duos. This was clipped down to around six minutes and focused on Momo and Utami's stretch of the match and the finish, with the other players working  as quick assistance spots. Luckily, those two are the stars of the match. Nearing the time limit, we saw both in a frantic pace trying to put each other away but inevitably a draw ensured no one would be hav