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Trump's COVID Response

Let me start by saying that I am very aware that Trump is a complete fucking moron. Anyone that thinks otherwise likely is, too. That said, he's good at playing the game and exploiting situations. Also, what he lacks in true intelligence is made up for by the dangerous people that he has surrounded himself with. Regardless, I think we discredit the current administration far too often, myself included, by assuming that some actions were done out of stupidity versus intended maliciousness. COVID is a great example, specifically the way in which we handled it as a country. We wrote off the way the country has responded as illogically done, writing the entire thing off as the work of a clown.  We were wrong. Take a look at Trump's presidency. One of this administrations biggest goals has been to further along the wealth gap and promote even more power into the hands of the elite. Make no mistake, Trump is not one of the people. He has long positioned himself as an top shelf man an

3 AWESOME Tyler Black Matches in ROH! Review

Matches: 1.Black vs Danielson vs Omega ***3/4 2.ROH World Title: Aries(c) vs Black **3/4 3.ROH World Title: Black(c) vs Steen **** Thoughts: I'll be the first to admit that what I saw of Tyler in Ring of Honor back in the day didn't amaze me. Don't get me wrong, he was solid, but he was still a weak link compared to many of the more talented roster members. His WWE work, when I watched the company, was actually a rare example of him appearing better in Vince's walls than outside of them. That said, I don't remember these matches and they had decent ratings on Cagematch, so lets take a look... The first match was a bit funny, since this is supposed to be a showcase for the artist formerly known as Tyler Black despite the fact that he doesn't win and, more importantly, is the weak link of the match. Still, it was an overall great encounter and a fun nostalgia watch for fans of the three. Up second, a 22-minute match that felt a bit too bloated and featured