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Snake River Dojo Prologue

Snake River Dojo was a small, independent professional wrestling organization with shop set up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The owner, Trevor Small was a decent man overall which is saying something considering the industry. I suppose some pearl clutching, southern belle types might disagree since he did like to get high off some edibles he purchases from a local dealer, but that's about as far as it'd go. The company had been running for about two years now, building nicely enough from their very humble beginnings. The debut show for SRD had eight in attendance, and some of them were just homeless people trying to come in from the rain, taking advantage of the free admission gimmick they attempted. It turns out people see something is free and assume it likely isn't worth seeing. That and Trevor had promoted the event poorly around town, assuming word of mouth would be enough. It didn't help that Mr. Small had been forced to relocate the event from the originally planned loc

Wakely Bakelys Pot Brownie Recipe

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Late Night Snack #9: The Gamers