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An Introduction to New Japan UPDATED

Updated 02/04/21 New Japan has been around for over 45 years. They call themselves the Kings of Pro Wrestling and many agree with that claim. Below is a quick run down of the promotion as it stands today along with links to content to aid in fully helping newcomers embrace them. This was made for one person in particular and then updated for another but I hope it's of use to others, too. Note that if you enjoy what you see, they have a streaming service called New Japan World that is well worth subscribing to. Here  is a guide to sign up. Also, their YouTube  which features loads of great content is worth checking out. It might also interest you to know that they are teaming with Roku and starting 02/11/21 they'll be airing weekly at 5pm. A deal with Pluto TV also is set to be announced soon. Lastly, an American based series titled NJPW STRONG airs on both the World app as well as Fite showcasing US talent alongside names like KENTA and more and has a fun dojo feel if that&#