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Showing posts from July 12, 2020

Xarv'inX-Deadlight Consumer

Under the moniker I use for my latest musical experiment, Xarv'inX, I put out Deadlight Consumer. It is the second album under this project. Everything you hear is either myself directly or editing I made to samples. Check out the bandcamp here .

Four Pillars Playlist Reviews #6

Match from AJPW Summer Power Series 05/22/92: 1.Super Generation Army(Kenta,Misawa,Kawada) vs Tsuruta-gun(Taue,Fuchi,Tsuruta) ****1/2 Thoughts: The ride continues, and we've officially hit 1992 in this journey through my playlist . Note that I added five additional matches to this tonight. Also, I have obviously been away a bit more than usual of late. A few things on that: -I was promoted to campaign manager for the TX21 candidate, Tom Wakely. -I am boycotting promotions running right now, as most of you know. -Things have been a bit hectic in general around here. Just figured you should know, faithful reader! Now, these six-man matches have all rocked thus far so I was very excited to hit play. The classy ass finish was a nice way to cap this off, and the 30+ minutes of action that preceded it wasn't too shabby, either. They played well to the crowd, there were several standout moments, and the subtleness that these six displayed in general during the runtime