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Late Night Snack #8: The Sorcerer and the White Snake

Failing to EVOLVE

To many, EVOLVE was an unofficial arm of Vince's empire for a while now. Now, WWE owns the brand and honestly no one is certain what happens next. Does it become their 6th brand? Does it just dissolve quietly and the catalog get slowly added to the Network? Time will tell, but as I quickly ran to the WWNLive shop to finish my collection of DGUSA DVD's, I realized the company deserved a look back. I have no intentions of holding back or pulling punches and my distaste for Gabe is well known, but I hope this comes off as fair and I promise to call out the good just as much as the bad. Now, I could rant and ramble endlessly on DGUSA but I am working my way through my large collection and posting reviews for the shows so let's keep this to EVOLVE. Starting up in 2010, EVOLVE spent much of the early years trying to find a footing. They were uneven, showcasing many ideas that largely faltered, and most considered them a less attractive brother of Dragon Gate USA. The sty

Select Match Reviews: Farewell (EVOLVE)

Match from EVOLVE 146: 1.JD Drake vs Atlas vs Stallion ***3/4 Thoughts: This is from the final EVOLVE show ever. I considered watching the full show but ultimately decided against due to time restraints, a lack of interest in the full card, and that Briggs was in the main event. Note that Briggs recently had his developmental contract offer rescinded by WWE officials. Anyway, JD announced today that he is a free agent and EVOLVE is now owned by WWE. I'll never get a chance to complete my collection of DGUSA DVD's now... This three-way featured a fun dynamic, with Atlas and Stallion bringing the speed and JD working as the large object that he is. In all, it was a great encounter with a decent pace though I'd argue the finish felt a bit off. Alas, it is still worth checking out for sure. I'll be posting a little piece on EVOLVE soon. Until then, if you wanna see the match in question click the video above and jump about 90 minutes in!