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Dragon Gate USA Open the Untouchable Gate Review

Matches: 1.Dragon Kid vs Yoshino ***3/4 2. Quackenbush , Jigsaw vs YAMATO, Akuma *** 3.Danielson vs Doi ****1/2 4.CIMA vs Kendrick *** 5. SHINGO  vs Richards ****3/4 6.Young Bucks vs Real Hazard ***1/2 Thoughts: Time for show #2. On the first event review, I mentioned that Dragon Kid and Yoshino are capable of better matches. This event started with one such match. Great stuff, truly. Thanks to a cut-off spot, DK was considered the heel by the crowd for a majority of this. This was largely smooth and crisp and well worked. Yoshino refusing to shake Kid's hand after worked well. Match two was surely held back a tad by Jigsaw's injury but honestly all four guys worked hard and it was a good tag overall. Quack picked up the win but YAMATO attacked after until Hallowicked made the save. The Bucks then came out and cut a promo teasing the main event. Jacobs and Mustafa Ali came out to recruit the Jacksons but were turned down. The four brawled a tad with the Bucks s

The Mars Volta-Bayonet Trails Unauthorized Live Album

Pardon the quality, of which I did what I could, but I argue this live experience surpasses that of Scab Dates. I hope you agree. Released August 11th, 2016 Track Listing: 1. Drunkship of Lanterns  2. Televators  3. Roulette Dares  Unofficial Live Album  All Music by TMV

Bathory-Burn to Dust Unauthorized EP

Originally Released July 24th, 2016 Track Listing: 1. Die in Fire  2. Witchcraft  3. Burnin' Leather  4. Satan My Master  5. You Don't Move Me  All music made by Bathory  Burn to Dust is an unauthorized ep

Godspeed You! Black Emperor-HO!PE Unauthorized Album

For those seeking something more beautiful as they go about their days and nights... Originally released on August 4th, 2016 Track Listing: 1. Buildings  2. Railroads  Unauthorized Release All music by GY!BE  Recorded and original mastered by A. Modica

Nine Inch Nails-Separate Halo Unauthorized Album

After stretching my legs with the Mars Volta album, I decided to put together something for my mother. She was a huge Nine Inch Nails fan and I was hoping she'd enjoy this. I hope you enjoy it, too. Released July 24, 2016 Track Listing 1. Deep 2. Zoo Station 3. Twist 4. Maybe Just Once 5. 37 Ghosts 6. 38 Ghosts 7. Non Entity 8. Tetsuo: the Bullet Man Theme 9. The Life You Didn't Lead 10. It All Fades This is an unauthorized album All music by Nine Inch Nails Track two is a U2 cover Tracks nine and ten not official NIN proper

The Mars Volta-Lunar Antidote Unauthorized Album

A few years back, I wanted to test my abilities and put something fun together. The RWB Music posts here in the blog are more than just albums I've personally made with my own projects, but also unauthorized albums I have put together largely utilizing unreleased tracks and b-sides. Lunar Antidote remains something I am proud of and has been rather popular for what it is. I happen to know it was passed around the internet by some as a bootleg even. Alas, I hope you enjoy it either way. Released July 24th, 2016 Track Listing: 1. Ambuletz  2. Clouds/Orchestrina pt.1  3. Happiness  4. Postulate  5. Mr. Muggs  6. The Bible and the Breathalyzer  7. A Plague Upon Your Hissing  8. Clouds/Orchestrina pt.2  9. Pulled to Bits  10. Untitled  11. Whisper to Your Flinch  12. Clouds/Orchestrina pt.3  13. Back Up Against the Wall All music made by The Mars Volta  Art by Jeff Jordan  Track Nine is a Siouxsie and the Banshees Cover Track Thirteen is a Ci

Interview with Taavi Peelo

Taavi Peelo is the writer, director, and star of the upcoming film, Babyface. The movie will see Taavi playing the role of Johann Hunt, an Estonian hoping to follow his father's path and become a big name in the professional wrestling business. I had a chance to interview him recently and would like to share it with my readers. If you are interested in asking any follow up questions of him, you can find Taavi on Twitter @TaaviPeelo . As always, thanks for reading and make sure to check back frequently for new content. Red: Your film, Babyface, is due early 2021 and tells the tale of an Estonian wrestler attempting to find fame by following his father's footsteps. What made you decide to make such a film? Taavi: Originally we were hoping to release it in 2021 which was always the plan in my head. Considering everything that’s going on right now (especially pandemic) I don’t think it’s going to happen. We had to stop everything for months for those reasons. Seems like every