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Throwback Reviews Collection: 90's WWF Grab Bag #2

Match from Raw #199 1.WWF European Title: British Bulldog vs Owen Hart ***3/4 Match from WrestleMania 13 2.No Holds Barred Submission: Bret Hart  vs Stone Cold ****3/4 Match from In Your House 18: Badd Blood 3.Hell in a Cell: Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker  ****1/2 Match from King of the Ring 98 4.Hell in a Cell: Undertaker vs Mankind  ****1/4 Match from No Mercy 99 5.Ladder: New   Brood  vs Edge  & Christian ***3/4 Thoughts: I'm unsure how many of these I'll do, but the original plan was just for two. There might be a third or more but time will tell. If you read my post on coverage going forward, it'll likely come as no surprise that I included links above that detail some allegations of some of the names involved in these matches. I think it's important to realize that enjoying content doesn't mean forgetting or excusing poor behavior and I plan on doing this going forward. I'll also include links to info on allegations in favor of victims a

Statement on Coverage

The #SpeakingOut movement is an important one that I hope weeds out the filth of this industry that we love. So, I'd like to note that my ban on current content which is due to the COVID situation, and the fact that these companies are risking their talents needlessly, will now also include a new stipulation. Until the movement is "done" and all seems to be out, I don't want to promote current content. That includes once we have a treatment for COVID in place. I had grown to love CHIKARA again, for example, but cannot in good faith promote them now. I will have to take time to reflect. I have always been able to look past even the worst of the worst in a way, even still being able to watch Benoit matches because I could recognize that he was awful for what he did but that it didn't make the matches any less spectacular. But it's just hard right now since this is in real time. I mean, I was wearing a Scurll shirt days ago and now am unsure if I can wear it ev

A Guide For Disenfranchised Wrestling Fans

Professional wrestling was once so popular that it was crossing over with just about everything in pop culture. Have you seen that awful WCW related Charmed episode? I am aware that there are numerous reasons that fans turned off the television and never came back, with Vince's monopoly on the states being a big one, but I'm here to tell you that right now is the best time to get back into watching costumed murder opera! Here, I will be covering five different promotions that you might want to consider trying out, why you should give them a chance, where to watch them, and I'll even include some free content right here in the post just because I'm that nice of a guy. Now, note that I am aware that it might seem like a good idea to just check out current WWE for people wondering what's new but I would strongly disagree with that move. If you left the scene, for whatever reason, there's a good chance that watching what Vince is providing right now will make you

Red's Wrestling Show Announcement

Over the years, I have ran a few different shows on my YouTube channel such as PrimeTimePuro, Mejor de la Lucha Libre, and No Wrestling Limitations. The most recent was titled, Red's Wrestling Show. The episodes for all of these included unauthorized usage of footage so it was always a risk when uploading them. I have never attempted to monetize my account and was solely attempting to spread the content to new sources, hoping it'd help promote the brands I support. Alas, far too often I came close to having my entire channel shut down. Recently, I had an episode of the latest show get me a strike and I've decided to just cancel the series. I have no plans on doing this again anytime soon, either. The current video projects on my list are the Four Pillars docu that I have been slowly building up and a few things for the Howie Hawkins 2020 campaign. Thanks to those that watched and enjoyed over the years.

Throwback Reviews Collection: 90's WWF Grab Bag #1

Match from SummerSlam 92 1.WWF Intercontinental Title: Bret Hart(c) vs British Bulldog ****1/2 Matches from WrestleMania X 2.Bret Hart vs Owen Hart ****1/4 3.WWF Intercontinental Title, Ladder: Razor Ramon(c) vs Shawn Michaels **** Match from SummerSlam 94 4.WWF Heavyweight Title, Cage: Bret Hart(c) vs Owen Hart ****1/4 Match from In Your House 10: Mind Games 5.WWF Heavyweight Title: Shawn Michaels(c) vs Mankind **** Thoughts: These are from Cagematch's  highest rated matches from 90's WWF. I've seen each of them, but it has admittedly been many years. Hell, for some it's been since the actual 90's. Remember the 90's? Such a weird fucking time. So anyway, I dug these up to keep that theme going that I've been running of late. This is the era of my childhood and featured many of my favorite matches and workers. Even so, I watched these fairly to rank them by today's standards and they all held up pretty dang nicely. And, of course, there was

Drone of the Absolute Machine-Chapter Two

Read chapter one here . CHAPTER TWO Out the apartment door, April ran into the sudden storm. The rain echoed off the pavement with a volume that covered all, and poured with such heaviness that her clothes were instantly soaked. Visibility was limited, too. The sensory overload snapped her out of whatever spell she had put herself under and the pit in her stomach returned. "Of course they aren't here, they're dead", she thought to herself.  In that moment, through the wall of pouring rain, April could make out very little. Though her clothes now weighed down on her more and more, she felt frozen in place as she slowly glanced around in her depression. Straight ahead she could make out a the first row of cars immediately in front of her but not much further. The storm was falling so heavily that a few car alarms began to go off. To her left, she saw the couple that lived two down from herself running in to their home. They were typically rather nice to April,