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Dragon Gate USA Open the Historic Gate Review

Matches: 1.YAMATO vs BxB Hulk ***3/4 2.Ken Doane vs 2 Cold Scorpio **1/2 3.The Colony, Quackenbush, Jigsaw vs FIST, Hallowicked, Amasis **** 4.Masato Yoshino vs Dragon Kid ***1/2 5.Young Bucks vs WARRIORS-5 ****1/4 6.Naruki Doi vs SHINGO ****1/4 Thoughts: I've spoken many times over the years about my love for Dragon Gate USA. I actually own several DVD's and want to eventually get even more. I actually am wondering if I'll be able to partake in their big sale at the end of the year moving forward if they indeed sell to WWE. Anyway, it's about time I start working through these discs and seeing how well they hold up. Above is the embedded video to watch the event. WWNLive added it recently to their YouTube channel as part of their Greatest Hit uploads. Dawn Marie hypes us up as this kicks off and the crowd is fucking hyped. Some familiar faces worked as a dancers for BxB's entrance for the opener. The match was great and a strong way to sta

Throwback Reviews: Futuristic (ROH)

Match from Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 2006: 1.Do FIXER vs Blood Generation ****3/4 Thoughts: As much as I love this match, I realized that I haven't watched it again in years. I've meant to, don't get me wrong, but I just haven't and it's time to fix that mistake. As a result, this is the first time since I started rating matches that I will be giving this a score. That's pretty big. This is the match that made me fall in love with Dragon Gate after all. It's a love that I still carry with me today. Note that I'll be watching some DGUSA and classic Dragon Gate stuff soon. I have many, many DGUSA DVD's (I need to update this list , actually) and it's about time I dig in again. Plus, the WWNLive YouTube channel has been adding stuff lately. I might dig out old ROH and PWG stuff too. Anyway, this holds up perfectly. No surprises there since the Dragon Gate crew were always ahead of the times. If you love balls to the wall, nonstop acti

Red's Five Star Matches

I wanted to introduce this new featured section to the blog. Here, you will find any match I have rated *****. Searching through the PWD FB group where all my reviews used to be posted is taking time since the search option is iffy. I am also rewatching some things and adjusting ratings a bit, but it's worth noting there are very few things I've ever rated that high. I just know that I had a span of time where, thanks to a broken back due to a car accident, that my memory is a bit iffy. If it's not here as a five star match but was listed as such in the group, it's been dropped a tad in score. I have been told before that I am a harsh critic, but I consider giving five stars to be a true sign of perfection and each of these are exactly that to me. Lastly, remember that I am working through a Four Pillars Playlist and will hopefully find something on there to add to the list that isn't already. -Misawa vs Kawada AJPW Super Power Series 94 -Kudo vs Toyoda FMW 7th An

Four Pillars Playlist Reviews #5

Match from All Japan Fan Appreciation Day 04/20/91: 1.Super Generation Army(Kenta,Misawa,Kawada) vs Tsuruta-gun(Taue,Tsuruta,Fuchi) ****3/4 Thoughts: I continue my journey through the Four Pillars Playlist  and have now landed in 1991. Looking at the nearly one hour run time here, I made sure to get comfortable and grabbed some snacks to indulge in to help ease into the experience. Low carb, of course. It started with a slap. The action remained solid throughout, with nice segments mixed in here and there of chaotic intensity. It was like watching six stars in an epic battle of chess, with the bombs ringing loudly and the cheers hitting near-deafening levels. Few matches can have such a length while remaining so damn entertaining, but this did so triumphantly. I mean, it came damn close to being one of the very few matches I've given five stars. Click play if you've never seen it or if it's been a while!

Select Match Reviews: A Group of Foxes (EVOLVE)

Match from EVOLVE 145: 1.The Skulk vs The Skulk ***1/2 Thoughts: Fox and Ruff took on unit mates, Alanis and Gray here in a number one contender's tag bout and these WWA4 boys put on a show for sure. There were a few hiccups mixed in, but the two duos still put in nicely for some enjoyable tag team action. They showcased the school nicely for sure. I'd also note that the crowd was certainly better than a lot of EVOLVE shows tend to feature. The only true knock I have is the wonky finish. So, if you are seeking something recent with nice action, decent drama, and a solid run-time, click play for a borderline great outing!

An Open Letter to David Starr

When I opened a message from one of my favorite people this evening, I expected some rumor involving WWE's awful COVID response or a quip about his binge watching sessions of Arrowverse shows. Instead, I found out the news that everyone has likely already seen. The allegations and your response. It was followed by replies of how upset he was. More so than myself he was upset, since I try to never put too much faith in any one person. People are flawed, after all. That's not to say I wasn't upset, of course, because I was. I agree with him on his main point heavily, though. The thing that upset him the most. See, you are a symbol. A leader of a message. A hero to some, even. That message is now soiled, though. Now please, if you are reading, don't stop there. I am not trying to shame you. It's not my place. I will never run for politics myself because I am too flawed to do so. I read your apologetic response. It seemed sincere and I am sure you will be forgiven

Select Match Reviews: Fox Crow Cookie (EVOLVE)

Match from EVOLVE 144: 1.Mansoor vs AR Fox ***1/2 Thoughts: I've decided to go ahead and finish off some content from this year's EVOLVE shows. The rumor mill says they are going under. The most tragic thing about EVOLVE is that them going under in 2020 isn't the sad. They have a solid roster, of course, but have rarely been must-see. They're ran by a dude I don't care much for, either. My main worry right now is for the talent that it'll hurt, but they'll all rise up for sure. Anyway, I don't think I've seen any of Mansoor's work but I am familiar with the dude. I was impressed a bit by him here, thinking he came off better than expected (based on what I've heard). He certainly has potential. Fox, of course, shined brightest. No big surprise there since the guy is one of the best on the US indie scene. It's a shame that his porn work still seems to haunt him. I mean, if that's not the reason, I have no idea why no one major s

NWA World Championship Wrestling 01/20/90 Review

Matches: 1.Rock n Roll Express vs Fargo, Kyle NR 2.Steiners, Animal vs Skyscrapers, Doom NR 3.Midnight Express vs Santo, Hart NR 4.Doom vs Regal, Drake NR 5.Sting vs Mr. Asia *1/2 6.Fabulous Freebirds vs Scott, Cook NR 7.Dr. Death vs The Gladiator NR 8.NWA TV Title: Arn(c) vs Ranger Ross *** 9.Gilbert vs Galaxian One NR 10.Sullivan vs Idol NR Thoughts: Highlights on this episode include a good TV Title defense, Cactus challenging Dr. Death, and a nice promo segment with the 4 Horsemen. The rest was largely skippable but served a purpose. If you want cringe-worthy, check out the Wrestlewar ad they ran that featured a tragically bad rap song. In all, it was a decent episode. Overall Rating: 60/100%