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Throwback Reviews Collection: Five Star Windham/Flair Matches

Match from NWA/CWF Battle of the Belts II: 1. NWA Heavyweight Title: Flair(c) vs Windham  ****1/4 Match from NWA/MACW 01/20/87: 2. NWA Heavyweight Title: Flair(c) vs Windham ****1/2 Match from NWA/MACW Crockett Sr Memorial Cup 87 Night Two: 3. NWA Heavyweight Title: Flair(c) vs Windham  **** Thoughts: These are the three Flair/Windham matches that Big Dave gave five stars. While it's a bit of time travel backwards since I just watched/reviewed the big Steamboat and Funk matches, it's never too late to watch some classics. I've seen many suggest these are even better than that set of contests, so let's take a dive. Note I've never, from the best I can tell, seen any of these. I'd like to make it clear for those who don't know me well that I don't consider Flair a GOAT contender. Same goes to Hogan. Talented, sure, but not a true GOAT. While I respect their contributions and enjoy select parts of their catalog, that's where the brakes start

Interview with the Green Party 2020 Candidate

This interview was requested, and thankfully granted, because I wanted to help a party and candidate I trust and support. I want change. Not selfish change that helps only myself, but change that I believe would truly help our entire nation. We are often sold promises from politicians but the fact is large interest groups lobby their way to the top and what is good for us all sinks to the bottom. So, while I know most of the visitors here are seeking thoughts, reviews, and links to professional wrestling, I urge you to take a short bit of your time and listen to this video and consider your options come November. In the video above you will hear us cover the following topics: -WWE/AEW running during a pandemic -Unionizing the wrestling industry -Fighting the Blue No Matter Who movement -Why socialism isn't a four letter word -Latin America policy -The Electoral College -Universal Healthcare -Oil & Gas vs Green New Deal -COVID-19 -BLM and breaking down systematic r

CHIKARA Action Arcade #8 Review

Matches: 1.Donna Rama vs Patrovsky NR 2.YLC Finals: Green Ant vs Ricky South *** 3.Gulak vs Quackenbush ***1/2 match from CHIKARA Supremacy, **** rating given in 2017 for full match. 4.Crucible Rules: ZERO vs Devantes NR 5.Crucible Rules: Demorest vs Ibanez NR 6.Crucible Rules: Faraday vs Amir NR 7.Crucible Rules: Wells vs Makowski NR Thoughts: It's raining here in DC as the storm grows downtown. I haven't checked in on the protester streams in an hour or so but will now that I am finished with this episode. I am praying for their safety and hope you do the same. Note that if you are interested in learning more about Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins, I am interviewing him for the blog tomorrow and the post should go up this weekend. Now, about episode eight. Still Life cut a decent promo to open this installment, pumping up the Young Lions Cup finals. The first match was a squash, putting over Donna Rama. I like this girl! On Scoreboard, Spoiler and ZERO

CHIKARA Action Arcade #7 Review

Matches: 1.Spoiler vs Masked Enforcer #2 **1/4 2.YLC Semi: Max the Impaler vs Ricky South ** 3.YLC Semi: Green Ant vs ZERO **1/2 4.Quackenbush vs DeFarge ***1/2 Thoughts: ZERO opened things this time around with a solid promo, setting the stage nicely for the match with Green Ant later. After, we move to the first match of the evening. The plot here is decent and I appreciate the nature of it all. It worked decently for what it was though I am not big on The Spoiler nor the types of finishes I am seeing him utilizing. Donna Rama's promo was well done and I am enjoying her work on Action Arcade thus far. The first semi suffered from a poor layout and was very average. The wrong person also won. The other semi was better, but ZERO came off very sloppy at times which dragged the whole thing down a tad. The best thing there was the story they attached and Green's showy offense. This week's Cibernetico Report had promos from Boomer, Quack, and Ophidian. BLANK sto

Mid-South Wrestling 12/03/81 Review

Matches: 1.Landel vs Roop NR 2.Charles vs Orndorff **1/2 3.DiBiase vs Wiskowski ** 4.Mid-South Mississippi Title: Orton Jr(c) vs Gavin *** 5.Junkyard Dog vs Orndorff NR 6.Iron Sheik vs King Cobra **1/4 7.Novak, Monk vs Blair, Monte ** Thoughts: I discovered a YouTube Channel with a decent collection of classic episodes and decided I'd take a look. I'll continue watching some of these classic episodes from the old days occasionally for fun for those that might be curious. This was the oldest available on the channel for the record and I am considering continuing this specific series if it seems entertaining enough. After a very 80's intro video, we get an introduction to the episode from the commentary table and then head straight to the opening match. They are running a heel guest commentator spot alongside a standard lead here. Landel and Roop was a quick one that saw Roop take the W in under 3. The twitching sell job from Landel was entertaining. The se

CHIKARA Action Arcade #6 Review

Matches: 1.Cabana Man Dan vs Zeller ** 2.YLC Quarter Final Elimination: Rama vs Striker vs Oswald vs ZERO *** 3.Crucible Rules: Amir vs Perez NR 4.Dasher Hatfield vs Razerhawk ***1/4 Thoughts: Black lives matter! As the world continues to fall into chaos, we all need a break from time to time. CHIKARA is that break for me tonight. Razer kicks things off with a very enjoyable promo setting up the evening's main event before heading into the opener. Cabana Man Dan was entertaining, picking up the win in a decent, extended squash. Cabana fits in well and is talented. He actually reminds me a bit of Colt Cabana. Next, we get the next bit of info setting up the upcoming Cibernetico. Note that I spoke with one of the crew members for the show recently and found out there would be ten episodes of Action Arcade and then the Cibernetico show would be running later this month. Know that I support Action Arcade in that it utilizes old content in a fresh way that I've enjoyed b

Vote Green 2020 & Three Myths of Voting Independent

I have largely kept politics out of this blog, while doing no such thing on my social media accounts including the Twitter this blog is tied to, I feel the time for that trend to stop is officially here. Life is politics. If you'd like to ignore these posts in favor of the other content, that's fine. I know not everyone will agree with the statements made here nor the ones made in the future, but I also hope you just take a moment to listen and try to understand where they come from. So, for the first official post using the "politics" label, I will look at some of the common myths surrounding independent voters and explain why you should vote Green in November. MYTH #1: The Green Party Helped Trump Win in 2016 Trump won for a few reasons. Most Green voters weren't going to vote for a Democrat to begin with, especially not Clinton. Blaming independent voters and acting like the DNC owns their votes simply because they ran someone who wasn't Trump is laughab