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Introducing RWB Music

First, know that the plan is to upload my music to a YouTube channel alongside albums I edited together, including unauthorized music. I lost some of my music forever but what I have left I am hoping to preserve. Most of my stuff was recorded many, many years ago when I was much younger. I just want to ensure my kids get to hear it at some point should they want to abuse their ears. So far, I've added a few albums which I will continue to add blog posts here for. Keep an eye out and I appreciate any and all feedback. Click the RWB Music label below or on the right to see more!

Always & Never Vol.3 As These Lights Ignite Us

Album three from the Always & Never project is now on my YouTube channel. This one was first released January 13th, 2009 on Morning Bell Record and recorded at Morning Bell Studios. RIP Henry Track Listing: 1.Concrete Sarcophagi 2.Crutch 3.The Walking Giant 4.Final Masquerade a)Burn 5.Alice 6.Turn Out the Lights 7.Little Ragdoll 8.Among Men & Angels 9.Final Masquerade b)Decay 10.Splinters/Shards 11.A Ghost in the Machine

Always & Never Vol.2 The Beauty of Imperfection

Here's my second album release under the name, Always & Never. This one was released September 8th, 2008 on Morning Bell Records and DELTAWAVE UNDERGROUND and was recorded at Parkway Studios. Track Listing: 1.Washed Away 2.Eating Glass 3.Father 4.Los Plagos 5.Invincible 6.Cloak 7.Touch 8.In Shades... 9.The Sleeping Giant

Carnyland #2 Thoughts

This entire episode was centered around a big reveal that took place at the end. The reveal was that they would be having an election cycle gimmick to establish a Mayor of Carnyland. Depending on how that news hits you will depend on how much you like this edition. There were some good moments, with the school segment from Kay being my favorite, and I appreciate them teasing something but I don't think the payoff was as good as many would hope. I get it, but it's a bit lackluster. I know the true rumors that are flying around and that there is some weight to them, at least. Anyway, it was sub-30 minutes of decent entertainment so consider checking it out.

CHIKARA Action Arcade #5 Review

Matches: 1.Red Queen, One-Eyed Jack vs Sampson, Morgan NR 2.Crucible Rules: Makowski vs Christy NR 3.Calhoun vs Amir *3/4 4.YLC Elimination Quarter-Final: Nassar vs McCoy vs South vs Faraday **1/2 5.FIST vs Boomer, ZERO ***1/4 Thoughts: I'm going to try to finish the second half of Action Arcade this week, if time allows. As I've mentioned recently, I appreciate what they've done with this show and have decided to watch the company more often. Not as much as I used to, surely, but more than I have been of late. This edition starts with a replay clip reminding viewers of the new rule enacted by reigning Grand Champion, Dasher Hatfield, before heading into the opening contest. While short, the opener served nicely as the debut of Red Queen and One-Eyed Jack. I like what I am seeing so far and think the duo has potential. It reminds me a bit of a gimmick I used to use via CAW's in older wrestling games. It was a team called Full House. Good times. Squash. To

Always & Never Vol.1 False Realities

Twelve years ago, I started releasing solo music under the name Always & Never. The first such release was titled, " Volume One: False Realities". While some of the music I released looks to be lost completely now, thanks to the original files being lost for sometime and the site that hosted them also no longer existing, I realized I needed to upload them somewhere safer. YouTube is hopefully the solution. So, if you want to hear what kind of music I made many years ago, I'll be adding them to my channel and posting info on each here. Track Listing: 1.False Realities a)Just a dream 2.Armageddon Dance 3.Silver Bullets(vain) 4.Dreamland Interlude (OLAExx) 5.Twilight Eyes 6.Everything 7.Iris Lane 8.b)PULSE Originally released June 10th 2008 on Morning Bell Records

Bullet Club (poem)

As the metal tears through your flesh, ripping your soul from your body I hope you take comfort in thoughts and prayers from the large gun lobby That the owned politicians will slander your name The police force will do the same The thin blue line will excuse anything And the news will say you were a part of a gang As the metal tears through your flesh, leaving your family with a hole of its own I hope your mother understands that tonight you aren't coming home That the right is always right and the left will largely rest That a few protests might launch but won't survive the test The second amendment happens to be the best Because fuck you gang banger, you were just a pest As you turn on the television tonight The spins running from your favorite right leaning night light As you take in the propaganda and regurgitate it online Do you feel safe behind that little, thin blue line?

Championship Wrestling #60 Review

Matches: 1.MJF vs Mack **1/4 2.2/3 Falls: Monroe vs Simone **3/4 3.UWN TV Title,Bullrope: Isaacs vs Bateman ***1/2 Thoughts: I didn't notice this was from a 2019 taping until after I started, having assumed it was recorded early 2020. Oh well. I'd note that the owner was a dick to me at one point randomly for literally just asking a question and did so in a way that showcased a big ego. Fuck it, let's talk about this episode of wrestling. I haven't watched a lot of CWFH over the years, but know they are decent. I don't expect myself to ever make this a regular occurrence and I honestly think the show still needs a lot of work. Know that I wasn't mention the hair game but...damn. Anyway, the first match was pretty basic stuff. MJF was a generic heel, Mack was a decent baby face. Pretty phoned in from both. The second was similar but far longer and happened to tell a decent story. Heather was the cocky heel with an interfering manager that won via fl