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DDT Street Wrestling: HandMade in Japan Fes Winter Review

Match: 1. Falls Count Anywhere: Nautilus vs ALL OUT(Shunma,Iino) vs MAO, Keigo vs Naya, Oishi  NR Thoughts: I figured it was a good time to check out DDT's Rojo section on Universe right now. It's funny how things can change in a short amount of time, isn't it? Today was a good day, and it looks like I'll either be moving to Maryland or California for a few months. I'll know more in the coming days. So, let's embrace today with the finer things in life. I'm watching this with both kids calmly sleeping and a nice glass of wine in my hand. Pokotan, giant swings, window shopping, chair spots, and a broken table. This was exactly the chaotic spectacle I had hoped for and one heck of an experience. No, I can't give it a rating but I will say that it was well worth watching assuming you don't take yourself, and wrestling, too seriously. Kudos to the boys! This might be the last post from me until we move or I might find time for a few more. Ju

Select Match Reviews: March Grab Bag (AAA, BJW, CMLL MORE!)

I have no idea when we'll get new wrestling content regularly again, but at least this month provided for some quality content which certainly eased the pain. Anyway, let's close this one out with some last minute pulls! Note that while this officially closes March, some content from the weekly wrestling programs I watch may will come from the month and as a result might sneak in afterward. Match from AAA Homenaje a Flama Roja 03/01: 1. Apuesta: Villano III Jr vs Aereo  ****1/4 I recently did a throwback review  of Atlantis vs Villano III. I'd recommend watching that one, even if you've already seen it, before watching this. This had tons of throwbacks mixed in and felt cinematic in nature. It was bloody chaos and a near-MOTYC that surpassed all expectations even with the iffy finish. I guarantee this will be one of the best lucha matches you'll see all year so make sure to make time for it. Match from CMLL Domingos 03/01: 2. Hechicero, Mephisto, Terrible

Zona 23 La Guerra Comienza Review

Matches from 03/15: 1.Guerrera Negra vs Sadik Maiden **3/4 2.Lunatik Extreme vs Lunatik Fly ***1/2 3.Aeroboy vs Ciclope **** 4.Super Mega vs Joe Lider vs Ultimo Gladiador *** 5.Matthew Justice vs Demoledor ***1/4 6.Zone 23 Extremo Title: Miedo Extremo(c) vs Fly Star ***3/4 7.Pirata Morgan, Super Crazy, Toxico vs Los Vipers(Histeria,Psicosis), X-Fly *** Thoughts: These shows are a glorious train wreck and I love them for it. Just pure fucking insanity with loads of big dives onto cars, light tubes, and skewers. The highlight was easily Ciclope versus Aeroboy with the title match following closely behind, but the entire show had a lot of insanity that I'm sure will wet the appetite for all that are fans of this sort of thing. Check it out. Overall Rating: 70/100%

AEW Dynamite 04/01 Review

Matches: 1.Kenny Omega vs Trent **** 2.Hikaru Shida vs Anna Jay **1/2 3.Lance Archer vs Marko Stunt ** 4.Natural Nightmares vs Dark Order(8,9) **1/4 5.Cody, Darby vs Spears, Guevara *** Thoughts: They aired this from QT's school in Georgia and I have to say that I dig the atmosphere this week. They announced the other side of the bracket tonight, with Dustin versus Kip and Archer versus Colt. Archer now seems all but guaranteed to be the inaugural champ and it should all make for a very good story. Kenny and Trent kicked the in-ring section off with a banger. They worked their asses off and I'm pretty sure Kenny got a stinger during this one. Simply put, this was fantastic and over-delivered in this spot, even considering the names involved! They did well using some highlight packages to kill time tonight, by the way. In the two spot, Anna Jay got a decent debut spot against the #1 ranked, Hikaru Shida. Anna has a lot of potential and could be good in a year or

Select Match Reviews: Fireworks Blast (ZERO1)

Match from ZERO1 Super Fireworks 02/24: 1.Super Plasma Blast Death: Strong Hearts(CIMA,Lindaman,Irie,T-Hawk) vs Tanaka, Hide, Ikuto, Sugawara ***1/4 Thoughts: I had somehow missed this previously so I'm breaking my rules a bit by going back. It's my rules though so fuck it, right? So, this was short but it was also a fucking spectacle. They used their time well and the blast spots were a sight to see. It's below my recommendation levels but if you want a sprint with a few fun spots and an explosive finish, check this out.

We are STARDOM #13 Review

Matches: 1.Queen's Quest(Momo,Utami) vs Oedo Tai(Bea,Hayter) *** 2.Jungle, Hoshino vs Onozaki, Lida NR 3.Future of STARDOM Title: Utami(c) vs Kamitani ***1/2 Thoughts: This week's edition started in the heat of the battle and focused largely on Bea versus Momo. It was all action with a few nice nearfalls but was also very short. It might not have enough meat for some and was just a bit outside of recommendation levels for me. Note that the full match was about 12 minutes according to Cagematch, but they only aired about 4. Highlights followed for a tag match featuring my daughter's third favorite wrestler. It looked decent and just happened to be a sendoff for Leo. Wishing her the best! The main attraction this week was Utami defending the Future of STARDOM Championship. Saya worked the champ's leg pretty well and actually played from on top for a majority before Utami got a comeback stretch and took her out. I enjoyed this pretty well and it certainly close

AAA Nacemos Para Luchar: Cancun Parte 1 Review

Matches: 1.Keyra, Maravilla, Villano III Jr vs Dinastia, Shani, Hambuerguesa ***1/4 2.Los Mercanarios(Texano,Escorpion,Hiedra) vs Jinetes del Aire(Vikingo,Myzteziz,Octagon) ***1/2 3.OGT's vs Psycho Clown, Lucha Bros ***1/2 Thoughts: Can you believe it's still the same month that Pete Buttigieg dropped out? This has been a long ass month. I mean, my wife is on the front line of this pandemic and I'm watching the country let her, as us as Americans, down over and over again. Monday, they took that shit to another level. Looks like I am moving again soon. And I swear, if I get this shit and actually die from it make sure that someone keeps this blog from disappearing from the internet. Good thing we still have wrestling? Anyway, sorry about the mini-rant... The opener this week went in waves of advantage. Solid pace with a nice catalog of spots. Everyone looked good and the run in from Hiedra took nothing away. Good way to start the episode for sure. Up second,

Road to Dynamite 03/30/20 Thoughts

Kulture City founders chat to start this one. Good use of what I presume is old footage they hadn't utilized. The big story here was the announcement of a new championship coming to the brand. The TNT Championship, named after the network and their version of a TV Title, will be crowned in a tournament. Half of the bracket will be revealed tomorrow on Dark and the other on Dynamite. I have Sammy beating Darby in the finals but obviously my picks might change depending on the bracket announcement. Today was a very bad day for me so I was very thankful to have a chance to watch some wrestling related content tonight. That's it from me tonight. I hope to get to STARDOM and AAA tomorrow.

Being the Elite #197 Thoughts

Matt is going a little stir crazy but the dream lives on. Nick has been healing, gaming, and also officially has a new kid which is awesome. Hee Hee! Matt might have the virus. Might not. Fuck knows at this point, right? Omega gave an update. Colt got his shot. Omega shit his pants. Good thing he has a stash of TP. CD spent his birthday in quarantine. His is actually the same day as mine. My gifts were better. How the fuck is he 50? I swear, the dude is immortal. Avalon and Cutler shared a moment via telephone. Luchasaurus is taking the whole thing worst than most of us. The quest for his tail begins! They kind of brought back the mail bag segment. They really should actually bring that back, by the way. Page is too busy playing Animal Crossing, is out of TP, is wrestling the couch cushions, has turned into the Tiger King, and is ducking his teammates. The descriptions below the Elite's names in that last segment were great.

Select Match Reviews: Big Shit Birthday (ZERO1)

Matches from ZERO1 19th Anniversary 03/01: 1. Strong BJ(Sekimoto,Okabayashi) vs Sugiura,Tanaka  ***3/4 2.ZERO1 HW Title: Hino(c) vs Sato **** Thoughts: The tag match was so hoss, you wouldn't be blamed for looking at it on paper and assuming the universe would be at risk just for it taking place. I mean, those power levels are off the charts! They went with the time limit draw option here which was actually fine seeing as both teams very much took advantage of the run time. Great stuff from the steak boys. The main event saw fellow meat pile, Yuji Hino, fail to successfully defend the ZERO1 Heavyweight Championship against Kohei Sato. The hits echoed and the near falls added up nicely. Near the end, the sick head butt on Hino added color to this one which really added nicely to the overall contest. I am a little bit disappointed with the outcome, but this match was fantastic if nothing else. You either like these types of matches or you don't. I love them and easily

Select Match Reviews: Stage Two (Dragon Gate)

Match from Dragon Gate Champion Gate in Osaka Night Two 03/01: 1. Open the Dream Gate Title: Doi(c) vs Susumu  **** Thoughts: Doi's reign continues, this time with the champ facing the highly talented Susumu and putting him down on the scrap heap just like he did with Kzy the month prior. It was the right call and the match itself was fantastic stuff. Good limb work, nice nearfalls, and a fun use of familiar drama. How much longer can Doi keep the belt?

Select Match Reviews: Barrio Contra Revolution (IWRG)

Matches from IWRG En Vivo 03/16: 1.Arkangel Divino, Lunatik Extreme, Ultimo Maldito vs Baby Extreme, Hijo del Alebrije, Metaleon ***3/4 2.WTMB vs IWRG ***1/4 Thoughts: This is the last IWRG post tonight, I promise. It is also the last show they ran this month and is an empty arena gig. Now, one of the best things about this company is how amazing their crowd tends to be. I was fearful that without it, this just wouldn't be the same and that the talent wouldn't be as motivated either. Fuck that, apparently. The first pull, which can be found by jumping about an hour in on the video above, was simply great. Spot heavy lucha libre is always fun and this was indeed fun. The second continued the IWRG versus Welcome to Mi Barrio feud. I really should check out WTMB eventually. Sadly, while good, it was a clear dip in comparison to the other contest that I watched though it worked nicely to continue building the angle. Watch the first, skip the second.

Select Match Reviews: Not All That Glitters (IWRG)

Match from IWRG Thursday Night Wrestling 03/12: 1.Lunatik Extreme vs Puma de Oro **1/2 Thoughts: I had high hopes for this one but it just didn't land right for me. It was very short, a bit sloppy, and felt just like filler before some bigger match. Skip it but know they have something bigger in store for us down the line.

Select Match Reviews: Jager (IWRG)

Match from IWRG Dia de la Mujer 03/08: 1.Shun Skywalker, Emperador Azteca, Hijo del Alebrije vs Hijo del Espectro Jr, Fresero Jr, Demonio Infernal **** Thoughts: This was a fucking spectacle. IWRG has been so damn entertaining this year and I'm loving digging in a few times each month. You can watch this one here . Above is the highlight reel from +lucha but you're going to watch to watch the whole thing. Hard shots, high spots, and a great crowd. This is fantastic stuff and Espectro's attack after was a nice bonus moment. Click play now!

Select Match Reviews: Call the Medico (IWRG)

Match from IWRG 03/01: 1.IWRG Junior de Juniors Title: Hijo del Medico Asesino(c) vs Fresero Jr ***1/2 Thoughts: Jump about 22 minutes in for this one. This was a bloody brawl involving a one-armed man (basically) having his white mask turn completely red. Medico was hurt throughout, fitting with just one arm. Sure, it was a bit messy at times and the finish was off, but damn it was so fucking brutal that I can't not recommend it. Check it out if you like a little bit of color.

Select Match Reviews: Animal Crossing (SEAdLINNNG)

Match from SEAdLINNNG New Leaf 03/10: 1. Beyond the Sea Title: Arisa(c) vs Rina  ***1/2 Thoughts: One of my favorite women's wrestlers happens to be working this and defending her title so I was going to watch this no matter what. There was a nice amount of fury here, kick-started when Rina attacked early. I could've done without a certain unprofessional somebody working the PIP commentary, but this was very entertaining stuff and another enjoyable Arisa match and a worthwhile filler defense. We even got a nice look at what's next after!

Select Match Reviews: Last May Jaguar (Sendai)

Match from Sendai Girls Don't Forget That Day 03/08: 1.Sendai World Title: Chihiro(c) vs Syuri ***3/4 Thoughts: Syuri laid in some well placed strikes throughout and came off as a very credible challenger here, even to the point where I sincerely thought we might have a title change, but Chihiro's power overcame in the end with an impressive german to close the contest. Great stuff that I'm sure all joshi fans will enjoy!

Select Match Reviews: Hawks & Hammers (MLW)

Match from MLW Fusion #103: 1.MLW National Openweight Title: Hammerstone(c) vs T-Hawk ***1/2 Thoughts: T-Hawk is a dude I consider to be one of the top five underrated workers in the world so I was hopeful that him getting a title shot on US television would make for a good watch. Hammerstone can be pretty good especially when matched with the right guy, so that helps my expectations. The motivation was here for sure. T-Hawk got in several of his trademark, echoing chops before Hammerstone tried to take his head off with a drop kick as the challenger was seated on the top rope and then finished him off shortly after. This was one of my favorite Major League Wrestling matches in recent memory and an easy recommendation. I look forward to a rematch some day! Click play above, jumping to around 15 minutes in.

Pro Wrestling NOAH 20th Anniversary-The Chronicle Vol. 2 Review

Matches from 03/29: 1.GHC Jr Tag Titles: Stinger(c) vs RATEL'S ***1/2 2.GHC National Title: Sugiura(c) vs Minoru ***3/4 3.GHC Jr HW Title: Ogawa(c) vs Harada ***3/4 4.GHC HW Title: Go(c) vs Fujita ****1/2 Thoughts: NOAH decided to move ahead with this empty arena gig, which can be found on DDT Universe. It was a four match card, all with gold on the line. Let's take a look! The opener was very good stuff, and another example of why I consider the NOAH junior division underrated. RATEL'S taking the belts was a decent move, ensuring that the possibility of more changes for the rest of the show. Smart move. Up second, Sugiura and Minoru featured a heavy dose of limb work and some well placed strike work. I was very excited about this heading in and walked away rather content. HEAT truly steps up far more often than most give him credit for and Sugiura is...well, one of the last people I'd ever want to piss off. Great match! In the three spot, my favorite juni