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Select Match Reviews: True Dragons (Dragon Gate)

Match from Dragon Gate Truth Gate Night Four 02/07: 1.Open the Dream Gate Title: Doi(c) vs Kzy ****1/4 Thoughts: Denying Doi is a great champ and deserving of holding the Dream Gate belt, especially after this performance, would be the equivalence of suggesting that Rush aren't the true kings of prog. You can say it, but you'd be wrong and both would likely result in a slap in the face from myself. The pacing here was a nice balance of calculating alongside some lightning sequences as they built up to a satisfying climax. Kzy came off as a serviceable threat even if I had no expectation of a title change. I mean, I didn't expect a Doi title run in 2020 either, for what that's worth. In all, this rocked and served as far more than just a throwaway defense but also as a strong moment for this title run that I strongly recommend all wrestling fans take a moment to go check out.

Select Match Reviews: Freedom or Death (FREEDOMS)

Matches from FREEDOMS Go Beyond the Limit 02/10: 1.Death, Elimination: Colon, Havoc, Lloyd, Tremont vs Isami, Kamui, Fukimoto, Fujita ***1/4 2.King of FREEDOM Tag Titles: Mammoth, Violento(c) vs Dickinson, Justice ***1/2 3.King of FREEDOM World Title, Tower of Terror Death: Toru(c) vs Miyamoto ***3/4 Thoughts: A violent clusterfuck for our first pull of the evening followed by a nice, stiff battle for the promotion's tag belts. Nice seeing so many imports for those first two. The main event was the true star attraction here, though. I haven't seen a lot of death match content yet this year so I was happy to fix that mistake. This was great stuff and truly deserving of checking out. FREEDOMS remains a very fun promotion that I enjoy watching a few times a year and I'd be willing to bet you see them at least a few more times here in the blog in 2020.

Select Match Reviews: Legos, Drinking, Foreigners, Corona (DDT)

Matches from DDT Universe Live! One Chan Tuesday 03/03 : 1.Barefoot Block Toy Death: HARASHIMA vs Shunma ***3/4 2.Captain's Drink, No Tag: DAMNATION(Daiksuke,Endo) vs ALL OUT(Takeshita,Akito) NR 3.Brookes vs Chambers ***3/4 Thoughts: This is another no fans event. For a gimmick hardcore match, something DDT does better than people tend to give them credit for, the first pull rocked. It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back time and time again. Check that one out for sure. The second pull...well, Daisuke Sasaki was drinking Corona and Akito decided to join in. A Captain's Drink Match is where both Sasaki and Akito had to drink after every kickout. Pure comedy in a way that only DDT can ever come close to pulling off. Akito is a horny drunk. Note that this was more about the humor and pushing of the gimmick so I didn't give it a rating. I'd add that if you are having a shitty day, consider watching it as I'd hope it'd bring a few smiles to you

Select Match Reviews: Look Mom, No Fans! (WrestleTalk)

Matches from WrestleTalk  Showcase- No Fans Monday: 1.Robinson vs OJMO *** 2.Starr vs Callum ***1/2 3.Fletcher vs Mills **** 4.Ospreay vs Bea **** Thoughts: Thanks to Ospreay, WrestleTalk, and everyone involved in this. Even the damn shorts wearing ref. I watched most of the gig and enjoyed it pretty well. The opener was good, the Starr/Callum segment was well done as was their match that it led into, pull three was fucking fantastic, and the main event was simply intergender wrestling done right. A whole fuckload of fun to be had here with these pulls. Consider checking some of this show out, or the whole show, and drop a donation while you're at it!

Wind is the Earth Breathing (a poem)

The wind passes through us all, nooks and crannies bare witness The earth breathing in and out a sign of life deep within As we gather in the silence, all around us is the soul This is the only paradise we have, and forever will call home Poisoning a living thing, seems so cruel yet accepted by most The weakness of us all on full display

Select Match Reviews: Attila is Fucking Annoying (ROH)

Match from Ring of Honor TV #443 : 1.Lethal, Gresham vs Cobb, Maff ***1/4 Thoughts: This week's ROH saw the Foundation & the Franchise in non-title, "proving ground" action here against the union of Maff and Cobb. Both teams are great so my expectations were high. Alas, this is below recommendation levels in my opinion, but I still had a good time and in general it was a good setup for a future title match. Skip it, but be excited for an upcoming defense.

AEW Dynamite 03/18 Review

Matches: 1.Lucha Bros vs Best Friends ***1/4 2.Shida vs Riho vs Stratlander vs Ford *** 3.Jurrasic Express(Luchasaurus,Jungle Boy) vs Butcher & Blade **1/2 4.Inner Circle(Guevara,PnP) vs Elite(Cody,Matt Jackson,Page) ***1/4 Thoughts: I've seen WWE getting a lot of shit for the way they're booking their weekly shows right now. I have no way of confirming if I agree with the stances, since I don't watch their stuff, but I have offered a rare bit of approval to the company for at least doing the right thing and running empty arena shows right now. Regardless, I have already watched a few recent empty arena shows and enjoyed what I'm seeing. That goes for DDT, STARDOM, and more. So, how'd AEW do? The opening this week was well done and intimate. It showed a level of heart and maturity and professionalism that I've come to expect from the company already. Some of the performers being in the audience, especially MJF and Spears betting on people, was

Free the DELETE #12 Thoughts

DAMASCUS is here, and the world may never be the same. Revenge is served, the delete is freed, and Vanguard leads the way to a celebration. I'm surprised Matt wasn't the Exalted One, by the way. Sure, it was a bit on the nose with the teases, but sometimes that's okay. Still, Brodie will finally get a chance to show the world what us diehards have known for years now and that's good news. DELETE!

We are STARDOM #11 Review

Matches: 1.Oedo Tai(Saki,Natsu,Tora) vs Tokyo Cyber Squad(Hana,Jungle,Konami) ***1/4 2.Artist of STARDOM Titles: Queen's Quest(Momo,AZM.Utami)(c) vs Donna del Mondo(Giulia,Syuri,Maika) ***1/2 Thoughts: Fairly good opener this week, with the new Oedo Tai crew taking the W and earning a title shot in the near future. The title match follow up was very enjoyable, and a good showing from DDM. I'll be interested in seeing where they go with the title change. I wish STARDOM would be more consistent with how they upload these, but I am really enjoying this series. Click play! Overall Rating: 75/100%

Select Match Reviews: Best of a Bad Situation (DDT)

Matches from DDT Universe Live! One Chan Sunday 03/01: 1.NEO Itoh Respect Army(Brookes,Itoh) vs Momoiro Gongitsune!(Miyu,Honda) **1/2 2.ALL OUT(Takeshita,Shunma,Ino), Chambers vs DISASTER BOX(HARASHIMA,Hirata,Naomi,Toru) NR 3.ALL OUT(Takeshita,Shunma,Ino), Chambers vs DISASTER BOX(HARASHIMA,Hirata,Naomi,Toru) ***1/4 Thoughts: Well, this was a decent, little distraction. For a no-crowd filler show, this was fun with the expected bits of comedy infused alongside some solid action. I cannot recommend anything here for non-DDT fans, but if you enjoy what the promotion tends to put out and want to get the bonus of seeing Chambers put in for a nice debut, consider these if you need a break from the bullshit in the world for a few minutes.

Fire Promoter: Wolf Spirit Wrestling #6

Wolf Spirit X: 1.Dickson b Vuelo del Diablo- 81% (Dickson was dirty as usual; made Vuelo bleed and even held a crossface in long after the bell) 2.Walker b Williams- 80%  (Bloody brawl) 3.WSW Jr Tag: FLASH(Collins,Stewart) b Bullock, Brian(c)-68% (some brawling ringside) 4.Noble(Bailey, Anderson) b Wilson, Houston- 98% (they lost, but this team rocked and Houston had one of his best showing so far!) 5.DFW HW Title: RDM(c) b Robinson-93% 6.New Talent Showcase: Fuji b Henry-56% (squash, countout win...critical hit) 7.WSW HW Title: Howard(c) b Young-92% This was a big night for the direction of the second year of WSW. 81.1%, 32099 fans. BDG president invited us to a party. We accepted. I signed BB, who I've had an eye on for a while. Walker continued to be an underrated midcard worker. Dickson and Williams continued to be dicks. After, I united those two as...the Unholy Dicks and bundled in Jeff Brian. Other new alliances formed after, too... New Teams Unholy Dic

Throwback Reviews: Legendary Lucha Libre (CMLL)

Match from CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas 2000: 1.Apuesta: Atlantis vs Villano III ****3/4 Thoughts: This is considered by many to be the best lucha libre match of all time. I will say, watching this today, 20 years later to the date, and seeing the entire package here in contrast to current CMLL, it's rather jarring. Now, I've been a fan of CMLL for many years and remember days like these, but it's still easy to forget how much different the company is when you don't see anything from this period in such a long time. Anyway, these two legends brought drama, technicality, storytelling, and violence to the table here for top shelf action. Atlantis getting his mask ripped early and shortly after bleeding buckets added heavily to the plot here and the entire this was simply fantastic. If you're seeking a classic that oozes charisma and emotion and is still being studied today by the next generation, than hit play on this one and enjoy! Make sure this isn'

Four Pillars Playlist Reviews #3

Match from AJPW Summer Action Series II 09/01/90: 1.Tsuruta vs Misawa **** Thoughts: This was a number one contender battle and a rematch from their June contest. First thing I'd like to note is how much I love the atmosphere of these old classics. The crowd excitement during their entrances alone was magic. A simple kitchen sink spot getting a nice pop further proved my point. This built nicely. Jumbo snapping nearly 20 minutes in was a great moment and added a lot of fuel to this fire. The second half of this really put it over with a series of beautiful near falls and hot moments that ensured this was well worth watching 30 years later. While I do put it below their previous encounter, I still consider this fantastic stuff. Give it a click above.

Fire Promoter: Wolf Spirit Wrestling #5

I started the second year by taking some sponsorship deals. JumboMart is my main with Lit Cola, Prince Pepperoni, and King's Play as subs. This will bring in about $122k a month. I reloaded on snacks and produced my first set of action figures. I also tried and failed to sign Jamie Wilson. Anyway, time for the anniversary show. Despite how it might seem, I actually follow things pretty closely. Take a look at the card/results... Wolf Spirit Anniversary Show This is part of the main faction warfare angle of WSW. 1.Noble(Houston,Bailey) b 666(Vuelo del Diablo,Henry)- 68% Two of the biggest stars in WSW take each other for a shot later at the WSW HW Title. 2.WSW HW Title #1 Contender: Young b Koichiro- 97% These two have had three previous singles matches, all top shelf and violent. Robinson leads 2-1 coming into this one. 3.DFW HW Title #1 Contender: Robinson b Walker- 98%(bloody and violent, once again!) The Junior Tag belts are on the line. If someone pins Collins,

Four Pillars Playlist Reviews #1 & 2 +

A new ongoing series I wanted to add to the blog will focus on a playlist I just put together. Now, I had actually previously reviewed the first two matches from the playlist previously in my Facebook group  about two years ago when I started a collection of Misawa reviews that I never got around to finishing up on. Hopefully this goes better. So, here's the post I made back then copied and pasted here which includes several extra matches not seen in the playlist and two that are. Note that the next posts in this series will feature a very different format. PWD REVIEWS COLLECTION: VARIOUS MISAWA VOLUME 1 1.Tiger Mask vs Pirata Morgan ***1/2 12/08/84 This was a very good sprint between two great workers. I truly don't think Misawa gets enough credit for his run as Tiger Mask II. 2.Tiger Mask vs Kuniaki ***3/4 03/09/85 Great, fast paced junior clash. It's always fun to not only see early Misawa, but also the way junior division contests worked 30 years ago.

Pro Wrestling Playlists: 1990-2000 Four Pillars Playlist

CLICK HERE  TO WATCH. This is my favorite playlist so far, and it features (in order) the best of the best involving the legendary Four Pillars. Trust me, you're going to want to see this. I will be doing a review series for matches from this and the AJW playlists, for the record.

Being the Elite #195 Thoughts

My stomach is shit right now. I feel like trash. Luckily, I can't go anywhere even if I wanted to right? I mean, with the corona virus stuff... Anyway, the show must go on. Kenny gives an update on his hand and Colt appears in the background and gets ran off. Good shit. Matt celebrates a birthday with cookies and a ride on CD's back. Oh, and some sweet J's. Cutler notifies the Bucks and Kenny that Meltzer gave their match six stars. He's sent away and the Elite lads chat about THAT moment after their match. The volume here was trash. Tony and Matt chat, with the former saying there's no such thing as six stars. He also name drops the Revival before we get more of the barista plot. Tony and Matt making coffee? Why the fuck not... We got another Public Swole Announcement...some of you really need to see it... The jobber squad squabbled. Cutler talked with Page. That moment is mentioned. The tensions and drama remain. Adam refused to go to see Nick in

AAA Nacemos para Luchar: Tonala Parte 1

Matches: 1.Aramis, Mascarita Sagrada, Hamburguesa vs Demus, Draztick Boy, Latigo ***1/2 2.Familia Real(Park Jr, Hijo Park) vs Argenis, Arez vs Super Fly, Parka Negra **1/2 3.Lucha Bros vs Taurus, Australian Suicide vs Laredo Kid, Puma King ***3/4 Thoughts: A very good spotfest to kick things off and a Naccion Ingobernable beat down to follow. After, we had a three-way tag affair that served largely to push the Familia Real/Parka Negra drama. That one was decent, but skippable. The main closed things on a high note with a great, spot heavy cluster. The OGT boys made their statement afterwards. In all, another enjoyable hour of AAA. Click play above. BTE thoughts and the free Ospreay show review from earlier should be up in a bit. Overall Rating: 70/100%

Fire Promoter: Wolf Spirit Wrestling #4

Wolf Spirit presents: TIME BOMB 1.Robinson b Walker- 94% 2.Stewart b Bullock-90% (the first two ending with bridging germans) 3.Koichiro b Henry-99% (KO) 4.Wolf Spirit Jr HW Title: Collins b Houston(c)- 92% (KO) 5.Tornado: Noble(Howard,Anderson) b HybriDeath(Young,Dickson)- 100% 6.DFW HW Title: RDM(c) b Moore- 100% (Very dramatic match, with La Magistral winning it for RDM) American rural, medium hall with every match using the barbed wire deathmatch rules. There was a lot of blood. I pulled in 10,631 fans and had an average of 95.8. It was declared a great success and a sure bet to boost my brand's popularity. I sent Brian and Bailey to DFW. Walker was declined because the dude is a scumbag. I had to stock up on t-shirts and snacks again. After that show, I checked and the following were listed as in poor condition: Howard, Walker, Toichiro, Stewart, Collins, Henry, Anderson, and Robinson. That's half the roster. As a result of Anderson's condition, the titl

Select Match Reviews: Goodbye, Nakanishi (NJPW)

Matches from NJPW Nakanishi Retirement Event 02/22: 1.LIJ(Naito,SHINGO,EVIL) vs CHAOS(Ishii,Ospreay,Yoshi) **** 2.CHAOS(Okada,Goto),Golden Aces vs TenCozy, Nakanishi, Nagata ***1/2 Thoughts: I'm actually caught up on New Japan now. Being completely caught up on anything is kind of rare for me, so it's a weird feeling. The first pull was fantastic. Hell, even Yoshi-Hashi stepped up and put on one of his best performances in years. The little moving pieces worked very well here as did the numerous individual moments between the athletes. Check this one out. Nakanishi's retirement match was a very good sendoff. The elders worked harder than usual and their opponents put on a fun display, too. Send off matches are always a big emotional, but you can't be very sad about this one. The dude had a nice career and left on his own terms when he was ready. Props. Now, time to finish off February.

Select Match Reviews: Badlands (DDT)

Matches from DDT Into the Fight 02/23: 1.DISASTER BOX(HARASHIMA,Ueno) vs CIMA,Soma vs Masahiro,Oishi *** 2.Elimination: DAMNATION(Sasaki,Endo),STRONG HEARTS(T-Hawk,Lindaman) vs ALL OUT(Iino,Shunma,Akito), Chihiro ***1/2 3.DDT Universal Title: Takeshita vs Brookes ***1/2 4.KO-D Openweight Title: Tanaka(c) vs MAO **** Thoughts: This is the next big DDT show I needed to catch, and these four pulls have a lot of potential. If you're wanting to jump in where I did, cut in about an hour here . CIMA and BIMA (Soma) teamed up for #1 here, which was a good three-way tag. It never felt like it fully broke out of second nor did enough to really make me think it was truly recommendation worthy, though. Did they ever decide what to call the union of DAMNATION and Strong Hearts? DAMN#HEARTS? Dramatic DDT suggested Business Alliance is good enough. The second pull was very good stuff and exactly what I was hoping it'd be. I look forward to seeing where they go with this union.