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WRESTLE-1 TV #153 Review

Episode Card: 1.Niki vs Fujimura + 2.Ito vs Ganseki vs Kondo + 3.Soya, Seigo, Honda vs Kono, HAJIME, Hijo del Pantera + 4.Strong Hearts(CIMA,Issei) vs Tonsho, Pegaso + 5.Strong Hearts(Seiki,Lindaman) vs Kaz, Andy Wu ++ 6.Enfants Terribles(Ashino,Kodama,Kuma) vs Inaba,Doi,Alejandro ++ Thoughts: The days of W1 are nearing a close. I love that we have one last trip to KBS Hall for the promotion, as this is one of my favorite settings for pro wrestling. I'm keeping this one short, but for a road to filler gig this was a decent watch. Perhaps worth seeing for long term fans but, considering the circumstances, you're safe skipping it otherwise.

AAA Worldwide: Queretaro Parte 2 Review

Matches: 1.Parkita Negra, Latigo, Low Rider vs Laredo Boy, Drago Kid, Iron Kid ***1/4 2.Mercanarios(Texano,Escorpion,Taurus) vs Vikingo, Puma, Rey Horus ***3/4 3.NGD vs Psycho Circus ***1/4 Thoughts: I gave AAA some shit for putting this up a few days later than usual. I know AAA is a bit inconsistent on things at times and still makes some rookie mistakes, but that doesn't mean it is excusable. It's 2020. Step up. Anyway, this show has rocked this year so far so let's dig in. The opener was mindless fun. There was a rough spot with Drago Kid and Latigo near the end and then on a dive moments later something weird happened just off camera. Parka Negra is awesome and underrated. The same is true for Parkita Negra. The diving doomsday is sure to get a lot of fans' attention and the contest in general and the entire thing was a fun way to start the episode. Laredo Kid thanked fans for their support while he was on the game show. Naccion Ingobernable came out

Pro Wrestling Playlists: AJW Master Playlist

CLICK HERE  FOR THE PLAYLIST This one features ten amazing AJW matches well worth watching. -Akira, Minami vs Toyota, Inoue (90) -Cage: Bull vs Kong (90) -Akira vs Bull (91) -Dynamite, Ozaki vs Toyota, Yamada (92) -Akira vs Shinobu (93) -Toyota, Yamada vs Kudo, Combat (93) -Toyota, Yamada vs Dynamite, Ozaki (93) -Dynamite, Ozaki vs Yamada, Toyota (93) -Toyota vs Kong (94) -Toyota vs Akira (95)

Pro Wrestling Playlists: Classic AAA Corona Virus Playlist

CLICK HERE  TO WATCH THE PLAYLIST For this one, I wanted to highlight some classic AAA Lucha Libre action. Let me know if you have any suggestions for a theme. -Blue Panther vs Super Astro -Mysterio, Calo, Winners vs Psicosis, Picudo Heavy Metal -Hijo del Santo, Octagon vs Love Machine, Guerrero -Black Cat vs Sagrada -Mysterio vs Juventud -Fuerza, Juventud, Psicosis vs Heavy Metal, Latin Lover, Mysterio -Santo, Octagon, Mysterio vs Blue Panther, Fuerza, Psicosis -Mysterio vs Psicosis -Parka vs Estrada -Parka vs Park

Pro Wrestling Playlists: Kobashi/Misawa Singles Matches

CLICK HERE  TO WATCH Next up, let's take a time machine and take a look at one of the best rivalries of all time. Here are the nine singles matches between the two legends to sink about six hours into. I could literally write a book about these matches, but if you are here there's a chance you are a return visitor to the blog and you already read enough of my stuff without needing a lot of extra rambling. Simply put, watch this! Matches: -April 1993 -October 1995 -March 1996 -January 1997 -April 1997 -October 1997 -October 1998 -June 1999 -April 2000 -March 2003 -December 2004

Pro Wrestling Playlists: CHIKARA Corona Virus Playlist

CLICK HERE  TO WATCH THE YOUTUBE PLAYLIST So, let's keep that party going with some gems from CHIKARA. I hope these are of use to someone. This playlist includes the following: -Claudio vs Brodie -Claudio vs Brodie (Cage) -Kota vs Generico vs Nick Jackson vs Jigsaw -Danielson, Claudio vs Quackenbush, Jigsaw -Sara del Rey vs Toshie -Generico vs Jigsaw -Colony vs Young Bucks -Kingston vs Quackenbush -Team AAA vs Gentlemen's Club -Quackenbush vs Sabre Enjoy!

Fire Promoter: Wolf Spirit Wrestling #3

Wolf Spirit presents: Pure Heart Tournament I This is the first tournament I've ran and I plan on this being a yearly staple of Wolf Spirit. The winner receives a title shot versus Young for the DFW Heavyweight Championship on the next show. Young and Walker were left out as were the Juniors. Bullock, Houston, Walker, and Collins went on loan to DFW. They rejected using Brian for some reason. American Rural, Medium Hall, $10. Participants: 1.Howard 2.Red Death Mask 3.Anderson 4.Koichiro 5.Henry 6.Robinson 7.Williams 8.Bailey Results: 1.Quarter: RDM b Howard- 100% (major upset) 2.Quarter: Anderson b Koichiro- 88% 3.Quarter: Robinson b Henry- 90% 4.Quarter: Williams b Bailey- 75% 5.Semi: RDM b Anderson- 84% 6.Semi:  Williams b Robinson- 74% (countout) 7.Finals: RDM b Williams- 77% This brought in 10,579 fans and had an average of 84%. It was considered flawless. I looked at my relationship status with other promotions after this. I am now officially "f

Fire Promoter: Wolf Spirit Wrestling #2

Wolf Spirit V: 1.Brian b Vielo del Diablo- 88% 2.Tag Title Tournament: 666(Bailey, Williams) b Nobel(Houston, Robinson)- 89% 3.Tag Title Tournament: HybriDeath b FLASH- 92% 4.Howard b Bullock- 70% (essentially an extended squash) Average 84.8%, 1707 fans and declared a flawless show. T-shirts replenished after and Alex Anderson signed. Wolf Spirit VI: 1.Howard b Brian- 72% 2.Collins b Houston- 81% (awesome rollup exchange sequence at the finish) 3.Williams b Anderson- 88% (countout win; Williams used every trick in the book, and even got some color going) 4.Robinson b Koichiro- 98% 5.Tag Title Tournament Finals: HybriDeath b 666(Bailey,Bullock)- 82% (flash victory) Bullock filled in for Williams in the finals due to the unit leader wanting to teach Anderson a welcome to the promotion style lesson. It backfired in the grand scheme, as the unit failed to win gold despite his "lesson" succeeding. Bailey left after this, realizing and was offered a spot in Nobel

Pro Wrestling Playlists: ROH 18th Anniversary Collection

CLICK HERE  TO VIEW PLAYLIST Welcome to a new section of the blog. With the corona virus dealing major blows to the industry, I've seen several people talking about a desire to watch classic content. Well, I decided I'd help out a bit by making some playlists on YouTube for just the occasion. Now, I didn't plan on starting with Ring of Honor, but I noticed they were adding collection videos featuring some great matches starring specific talents on their channel and I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger. Now, I will likely finish catching up on everything I wanted to from 2020 in the next few days so still expect some fresh review posts soon. In regards to this YouTube Playlist, here's what we have starting with the video title and then the matches contained within. I will add more and update this entry should ROH add another video of the sort. 1.  3 EPIC CM Punk Matches in ROH! | ROH 18th Anniversary Collection -Punk vs Shelley  -ROH World Title:

Fire Promoter: Wolf Spirit Wrestling #1

I decided I'd keep track of my Fire Promoter progress here in the blog, so expect semi-regular posts detailing what's going on in my promotion. Here's info on my first four months worth of content. For my fed, Wolf Spirit Wrestling, I decided to go with the showman style, setting America as the home base with a plan on making it pretty well rounded as things moved along. I picked the 16 federation option when starting to allow for a broader pallet of rival federations. I went ahead and kept the two suggested unit names (Noble and 666), for the record. I also signed an additional talent right off the bat. Here's my current roster... NOBLE: Jack Howard, Matt Robinson, David Houston 666: Mickey Williams, Thomas Walker, Bill Bullock No Affiliation: Koichiro Togashi For the first show, I invited Jeff Brian to participate. Here's the first show's card: 1.Koichiro b Brian- 75%! 2.Walker b Robinson- 84% (Walker attacked after) 3.Wolf Spirit Jr HW Titl

AEW Dynamite 03/11 Review

Matches: 1.Cody vs Ortiz *** 2.Nyla, Bea vs Kris, Shida **3/4 3.MJF, Butcher & Blade vs Jurassic Express ***1/4 4.Death Triangle vs Janela, Private Party ***1/2 5.Page, Dustin vs Inner Circle (Jericho, Guevara) ***1/4 Thoughts: The crowd for this one was a bit off, likely for a variety of reasons including fears of the Corona Virus. That said, it was still a pretty good episode. The cold open was a nice touch. The opener was a nice builder to Blood & Guts, and I continue to appreciate the general 50/50 approach they take with a majority of the roster. Not only was this a good match that kicked the show off on an acceptable note, but the addition of Archer being revealed to indeed be the client Snake referenced last week was icing. They didn't overdo it and it got over nicely with the fans. Good stuff. Post-match was well done, too. Inner Circle, as I've said before, are AEW's NWO. As I'm typing this I just found out some big news. So, I know a

Select Match Reviews: Triangles in the Dark (AEW)

Match from AEW Dark 03/10: 1.Private Party vs Cutler, Kiss **1/2 Thoughts: AEW isn't perfect. Their 2019 output was rocky at times, even though I enjoyed it more often than not. 2020 has been far better so far, overall. That said, there are two pushes from last year that I am surprised have fizzled dramatically. One is Spears. The other? Private Party. They were given a big rub from the Bucks and looked poised to be a big part of the show. Instead, they are now rarely used and don't even really appear on BTE anymore. This week, they're working a throwaway match on Dark and then getting beaten down by the new hot trio of PAC, Pentagon, and Fenix. The Best Friends and Orange ran the heels off after to tease their match. There is good news here. The match was solid, even if it wasn't recommendation levels. Cutler had his best performance in AEW thus far in my opinion, too. Lastly, the right team won and I think AEW can heat people up again easily when they want