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WRESTLE-1 TV #150 Review

This was, sadly, just a filler episode that looked exclusively on past material to build up to the next event. If you've seen and are caught up on the promotion, you have no reason to watch this.

ONE Championship Weekly 02/06 Review

Episode Card: 1.ONE Strawweight Title: Pacio(c) vs Silva *** 2.Folayang vs Buist *** Thoughts: This week's episode has a quick package and then we join Pacio/Silva in the 5th. It started with a fantastic knee strike and followed by a nice tech display. Remember that I review what the show provides, even when cut down, and give ratings as long as the fight shown is at least three minutes long. This fit that criteria and was a good fight, but it's worth noting that what they gave us and the results don't match up in my opinion. Following that up, we get another starting in the last round; this time in the third, though. Like the fight before it, this was good stuff, though outside of the must-see realm, and featured another controversial outcome. You can skip this one if you're low on time, but know it was good overall even if nothing was truly great. Overall Rating: 70/100%

NASCAR in Daytona 2020 Thoughts

I haven't watched NASCAR regularly in years. Heck, I just found out recently that my favorite active racer isn't active and had retired. I have already noticed that a lot has changed, but my son is getting into racing and it's sparking me back in. The season has already started with a bang with drama and excitement and I figured it might be worthwhile to jot down my thoughts in case there was any cross-over appeal here. If I come off as pissy at all, know that it's due to the Nets crumbling tonight. BUSCH CLASH This is the first of two exhibition events, essentially working as NASCAR's preseason. Note that I skipped the Bluegreen Vacation Duels. A mini-race, this was good fun. For those looking for the crushed metal moments; near the end of the race we saw a three-car wreck. An even bigger pile-up followed on the restart. If that's not enough, we had a third after that one! Still not enough, you salty bastard? Fine, well, they had a fourth before closing th

AEW Dynamite 02/19 Review

Matches: 1.#1 Contender Tag Team Battle Royal ***1/4 2.Stratlander vs Shanna *** 3.Mox vs Cobb ***1/4 4.AEW Tag Titles: Elite(Omega,Page) (c) vs Lucha Bros ****1/2 5.Cage: Cody vs Wardlow ***1/4 Thoughts: AEW is locked in right now and you can see it coming through loudly in their product. The opener was a paradox in that it was both a clusterfuck battle royal and also a good match with nice story work mixed with strong action. They kicked the show off on a nice note. Just outside of must-see territory. The right team won, too. Up next, Shanna and Stratlander had a nice throwaway match with the latter coming off strong once again as they build her up. My love/hate relationship with JR was swinging right during this one, by the way. Keeping the women's division as the focus, next we had a nice enough segment featuring Nyla, Stratlander, and Swole. Following that, Cobb made his in-ring debut against Mox. The finish was a smart call, protecting Cobb while giving Mo

Select Match Reviews: Coming From Behind (IMPACT)

Match from IMPACT Wrestling 02/18: 1.Elgin vs Edwards ***3/4 Thoughts: This is match three in their best of five series, and note that I am now including the promotion name in Select Match Review posts. I might change that back later. Anyway, Eddie clearly needed to come back here with a victory unless the plan was to bury Eddie and that's exactly what happened in take three. IMPACT always seems to have something going on that brings my attention in and right now, this is it. The first two were pretty good matches. This stepped it up a touch, hitting "great" territory and I appreciated the slow movement up in intensity we're seeing as this moves along. A better finish/final minute or so would've made this even better, but I still recommend you check this series out as we head toward match four.

AEW Control Center Atlanta Thoughts + Show Predictions

This week's edition felt a bit more intimate for some reason. Outside of promoting the card for tonight, we also got a look at the Dustin/Hager moment from last week.  Anyway, here's the card they are promoting for tonight's episode: -Cody vs Wardlow, Cage Match Cody wins this one after Wardlow dominates. -Omega & Page defend the Tag belts against the Lucha Bros The Elite retain but PAC might get involved in the post-match, attacking Omega. Page will just shrug it off... -Tag Team Battle Royal to crown challengers for the belts at Revolution The Bucks win this but get banged up. At Revolution, the match between Page and Omega versus the Jacksons will see Page attacking their weaknesses a bit too much for Kenny's liking... -Moxley vs Cobb Cobb shouldn't fall in his debut but Mox shouldn't take the L before his title match. As a result, expect Mox to start getting the upper hand after a nice showing and then the Inner Circle brea

AEW Ranking Report 02/19 Thoughts

I like the new format, though when covering the women's division they left out Shida during the rundown. The tag division is up for grabs tonight, with the battle royal as well as the title match. In the women's division, with a new champ in place the rest is trying to gel behind her. And, in the men's Mox/Jericho remains the main story alongside Cody/MJF and PAC/Omega closing it out. TAG TEAM RANKINGS: 5.Lucha Bros 4.PnP 3.Dark Order 2.SCU 1.Young Bucks Champions: Page, Omega WOMEN'S RANKINGS: 5.Baker 4.Yuka 3.Shida 2.Stratlander 1.Riho Champion: Nyla MEN'S RANKINGS: 5.MJF 4.Omega 3.PAC 2.Cody 1.Mox Champion: Jericho

Select Match Reviews: School 1, Warehouse, Mall, Chicago, Roswell, Downhill Jam, Burnside, Downtown

Match from AEW Dark #20: 1.TH2 vs Best Friends *** Thoughts: Since I had missed this one live , let's take a look now. After Evans' remarks about Parka that led to him being cut at one point from AAA, it was a tad strange seeming them referencing him but I get it and applaud the duo for their tact here. The match was a good showing and the Orange moments in particular were well done, adding nicely to the tone. For a throwaway, it's hard to complain.

AAA Worldwide: Ciudad de Mexico Parte 1 Review

Matches: 1.Abismo Negro Jr, Demus, La Hiedra vs Taya, Mr. Iguana, Mascarita Dorada ***1/2 2.AAA Mixed Tag Titles: Maravilla, Villano III Jr(c) vs Big Mami, Hamburguesa vs Dinastia, Vanilla vs Arez, Keyra ***3/4 3.Los Mercanarios(Texano,Taurus,Escorpion) vs Hijo del Vikingo, Murder Clown, Puma King ***1/2 Thoughts: Worldwide is finally finished with 2019 material and, as such, it's time to dig back into the series. The opener this week had high energy with a heavy dose of comedy and a whole lotta showcase action. Truly, a very good match and a nice way to start the episode. After, the honored Mascarita which set up a moment with Faccion Ingobernables coming out and beating the shit out of him. There was a tease that Park and Rush will fight again down the line, but not before they take out the rest of the AAA roster. The follow up was even better. Note that Big Mami was pretty fucking over, which is fair after that big match at the end of last year. The ov

NWA Circle Squared #1 Review

Matches: 1.Hawx Aerie vs Neal, Dean NR Thoughts: Sean Mooney plays host for the new series which promises to spotlight talent that are seeking to make it to Powerrr and an NWA contract in general. PJ and Luke Hawx are the first competitors out. A father and son duo, for those unaware. Hawx Aerie, the groups tag name, cut a decent promo together. If you're a fan who has been online recently, I guarantee you've seen PJ recently. I like the cutaways looking at bloggers' reactions. It works well for the concept and admittedly I'd love to be involved one day. Koloff came out but only a few fans seemed to recognize him before he was formally announced. He'll be working as a coach for Jeff Lewis Neal and Tyson Dean. They mixed in a package building up Melina's title shot next week. The additional backstage promo for both teams was a decent add on. Note that we spent the first 15 minutes building to the match, and when we got it...well, it was too

AEW Road to Atlanta Thoughts

They start this edition promoting Cobb versus Mox. Cobb will shine, for sure, but I don't see him falling on his debut. Expect a shit finish as a result. Next up, we look at Nyla beating Riho for the Women's Championship. They are promoting that we'll hear from the new champ this week. I'm guessing we'll have a look at who her first challenger is going to be tomorrow. Third, we take move to MJF's stipulations and the latest chapter. This week, Cody jumps in a cage. It'll be cool seeing Wardlow debut. He'll likely get a nice spotlight with Cody squeaking by to take the W. All three of these have potential. Let's tune in tomorrow to see it play out!

Select Match Reviews: Strong Shit in Sapporo

Matches from NJPW New Beginning Sapporo Night One 02/01: 1.Ishii vs EVIL **** 2.NEVER OW Title: Goto(c) vs SHINGO ****1/2 Thoughts: Catching up on New Japan content finally. Up first, the god level pitbull versus the goth king of New Japan. As expected, it was a bomb fest start to finish. Go ahead and inject that shit into my veins, please. If you know these two dudes, you know the style on display here and I can confirm that, assuming you missed it, that you need to go watch it now. The last pull of the night was a big deal for me. You see, I LOVE the NEVER Openweight Championship almost as much as I love SHINGO. For a while there, he was my favorite wrestler in the world. I was a bit torn on how New Japan was booking him initially, but this build to the heavyweight division has been enjoyable stuff as has his rise on the cards in general. So, seeing him win the title was pretty awesome and it came at the heels of a MOTYC performance from both which was simply icing. Watch

We Are STARDOM #7 Review

Matches: 1.STARS(Mayu,Saki) vs Oedo Tai(Kagetsu,Hana) ***3/4 2.Oedo Tai(Tora,Natsu,Saki) vs Itsuki,Lida,Kamitani ***1/4 3.Kagetsu vs Tam ***1/2 Thoughts: This was the first episode covering 2020 material so I'm ready to dig in. The first match was great with a major twist finish. The action built perfectly to the finale, which came off strong and didn't hurt the overall contest as much as it would if it had happened elsewhere. The follow up saw the newer version of Oedo Tai kicking some ass in a fairly good spring. I'm digging the changes in the heel unit, personally. Closing this one, Kagetsu put in her finale Korakuen appearance for STARDOM against Tam. It was a very entertaining contest and a strong way to close the episode. In all, this episode rocked! If you've been holding off on STARDOM for whatever reason, no longer have an excuse.  Click play above! Overall Rating: 80/100%/

Being the Elite #191 Thoughts

I have two kids. As a result, I've heard the Frozen II soundtrack more than I'd like to admit. To be fair, it's actually a fun listen. I bring that up, for those who've yet to click the video above, because this installment begins with the Bucks singing one of the film's key tracks. The BTE boys are held up by flight delay, so we are then punished with loud wind noises as a result. They hand out in an Ontario, California mall and we are given more punishment in the form of the revelation that the Bucks, or at least Matt, doesn't know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. In circular payback fashion, the Bucks and Cutler are forced to sit in economy like the rest of us maggots. Matt coughing suggestively for tips to support his coffee dreams is pure entertainment. Them mocking the wrong name habits of Starbucks was icing. Continuing the drama with Page, Adam gets a bit upset when he learns that the Bucks are involved in a tag team battle roy