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Select Match Reviews: Hearts and Empires

Matches from IWRG 02/09: 1.Demonio Infernal, Los Golpeadores vs Emperador Azteca, Fuerza Guerrera Next Gen, Relampago **** 2.Strong Hearts(CIMA,T-Hawk,Lindaman) vs El Imperio(Chicano,Mamba,Tiago) **3/4 Thoughts: I am waiting for +lucha to upload the latest FILL gig, so let's take a look at something a tad newer for now. Jump ~32 minutes in to start at the same place I did. Up first, a trios encounter was a wild ride with a strong intensity level mixed in, like most of the best matches from IWRG. I didn't love the layout of the finish, but the rest was fucking awesome and well worth checking out. The Lucha Blog reports that Canis and Dragon Bane left for another NOAH set after this one. The main event saw the debut of the Imperio unit in IWRG. There was an immature sexual undertone on display at times and the entire things was lacking the heat I was hoping for, especially after the first pull from the show. It was an okay match, but easily one of the worst from St

Select Match Reviews: Hearts Prevail

Matches from IWRG 01/26: 1.Black Terry, Lindaman, Emp. Azteca vs Fuerza Guerrera Next Gen, Relampago, Super Nova *** 2.Elimination: Strong Hearts(CIMA,T-Hawk) vs Puma King, Septimo Dragon vs Los Golpeadores ***1/4 Thoughts: The atomicos match built up nicely into an overall good outing, but was too disjointed and lacking enough that it wasn't recommendation levels by the end. It is what it is, though what it is happens to be disappointing considering the talent level involved. The three-way tag main was a bit controversial. I enjoyed the match, but it's worth mentioning the heat between the Strong Hearts and Los Golpeadores. CIMA and T-Hawk went as far to call Canis unprofessional while the latter said he had lost all respect for CIMA; both taking place in after-match interviews. It derailed a bit and was never fully on track enough to recommend it, either. The Relampago interference spots in particular came off as wonky as did the finish. I like the IWRG boys, but t

Loving This Angle


How I await the day the broken brilliance reaches a higher standard and rank, and launches forward the order of darkness. At least, one can hope that's what the future holds. Nothing is ever set it stone here, though, especially in the mirror universe that we find ourselves living in. Ex...hausted he may be, but Vanguard-1 is always there to assist Matthew Hardy and this time is turned into a rotten egg as they journey to a representative of the big man in the sky. Oh, and, it's not your ego. You DO deserve better than what Vince has done with you. The dude might be a legend and once a revolutionary figure, but is so behind on what actually works and cares more about hoarding talent than proper booking these days. His dinosaur tactics are almost Cornette bad. I'm cool with that Giants cap, but I feel the need to drop a J E T S here to counteract it. Anyway, this was heavy with spirituality and built to a superb climax. I eagerly await ep

Beer Review: Roughhouse Brewing-Sordid Nature

I enjoyed the flavor, but the carbonation level in this one was just too high for me. While I appreciate what Roughhouse was going with on this one, I just feel they missed the mark by an inch with this saison. Good, but not recommendation levels. Rating: ***

WRESTLE-1 TV #148/149 Review

148 Episode Card: 1.Hijo del Pantera, Seiki vs Fujimura, Niki + 2.CYRUS vs Hajime + 3.Shimomura, Tonsho, Pegaso vs Ganseki, Kono, Honda + 4.Seigo vs Ito + 5.Enfants Terribles(Ashino,Kuma),Koju vs Inaba, Kaz, Doi + 6.Cruiser Fes Semi: Andy Wu vs Alejandro ++ 7.Cruiser Fes Semi: Heat vs Kodama ++ 149 Episode Card: 1.Kaz vs Hajime + 2.Ganseki, Ryuji, Ryuki vs Fujimura, SUSHI, Niki + 3.Alejandro, Kono, Kodama vs Hijo del Pantera, Tonsho, Koju ++ 4.Strong Hearts(Seiki,Irie) vs Inaba, Doi vs Tanaka, Pegaso ++ 5.CYRUS vs Kuma ++ 6.MAZADA, Ito vs Seigo, Kondo ++ 7.Cruiser Fes Finals: Heat vs Andy Wu ++ 8.W1 Title: Nakajima(c) vs Ashino +++ Thoughts: Let's talk about 148 first, with matches from 01/31. Note that I changed my + standard this time around, deciding this new option works better. One + covers everything from *-***1/4 now. Basically, stuff that isn't truly must-see, even if it looked decent. Two covers ***1/2-****1/4. These came o

Select Match Reviews: Welcome to the Universe

Matches from Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Junior League 01/30: 1.GJL Semi: Harada vs Ohara ***3/4 2.GJL Semi: Togo vs Ogawa *** 3.Kongoh (Kenou,Masa,Inamura,Nio,Hao) vs Marufuji, Kenou, Minoru, Kumano, Junta ***1/2 4.Sugiura-gun (Sugiura,Hideki,Fujita) vs AXIZ, Shuhei ***1/4 5.GJL Final: Harada vs Togo **** Thoughts: NOAH joining, basically, the DDT Universe is awesome news. I love both promotions and they are different enough that they don't really rival that much. It should simply be beneficial for both parties and I'm eager to see in a few years how much both benefited. This show is available on DDT Universe right now, here . I pulled over half of the show, for the record. I just love NOAH's product and the card looked stacked. Up first, the two semi-final matches. Harada is one of my favorite juniors in all of Japan and he put on a hell of a show here. This was great stuff, full of hard hits and passion and the pacing was perfect for the situation. The oth

AEW Dynamite 02/13 TV Presentation Review + Rankings Thoughts

I wanted to see the television version of what I saw last night, partly to see how it translated and to compare it, and partly for the vain idea of potentially spotting myself of my wife. It might also help me remember small things I forgot about here . It likely won't be as detailed as the other one, for the record and will actually be more about little extra things I think of. Consider it, as a result, a companion piece to the live review. If the rating is different here than the live rating I will likely switch it for the 2020 recommendation post, just so you know. Matches: 1.AEW Tag Titles: Elite(Omega,Page) (c) vs SCU(Kaz,Sky) ***3/4 2.Guevara vs Dustin *** 3.AEW Women's Title: Riho(c) vs Nyla ***3/4 4.MJF vs Jungle Boy ***1/4 5.Mox vs Santana ***1/4 Thoughts: Before we get to the action, let's take a look at this week's rankings. MEN'S Champion: Jericho 1.Mox 2.Rhodes 3.PAC 4.Omega 5.Kip WOMEN'S Champion: Riho 1.Nyla 2.Shida 3.Str

AEW Dynamite/Dark Live Review 02/12

I'll post videos/photos from the show tomorrow. For now, here's my review from the night of action! Dark matches will be labeled with the number zero followed by upward alphabetical order. Matches: 0a.TH2 vs Best Friends NR 1.AEW Tag Titles: The Elite(Omega,Page) (c) vs SCU(Kaz,Sky) **** 2.Dustin vs Sammy *** 3.AEW Women's Tag Titles: Riho(c) vs Nyla ***3/4 4.MJF vs Jungle Boy *** 5.Mox vs Santana ***1/4 0b.Stratlander vs Diamante **3/4 0c.Big Swole vs Jaynes **1/2 0d.Young Bucks vs QT, Avalon *** BONUS: QT, Cutler vs Jesus, Scooby NR Thoughts: We arrived at the arena, after battling awful traffic that made a normally 30 minute drive take 90, shortly before the first Dark match began. I had to use the restroom, but heard the opening of it (including Taz pushing the wrong URL to buy merch from) and then looked for a merch booth and to see what beer options they had. By the time we made it to our seats, the two teams were walking back to the back. Note that I

AEW Control Center Cedar Park Thoughts

Tony and Decker run us through tonight's show. Riho defends the AEW Women's Championship against Nyla. My gut says title change and a ***1/2 level match. We saw Nyla's attack on Riho during the PAC/Omega exchange, setting this one up. I AM THE TABLE. I honestly wish Omega/PAC was this week instead of next, though the tag title defense tonight should rock! Next, we see Mox taking Santana's eye, Jericho's hypocritical promo, and then Santana's Kingston level promo. Their match, subtitled, "eye for an eye" should be fun. Mox wins in another that should hit ***1/2 levels. The third match they promoted here was Page and Omega defending against the former champs, SCU. Since Penta pinned Page, does that set something up there, too? I'm thinking that one might see the titles switch back and should be, at least, ***3/4. They tease Dark Order involvement. The episode closed speaking about the ongoing Cody/MJF feud briefly. Good primer worth s

Last Minute 2019 Music Review Roundup Part Two

Check out the first entry, here . KoЯn-The Nothing I used to absolutely love this band. I haven't heard any of their content since The Path of Totality, for what it's worth, but high school me was fascinated with Issues and Untouchables. After the latter, I just felt they went a direction that didn't do as much for me. Sure, there were a few singles here and there that were fun, but not to the level of emotion of those iconic two when they peaked. So, when picking this one up I was unsure if I'd get a return to form or a largely heartless release with only a few sparks. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised to find something great that, while not Issues or Untouchables level, both which I'd give ****1/4 ratings, was the closest I've heard them get since those days. Props. Make sure to give this one a chance! Rating: ***3/4 Ultha- Belong EP This literally screams in pain and is one of the deepest EP releases I've ever heard. It helps that it runs lon

Select Match Reviews: Two of Five

Match from IMPACT Wrestling 02/11: 1.Edwards vs Elgin ***1/2 Thoughts: Their second match in the best of five series, like the first, was pretty good and I like that they had Elgin go up two to start. These two are arguably the best workers on the roster so I expect the next three, assuming they don't swerve us and end it sooner, to step up into even higher quality territory. Check this one out.

AEW Dark #19 Review

Matches: 1.Riho vs Shoko *** 2.Havoc vs Kiss **3/4 3.Shida vs Golden ** 4.Jurassic Express(Marko,Jungle) vs Dark Order ***1/4 Thoughts: May I just say that I LOVE seeing TJP talents in an AEW ring and I sincerely hope to see more (Miyu!!!) and, hopefully, some DDT talents, too. I'd also love to finally see more OWE talents, too. While the opener wasn't as smooth as expected for the first half, but got better as they moved along. A good way to start the episode. Shoko in particular came off very well but it was also a nice move giving Riho a win before her defense. Up second, Kiss shined and Havoc came off as a more complete threat than he has in a while. It was pretty decent stuff and a nice W for the AFI diehard. Luther segment after setting up something with Jimmy. That could be some bloody fun. Double or Nothing returns this Summer, though I still feel the name should've been a one-off. Match three was okay, and clearly meant to give Golden an demo, bu

NWA Powerrr #18 Review

Matches: 1.Bouncers vs Dawsons **1/2 2.Latimer vs Storm **1/2 3.NWA TV Title: Starks(c) vs Cross *** 4.Melina vs Steelz *1/2 5.Strictly Business(Aldis,Royce) vs Rock n Roll Express **1/4 Thoughts: The NWA Tag Champs are out for the opener. Pope is representing the Dawsons and Kingston, in a badass AFI shirt, reps ROH's Bouncers. The match itself was a solid hoss tag. James Storm then pours 100 beers into the Crockett Cup along with Drake and Bruiser and they (almost) all had a bit. Latimer cut a decent promo before working with Tim Storm. Match two was short but decent and the outcome was a surprise. The Momma Storm impersonator stuff sadly continued briefly after. Murdoch complains about his match and wants a rematch. Instead, he gets a challenge from Question Mark. Mooney takes us the the counter offer from Scurll at Free Enterprise; offering Aldis half a million if he fails to win the ten pounds of gold. Aldis accepts. Mooney also announces Circle Squared

Last Minute 2019 Music Review Roundup Part One

There are a handful of albums I have listened to this year that I had yet take the time to write about. While planning the best of 2019 and award posts, I realized the best way to solve that was to just write a short, quick bit about the ones I had failed to do so for yet. So, without further ado... An Isolated Mind- I'm Losing Myself Hauntingly beautiful, soul crushing art that deserves nothing but praise and respect. As the music shifts in dramatic waves and Bogges pours fire from his throat, you'll be left in awe. Please, make time for this fantastic album! Rating: **** Badflower- Ok, I'm Sick On their debut album, Badflower put out a quality pop and emotion infused rocker that reminded me a bit of My Chemical Romance and Brandnew at different times and I'm sure if this had released ten years ago I'd have eaten it up. Full of energy, the album was good and typically enjoyable. Props on the nice debut, especially on the tune "Ghost", which was

Select Match Reviews: Harts on Fire

Match from MLW Fusion 96: 1.MLW World HW Title: Fatu(c) vs Pillman **1/2 Thoughts: Jump about 35 minutes into this week's episode to start with the Dragon Gate partnership promo vid. I'm very, very excited to see how MLW uses DG talent. You'll also get a bit extra, including the announcement of a big cross show with AAA. The match itself, or the entrances at least, start at 41. I've heard a lot about the way they've been slow burning Pillman and I like the idea. He seems far more motivated to stay with MLW than most of the roster, too, so hopefully it doesn't backfire. I just know the company has invested in so many names since Fusion returned and many of those left. During the match, the Dead Squad tried to attack DBS but the Von Erichs helped even things out. Injustice also made an appearance, taking away Pillman's focus and adding to the underdog story a tad. It was overbooked and chaotic, but don't let the rating scare you off completel

AEW Road to Austin Thoughts

I'll be at this show with my wife. I'm sad I didn't get to see last week's live, but also thankful. Not sure she could've done that last segment. The production work was top notch, as always with these. I again must say that lashes angle was so amazingly done that I'll literally never forget it. Past a package looking at it, we got a nice Havoc promo. I too love AFI, Jimmy. In fact, my high school band was named after them and we did a cover, too. JR, Tony, Taz, and Excalibur sell the Jungle Boy/MJF match. I'm wondering if we'll get some form of run-in to cost MJF this one... That or they'll lean more into the heel nature. Nyla gets some spotlight. I'm worried the fans here will act like assholes in regards to her. With the Nightmare Collective being written off, I'm more hopeful for this match. I'm actually smelling a change here. We'll see.

Being the Elite #190 Thoughts

Matt's barista gimmick continues, and he's even perfected misspelling names! The last time I ordered from Starbucks, they spelled my name, "Rad" on the cup. Merch Freak & The Barista Go to Space Camp is a better name for this episode! Kaz has officially rubbed off on his friends, in the way that always happens when you are around people often, and has Sky using his, "DO YA" bit. Jokes aside, I love this shit. Kaz, you need to copyright your shit, clearly. Cutler and Sammy have a moment. Guevara suggests an "advisor" to help him. Benigo Bodega is a LEGEND! Expect him to win the AEW World Championship very soon. Cutler and Bodega share a love for dungeons Arthur and Trevor have a moment with Orange Cassidy. Hilarity ensues. Turmoil between the Bucks and Page hit another stage as Matt tried beer. Yes, Matt tried beer. It looked like shitty Bud or something so I don't blame him for hating it. Page threw twelve bucks at the Best Fr

Last Minute 2019 Movie Review Roundup Part One

Rapid fire review post time, looking quickly at films I saw this year, the ratings I gave them, and why I gave them those ratings. I have a few of these roundups to do, so let's dive in. Spider-Man: Far From Home The MCU gave us a near classic in Endgame, proving that these are more than just popcorn films. While many of them are still largely that, they still remain so consistently entertaining that it's hard to see a true slow down as we head into the next phase. The official close to Phase Three had a lot going on, giving some needed closure while adding a lot to the overall universe moving forward and provided a fun experience in general. Rating: ***1/2 Crawl I give full credit to Cracked and this  article for suggesting this one, as I had seen the commercials but had no true intentions of checking it out beforehand. I honestly assumed it was a generic b-quality monster film which can be fun, but wasn't likely to make my watchlist. I'm admittedly glad I took

Why You Should Watch the CFL Instead of the XFL

Vince McMahon is a very polarizing name in the wrestling industry, known for his willingness to throw around money to get his way even when he has no idea on how to follow up. Despite how you may feel about him, and the WWE, it's worth noting that, as I'm sure you've likely heard, he has spearheaded the return of the XFL. Yes, the football league from the 90's that he failed with is back. Rejoice? Well, let's be blunt. Even the experts are saying it'd be a massive surprise if the league lasts two seasons. That's my stance, as well. I'd say they'd fold after one, again, but Vince is far too ego driven to let it happen that way twice. The best part of any league is an attachment to teams, and that's not something that just puffs out of thin air. With the knowledge that the XFL likely won't last long, it's understandable if you stay away from diving head first into being a fan of a select team, too. But, for those seeking an alte